Remember that old Pete Seeger folk song,

Where have all the values gone?
Long time passing

Where have all the values gone?
Long time ago

Where have all the values gone?
We have dumped them every one

When will we ever learn?
When will we ever learn?



Unless you have be living in a cave in Siberia you may have noticed that the values that the United States once upheld (even if they were not perfect) have pretty much been eliminated.

You remember, things like lying, cheating, torture, conflict of interest, caring for others, killing, the rule of law, taking responsibility for your actions, democracy …….. you know stuff like that.


Oh sure, before they are elected they spout those values and after they are elected they spout those values but THEY NEVER SPROUT those values once they are in office. NEVER!

And when false values are the watchword of the day we really start to see for ourselves the downfall and breakup of our society.

Because if we, as a society, don’t have strong values to promote and uphold, then we have NOTHING.

If people don’t have honor within them the chances for them to be an honorable person is diminished.

And that is where we stand right now, with “one foot over the line” or was that “one toke”? Sweet Jesus.


So, let Tubularsock run you through an easy one, TORTURE.

THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO EVER USE TORTURE ON ANIMALS OR HUMANS EVER, PERIOD. This has to be a core value because anything less leaves you with no honor of self, period.

And yet the current President of the United States believes that it “works” and has stated that he believes in it.

And now we see that the Congress of the United States believes in torture, as well, thereby they have approved a Torturer to head the CIA, “Bloody Gina”.

And of course whenever Torture is mentioned fucking Dick Cheney is brought out of his lair to expound upon its virtues.

And Cheney, loves the virtues of torture so much that he loves to be beaten by Lynn in their dungeon to bring about sexual arousal. “Beat me, beat me Lynn!”

And just to show you that Tubularsock isn’t some liberal goody-goody, Tubularsock’s fantasy has always been meeting Dick Cheney in some dark alleyway and in one rapid movement slicing his chest cavity open with a rusty Boy Scout knife and reaching in and pulling out his beating bloody stolen heart and throwing it into a pig pen to be consumed! They’ll eat anything!

But hey, won’t happen because Tubularsock has taken an anger management seminar.

AND the fact that the statistical chances of Tubularsock encountering Dick Cheney in a dark alleyway is “ZERO” so there you go …….. math wins out!

Of course, “Bloody Gina” would not say that torture was MORALLY WRONG because she ran a torture site and should be in jail as a war criminal rather than made the head of the CIA!

But the United States has lost that value, morality.


Another value we have lost is TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR ACTIONS. Have you noticed that?

“Bloody Gina” was the chief of staff for Jose Rodriguez, the director of the CIA National Clandestine Service. She was responsible for drafting a cable ordering the shredding of videotapes depicting torture sessions, despite a court order staying their destruction.

That action is against the law but not only did she “follow orders” as any good German SS solider would do BUT THE ONLY ACTION taken by any governmental body for a blatant illegal action was to promote her to CIA Director.

So with that you can throw out the RULE OF LAW as another lost value.

And remember if the RULE OF LAW principle was really practiced then George, Dick, Don, Condo, Killery, Dump, Obummer would ALL be in prison today for war crimes.

However, that value has been tossed aside.

Well, for the ruling class anyway. But don’t you jaywalk! You’ll be in the clinker!

The list goes on and on but the values are lost to our nation and won’t be coming back any time soon. The cracks in the Republic are rapidly expanding and Donald Trump is no more to blame than the American population for sitting by and selling out our principles.

As for Tubularsock, you’ll find him,
“sittin’ on the dock of the Bay, wasting time”


  1. sojourner says:

    Tube! Good to hear from you! I thought maybe the California gestapo got ya!

    You wrote:

    “You remember, things like lying, cheating, torture, conflict of interest, caring for others, killing, the rule of law, taking responsibility for your actions, democracy …….. you know stuff like that.”

    Yes, I do remember believing this bullshit. But now, I have come to realize that this was all simply another mind fuck. Just check out the history of the heinous crimes that European colonialists perpetrated on the millions of indigenous peoples of North, Central and South America, over the last four-plus centuries. And let us not forget the crimes against humanity Americans and the English perpetrated on the German and Japanese people during world wars I and II: for instance, the fire bombing of Dresden, Germany, and the total destruction of life and property in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and that’s just three examples of many, many more.

    Just like the constitution was an elite con, or marsh gas for “we not the People:, so what we remember from way back when, was marsh gas, as well. They weren’t being honest with us back then, Tube. You know that! They hid all the bad shit they were doing then. Today, the pigs don’t give a fuck if we know of all their crimes against humanity. In fact, I believe they want us to know, so we finally understand just how sheep-like and willfully-ignorant our parents and we have been all these years.

    The good news is, as I’m sure you know, the elite-swine owned and operated Trumpster has managed to destroy every ally, except Zionist Israel, of course, the US ever had. Soon the world, and I, will be singing, “Ding Dong, the witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead!”

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well sojourner, as of this moment the “California gestapo” hasn’t gotten Tubularsock yet! Tubularsock has been busy repairing dry rot that needed tending to to keep the underground bunker over looking Washington. D.C. from Oakland, CA from ending up in the Pacific Ocean.

      Repairing dry rot is so much like torture that Tubularsock just had to break away and jot down his simple thoughts.

      Tubularsock agrees that we have been led down the yellow brick road only to find that the “wizard” isn’t really what we were told he would be. But rather Orange, Fat, Stupid and Ugly!

      Who would have known?

      Thanks for your comment and insights. Tubularsock loves Ding Dongs! They are so good for you!

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  2. Great post and song. Where have they gone? And I am afraid they will never return my fried.

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  3. swo8 says:

    I hear you, Tubularsock, in spite of all the evil in this world there are still a lot of good people out there and they will prevail.

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  4. Sha'Tara says:

    …and quote: “The cracks in the Republic are rapidly expanding and Donald Trump is no more to blame than the American population for sitting by and selling out our principles.” Truer words were never spoken. In a democracy the “leader” is the mirror.

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    • tubularsock says:


      “Mirror, mirror on the wall
      Who’s the most fucked up
      Of them all?

      The reflection back
      That you are seeing
      Will do just fine.

      Don’t need to go elsewhere
      A reflection clear
      Don’t you see?

      OMG, that ain’t good
      How can Tubularsock
      Blame it on our current criminal hood?

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  5. Batt Guuano says:

    Tube: How do we know Trump believes in torture? Cause he’s been torturing all of us since he got in office. And Melania’s stay in the hospital. Not really in her kidney. She just has had a belly full of Trump. As for Trump’s values, they begin and end with himself.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Batt, if you are correct that “. . . Trump’s values, . . . begin and end with himself” then
      we have nothing to worry about. He’s OUR leader so he must be right!


  6. Norman Pilon says:

    I’d never heard that Pete Seger tune. Now that I have, it will be in my head for the rest of the day.

    Yep, when will we ever learn?

    I try hard to wrap my head around the monstrosity of it all, but can’t.

    I mean, I realize that the universe is amoral and was never ordered according to a definite plan and that the moral backwardness our time is a reflection of that original and primal condition, of still being deeply mired in the superstitions of past generations, of finding ourselves thrown into a world, neither of our choosing nor of our making. No one person is responsible for where we are at, individually or collectively.

    And yet, and yet, it could all be different and a whole lot better.

    Each of us sees it. Each of us knows it. If only . . .

    But it’s a painfully slow turning if there’s any turning happening at all.

    And even if it ever happens, that things become better — and I pray that they do even as I doubt that they ever will — well, I think of everything that has already happened and is happening still, and for the those whose lives were broken and are being broken, the future, regardless of how good it may yet become, will never redeem their fates.

    That the blood of innocents was ever deliberately spilled in the streets, that it is happening still, is there anything more surreal?

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    • tubularsock says:

      Norman, the whole deal is surreal. Tubularsock keeps looking at the calendar on the wall attempting to see if somehow the Dark Ages and 2018 got mixed up in some type of time warp.

      Then Tubularsock opens the refrigerator to grab another Tsing Tao and the realization becomes clear ……. they didn’t have refrigerators in the Dark Ages, DAMN!

      Thanks for your contribution.

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  7. There’s never been a rule of law in the US. This is pure disinformation. I hate to disillusion you, Tube, but the US Constitution has always guaranteed one law for the rich and one law for the many.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks DrB. Yet the ever optimistic Tubularsock feels relieved that we here in the U.S. have at least two laws to live by, “. . . one law for the rich and one law for the many”.

      Just knowing that creates the desire for the many to “lift themselves up by their bootstraps” just like the Republican believe they should.

      So trickle-down WORKS!

      Thanks for clearing that all up for Tubularsock.


  8. Hey Tube! I remember with feckless abandoned when a few of us blogger-types could piss off many a happy poetry searcher just by pointing out…and or at stuff. Stuff like the nicer Obama bombs, forever-current-same wars etc, or I think it was Don over at DONZO’S GUERRILLA GRAFFICA! (I think I know what happened but I don’t want to) and several others. You are a lost art still arting my friend. And doesn’t it figure we need even more lost art being found these days.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Al@VL, Tubularsock does miss Don and his work. But you are still spinning out the political/social barbs like ninja-stars and you have a rapid fire approach that is difficult to dodge! Great work!

      Tubularsock has always been “lost” so nothing is gained.

      The issue at hand is that the sense of the absurd is now the ticking “reality” and it is so distorted that what always was is now the IS we are living in.

      The world has always been upside down and backwards from one’s manufactured reality but now we have entered into a Twilight Zone of “normality” that begs the question, what dimension are we trapped within?

      Remember dropping bread crumbs will give you your gravitational direction. But as Hansel and Gretel learned the hard way ……. look out for birds!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Tubularsock appreciates your thoughts.

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