It has been many years now that Tubularsock was wandering Europe. But all of this Naziesque crap being directed by OrangeTurd and his trusty companion BibleThumper Jeff has brought back a long forgotten conversation.

Tubularsock was driving through Germany with a trusted friend. We were taking the “slow” way through the German hinterland and was driving through the Black Forest area with no real destination in mind.

The evergreen forests and picturesque villages were right out of a “living” traveler guidebook. An amazing area of Germany to visit especially if you are a meandering traveler.

It was there, sitting in the car at a pullout that our conversation began. If we had been German citizens during the rise of Hitler and if we had been living in this area of German, just how knowledgeable would we have been about Auschwitz in Poland and what was happening in Germany at large as well?

As the hate and fear was propagated that “others” were not worthy of our concern just how shutdown to this oncoming evil would we have grokked?

Tubularsock has many German friends that have stated that their parent’s generation, after the war, would NOT EVEN discuss this subject or explain how they had been duped by Hitler and his hate filled belief system. The shame was too great and they didn’t want to explain their role of even being citizens in that mess.

Jump to Jeff Session interpreting the Bible, Romans 13 suggesting that God supports the government in separating immigrant parents from their children.


And it looks to Tubularsock that Jeff has as much knowledge as Tubularsock has about Biblical interpretation when Tubularsock interprets Isaiah 11:6 “. . . the leopard will lie down with the goat . . .” to mean that Jeff Sessions fucks goats!

Now, Tubularsock may not be the best Biblical scholar, however, it just goes to show you that Jeff too is rather selective at cherry picking passages of the Bible for his own political purposes. Shame on you Jeff, you old goat fucker!


And then we have Plastic Melania in her “I Don’t Care, Do U” coat going off to see the children in jail to bestow her “motherly love” with her magic wand.

Leaving Barron home alone with his unstable Orange-“father”.

Poor, Poor Barron, assumed to have been born from a turkey baster impregnation so Plastic Mom didn’t have to have that gross Fat-Orange-Body thrusting and panting attempting to get a hard on to do the job.




Wow, speaking of child molestation! Can you imagine having to be trapped in a “family” with Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric!

Tiffany is not so bad.

But leave it to Peter Fonda to hit the nail on the head with his tweet calling for Barron to be “. . . ripped from his mother’s arms and put in a cage with pedophiles.”

Of course, Peter apologized later saying he had been upset over Trump’s Policy and he had “. . . tweeted something highly inappropriate and vulgar about the president and his family in response to the devastating images I was seeing on television.”


The pedophile part WAS a little bit over the top but at least the cage would help protect Barron from Plastic-mom, Orange-dad, and the evil Munchkins!

But unlike the children stolen from their parents at the border Plastic-mom had the U.S. Secret Service notified. Some kids warrant special attention.




So Plastic-I-Don’t-Care wanted to see for herself what was happening to the imprisoned children of Latin American descent so, if you can believe this, she was sent to a facility opened to the first lady which was, of course, selected keeping in mind the press would be accompanying her.

“Other such facilities around the country have denied access to Democratic lawmakers and media”.

You know, like any good DEMOCRATIC society would do. Prevent Congress from representing the people they are supposed to represent and be the eyes of the people. Republicans are prevented as well. You know, to keep it fair.

Well, it sure fooled Plastic I-Don’t-Care!

Tubularsock is sure that everyone was on best behavior for the Plastic-Lady! She thanked everyone for a job well done and then got into her jet and flew back to Washington, D.C.

She left with her parting words that the U.S. should “govern with heart”!

And Tubularsock agrees and just maybe it has come time to pull that used heart of Dick Cheney and plant it into Donald. That heart never seemed to work for Cheney anyway.

The Nazi mind set is running again and the American public can be awakened to the possible further destruction of what is left of American Values which weren’t that strong to begin with or we can watch the edges of the toilet bowl as we all swirl down into the depth of the Black Forest never to be seen again.


It actually is up to US!

Trump has embarrassed the United States of America in the World and as his Scottish-born mother’s relatives have stated: “His Mother had been acutely embarrassed by the antics of her fourth child during the 1990s when his failing marriage and business were the subject of intense tabloid scrutiny.

Mary Trump died in 2000, but if his mother was upset with his crap in the 1990’s she must be turning over in her grave NOW!

And as for dear daddy, Fred C. Trump with his German ancestry as a nap-sack was arrested at a Ku Klux Klan riot in New York in 1927, records reveal. He died in 1999.


Need Tubularsock say more? The racist apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree, now has it!


  1. Jay says:

    You heard it here first folks.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Now Jay, Tubularsock wouldn’t go that far. In fact, Tubularsock has been dragging his feet due to rage. You know, Tubularsock didn’t want to use any inappropriate words toward those fuckers.


  2. Batt Guuano says:

    Tube: Jeff Sessions is not only a goat fucker..he’s a racist…a Redneck.. a coward..a sycophant.. a sadist…a Neanderthal…a Confederate…a xenophobe…a mealy mouthed liar… a lackey (for Trump)…a.. what else? Only my inadequacy with the English language prevents me from going further. Oh.. Also he’s a Republican!! That may be the worst of all.

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  3. sojourner says:

    “Tubularsock was driving through Germany with a trusted friend. We were taking the “slow” way through the German hinterland and was driving through the Black Forest area with no real destination in mind.

    The evergreen forests and picturesque villages were right out of a “living” traveler guidebook. An amazing area of Germany to visit especially if you are a meandering traveler.”

    Been there, as a touring musician, and it is beautiful!

    My mother was pure German. The German people were set up by Zionist Rothschild and Klan to take the fall, in ww1 and 2, so the apartheid-rogue state of Israel could be set up. Yes, Hitler was a Jew/Zionist. The Germans didn’t have an internet! And most of the concentration camp victims, which were primarily Gypsies, the feeble-minded, black and homosexual, not Jewish, died of epidemics and starvation, not from gas chambers. Look it Up, that is if you can find any info left, after Zionist Google got rid of most of it! How convenient, don’t you think? Net neutrality went away a long time ago!

    The US was an embarrassment under Obama, too! The US has always been an embarrassment, as well as a curse on humanity and the planet.

    I hate Trump, the cock-sucker, but I also hate Obomber, Clinton and his fucked up bitch! So fuck Fonda, and any other Hollywood asshole seeking a fifteen minute of fame photo-op, so his career doesn’t completely atrophy!

    Face it, Tube, you’re just a neoliberal Trump hater! But you’re dead on right to be fucking pissed off and disgusted with how these children and their families are being treated. I’ve vented my frustration in a couple of posts!

    And one last thing, Fonda and the pedophiles: this has-been, piece of shit lives in slutty pedophile hell number two (Hollywood), number one, of course, being Bill Clinton/Jeff Epstein-ville and Washington!

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    • tubularsock says:

      sojourner, Tubularsock is pretty sure that some Jews got themselves dead as well. You know, at least a couple. Maybe the ones that were Gypsies.

      And Tubularsock is pretty sure Hitler was not a Jew/Zionist but may had been fucking one.

      And as for gas chambers or not a huge number of innocent people were murdered! That’s enough for Tubularsock to be appalled!

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      • sojourner says:

        I’m not a denier, Tube! I just don’t buy into everything the Israeli Zionist is selling, unlike most Americans.

        Yes, the “lesser Jews”, so called by the Zionists, were a part of this heinous crime against humanity, but they were a small minority in comparison to the rest killed in the concentration camps and world war two. 6 million is bullshit!

        And Hitler had Jewish blood. And he was set up by the Rothschild klan, as were the allies. All wars are bankers wars. And as I said, the articles that had evidence of this truth have been taken down by Zionist owned and operated Google.

        I read the articles for myself. And I was once a staunch defender of Israel and a complete believer in the holocaust narrative.

        Enough said!

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  4. sojourner says:

    Have you seen this, Tube?

    There would be no “immigration crisis” here, and in Europe, if the US and NATO didn’t exist! We fuck the people and planet, and then pretend we don’t know why the world is so messed up. I hate this fucking piece of shit more today, than I ever have!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks for the link ……….. it is so simple and yet the public seems to miss it because it’s not as interesting as soccer and football.

      Yes. It is now been proven AGAIN!

      The DUMB have inherited the earth!

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      • sojourner says:

        Especially in ‘exceptionally’ dumbed-down America! My x wife called it willful ignorance. Another good term is DENIAL!

        I guess “ignorance is bliss”?

        I feel your hatred for this shit, Tube, and I am right there with you!

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  5. swo8 says:

    You’ve got quite a mess there and we have one here too. Seems to me the Mr. Orange was damned if he did or if he didn’t in the children situation. It was a lose lose situation.
    We have droves of refugees coming up into Canada from the US. I think its all part of the “Globalist” plan to destabilize the world. Our shelters for the homeless are bursting at the seams. There’s no room for our own homeless. Speaking from the Bible, a little wisdom from Solomon is needed at the moment.

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  6. sojourner says:

    Here is an example of “the chosen of god”, Tube. Here is the real holocaust!

    I take it you know what is going on in Gaza? Modern day Jews/Zionists, for the most part, have no Hebrew blood in them, and therefore, they have no legal claim to the land of Palestine. I was once a Roman Catholic, but that didn’t automatically make me an Italian, nor give me the right to invade Italy.


  7. I thought Goat Fucker was totally wrong. That is too high up the animal chain.

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  8. Batt Guuano says:

    Tube: A quick poem is always appropriate:

    –The facial expressions of…
    –the hapless Jeff Sessions…
    –Are that of a man
    –Who doesn’t have a plan…
    –His main goal is to please…
    –The Orange haired sleeze…
    –Who is his boss…
    –As our “Top Cop”:..
    –He’s definitely a flop…
    –Let’s send him back…
    –To the Dixie spigot…..
    –That spawned this mush mouthed bigot…

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  9. Sheep are much preferable to goats because their hind legs fit inside your gumboots. A goat’s leg is too long.

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  10. Batt Guuano says:

    To SHA TARA & TUBE….thank you. It’s amazing that such an unaesthetic administration as Trump’s can inspire poetry. Just the perverse nature of life I guess.

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