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Tube all business heading

Well, Tubularsock wishes it WAS rocket science but it’s not. And there isn’t even any really well executed trickery either.

What we have here is pretty much an open and shut case of not paying attention to basic common sense.

And yet the buyer’s remorse Tubularsock can here now.

Obama is the perfect example ………

The message was “hope and change” much like a Porsche makes you sexy ……. NOT SO, for those weaker in the mind!

But with just a tiny bit of reading one could have found out what Obama really stood for and believed in, by his record ……. and “hope and change” wasn’t even part of Obama’s belief system.

Rhetoric is what “hope and change” is called …… or bull shiten’ if we want the truth of the matter.

The real Obama WAS his record and after he was elected he continued to promote his record AND THEN the realization that that Porsche DIDN’T MAKE YOU SEXY came home to roost.

Yet, Tubularsock still hears within the echo chamber that Obama’s attempts at “hope and change” were dashed by those mean old Republicans. Horse shit!

Remember “looking forward not back”? Sure you do. Tubularsock didn’t see a Republican get in his way there. And really, the “looking forward not back” pretty much defines that there wasn’t really going to be any “hope and change” …. PERIOD!

Remember Obama’s belief in TRANSPARENCY? Sure you do. Tubularsock never heard a Republican attempt to prevent him from that!

Remember his belief in PEACE? Sure you do. Did any Republican force him into the drone program?

Remember the Corporate Health Care Plan? The Republican were obstructionist there but a health care plan that couldn’t negotiate drug prices and was forced on the public was not too far off the mark of Republican thinking anyway.

Remember his support of the bailouts for the rich and fuck the middle class. Sure you do. Oh, that was a traditional Republican program. None stood in the way there!

Obama was worse than an Uncle Tom Neegro, Obama was a step-en’-fetch-it-Neegro!

And his slavery mentality went right for the White Plantation Owners ……. “Yes’em!”

And that Guantanamo thingee ……… Both Democrats and Republicans wanted Guantanamo and so did Obama. All show and no go! And all that talk about Guantanamo not being part of “American Values”, as he droned the shit out of the world, seemed a bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

And the Nobel Peace Prize ….. ok, it does go to show you that that ol’ Norwegian humor is alive and well!


Tubularsock’s sorry but THAT isn’t a credential for being a President.


plain site

Tube big club!

All the truth you need to understand on how it all works by George Carlin in 4 minutes and 49 seconds.


  1. Lara/Trace says:

    We need our own club.

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  2. swo8 says:

    Apparently you have a third party – Dr. Jill SteinThe third party candidate Dr. Jill Stein, leader of the Green Party of the United States, is running for president. She has proposed a “Green New Deal” that would create 20 million jobs. I heard her interviewed on the by Michael Enright this morning and she sounded really good.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Leslie, she is really good. The Green Party platform is excellent …… but Americans haven’t even heard about her or what the Green Party stands for because the Green Party doesn’t own their own TV, radio, and newspapers so NO ONE IN THIS FREE DEMOCRACY HAS HEARD OF THEM!

      Pretty much says it all ……….

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      • swo8 says:

        We could do something about that.

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      • tubularsock says:

        Leslie, we could BUT in a closed two-party system Americans have been trained to believe that that is all the parities that are necessary. IT’S TRADITION and throw an American flag on top of that and you have a belief system.

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      • wolfess says:

        I think she should do what Bernie did during the reptoxicon dumbates — answer the debate questions on twitter! It would get her name out there, and people would see how much better she is than any of the sell-out candidates!

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      • tubularsock says:

        wolfess, not a bad idea but can a Green do twitter without breaking some core principle about worker exploitation or something?


  3. Michael Fuhrig says:

    That’s the first I’ve heard of Dr Jill Stein and I read the newspapers everyday and Time Magazine every week. This sad!!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well Michael, the REALLY SAD part is that you are reading the “newspapers” everyday and Time Magazine every week! And you really expected to know ANYTHING?

      Really! The maimed-stream-media are just stenographers for the government. This is no joke Mike. The papers and news magazines are controlled by the power elite, plain and simple.

      And whoever you “trust” on TV news (no matter who or how good you think they are) are only empty suits that say what they are told to say or they’ll loose their jobs, PERIOD! It is all a facade!

      Oh, and read more Tubularsock …….. that the answer!

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  4. sojourner says:

    Obama, for real: “Yes we can’t! But my bosses can and will!”

    Why are we still considering this system of government as being viable in some way? How much more of this shit do we have to put up with, until we come to UNDERSTAND/KNOW that this “republic” was never set up for us? Nor will it ever be set up for us!

    Listen to what Carlin is saying; the club runs the system/order, and we don’t belong to the club! Playing the game their way will only end in them still controlling us and the world. Your elected officials are stooges, shills, of the elite who own and operate the government.

    Green party, my ass! There’s always some new savior the elite put out there to keep us chasing after this political carrot, which is always dangling in front of our noses. “Green”, my friends, has has only served one purpose, to make more money for the elite! Wake up!

    I just don’t get it! Even if a green party truly existed and could win, it would be immediately swallowed up by the elite owners and operators of this system/order, the very creatures who allowed it to exist in the first place. Or the candidate would be taken out, and with extreme prejudice.

    How much more proof do we need before we start looking for a completely new way of governing ourselves (free individuals coming together, collectively), without having to hire crooks (paid assassins) to do it for us?

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  5. sojourner says:

    Reblogged this on An Outsider's Sojourn II.

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  6. sojourner says:

    Sorry, folks! I know all of you are looking for the answers just like me. And I went overboard on my comment here!

    I apologize to anyone I might have offended!

    Some days, this shit just gets to me, and this is one of them-there days!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Overboard Tubularsock’s ass! If anyone is offended with the truth then fuck them!
      If they aren’t outraged they are not paying attention!

      Tubularsock loved your comment!!!

      And for Tubularsock EVERYDAY “the shit gets to him” so Tubularsock wears waders!

      Thanks sojourner.

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  7. Jay says:

    Ha, buyer’s remorse, inevitable I suppose.

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  8. Jay says:

    Money back guarantee?

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  9. wolfess says:

    Not so much black as OREO! 😀

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