Tubularsock has been busy repairing Tubularsock’s Top Floor Corner Office In The Underground Bunker Overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA (see Bunker Tour).

And while repairing dry-rot Tubularsock can not help but think of the Dump Administration and all of the leeches that are hanging on and sucking on Uncle Sam’s tits because those drained swamp folks had to go somewhere!

Like all Administrations there is plenty to go around but what Tubularsock LOVES about Donald is that he fucks you right up front and then tells you that it never happened.

Shrub, Slick Willy and Killery, and Obummer fucked you in secret and you just weren’t aware of it.

But THAT has been the nature of the U.S. Government from it’s beginnings. So the only difference is that the deception of criminality is outright criminality!

And by golly, the Ignoramus In Chief has an outstanding record with ripping people off right in front of them. That was why he bankrupted six businesses as a great businessman!

And just like Dump, he claims only four bankruptcies because as he told reporters from the Washington Post “. . . he counted the first three bankruptcies as just one”.

So with the ability to define six as four is really at the heart of Dump’s ethical temperament. And his base are just dumb enough to believe that that is being good at business. Watch your wallet gang. His base are not the brightest when it comes to believing THE FAT OLD ORANGE CON MAN! (FOOCM)

Oh but that isn’t even the half of it. He leads everyone you have ever known as the most petty little creep and the most insecure little slim ball on record.

HEY! Everyone is good at something!

And all that stems from a FOREIGN mother and a KRAUT father who slipped into the country as aliens. You know the type, no job, little education, no money in the bank and they came to suck off we GOOD WHITE CITIZENS that came a few years before and spoke English!

And even though English wasn’t the native language in North America WE ENGLISH had god on our side …….. SO THERE!

So being a foreign kid born to non-English parents Dump may NOT be able to be President! Has anyone asked to see Donald’s birth certificate?

Tubularsock suspects that Mary took a shit and out came Donnie! Well at least it fits his personality!

And just like alien immigrants do, Dump had a gillion children himself by different women and gave them jobs in the government to suck off we GOOD-HONEST-ENGLISH SPEAKING-REAL-AMERICANS! That’s what!

And Ivanka ISN’T a real American name, nor is Melania for Christ sake and Melania can’t even speak American! Fucking foreigners taking over America!

And now we even have to put up with Melania’s parents who entered America and recently became U.S. citizen using family-based immigration laws leading to “chain migration”!

And as Donald has often said “chain migration” provisions are dangerous for the country because they can lead to terrorism and other types of crime!

Donald should turn his entire family over to the ICE!

Deport the entire Dump family is what Tubularsock says. And separate those Dump family children and put them into Laura Ingraham style “summer-camps” until they can be reunited with their families back where they came from!

America for Americans is what Tubularsock says!

No seriously, it is the ONLY way to make America Fake Again!


  1. Sha'Tara says:

    You make a good point there with the ICE thing, but for fuck’s sake Tube, watch the language, huh? Some of us have trouble withe the “F” word, being as so many of us are non-English, non Protestant, maybe even barely white, immigrants with or without the chains… Oh, fukitol! 🙂

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  2. swo8 says:

    “uck” pretty much says it al, Tubularsock.

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  3. sojourner says:

    “But THAT has been the nature of the U.S. Government from it’s beginnings. So the only difference is that the deception of criminality is outright criminality!”

    Nailed it, Tube! Exactly! It ain’t broke, it’s working the way it was intended to work from the very beginning. Jefferson, Paine and Henry were the only ones who really recognized the Con behind the CONstitution! And they were horribly outnumbered, since George III was still running the show!

    What can you expect from a business asshole, Tube? Trump is a bloviating MORON! Business, intellect and character do not mix. Business = LOWLIFE MORON! I know, I actually worked ‘for a living’, and had to put up with these MORONS, from the local asshole to the corporate pigs, MORONS and CRIMINALS ALL!

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  4. sojourner says:

    Here’s an update, tube!

    Trump: ‘If I got impeached , the market would crash & everybody would be very poor’

    How true! How true! What would all of us filthy rich peasants do if Trump is impeached? Oh, the _UCKING (F) humanity!!

    “If I GOT impeached” Business = MORON!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks for the update sojourner. Tubularsock has been so worried that the markets would crash if Dump was impeached that Tubularsock has cornered the market on Cheerios at his local Safeway.

      Tubularsock feels a little safer now.

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  5. wolfess says:

    Tube ucking-fay typed: “So being a foreign kid born to non-English parents Dump may NOT be able to be President! Has anyone asked to see Donald’s birth certificate?”

    Excellent point Tube; but I don’t think shit like the prictator HAS a birth certificate — as you so astutely brought out, he was probably ‘born’ (and l use that term lightly) when his mother took a dump. Or maybe what she did was dump the actual baby and nursed the afterbirth instead???? Anywho … I don’t see the pissident as an actual living, breathing anything so I’m not sure there is a birth certificate here, or in Germany, or even on Fantasy Island where the dumptard has spent all 70+ years of his worthless, wasted life!

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