Are you happy yet?

Tubularsock has run through all the major YouTube comedy shows to attempt to find at least ONE laugh that would relieve Tubularsock’s total and complete outrage and disgust about how far down we have come as a nation. WE ARE FUCKED!

The political establishment has created what they believe is credible verbiage to spew to the American public which would make a reality TV show producer puke.

And as a consequence have in reality provided comedy gold for comedians without them having to even add to the joke because the joke is built into the political bull shit!

Then we as a nation, HELL, as a civilization, have passed over the tipping point!

Now not to get sentimental here but there was a time in America where, THE LIE of who we were, as a country was SOLID BULL SHIT.

Not even questioned! ………. but no more. We have reached, as a nation, the DIARRHEA THRESHOLD and there is no going back to SOLID BULL SHIT.

In fact, the shit can’t even hit the fan because it is running over your shoes!



It is all a big Punch & Judy Show and it’s not even funny, never was really!

Oh sure, there is the sick side of Trump’s “grabbing pussy” and Weiner’s dick bulge sexting but shit most people see it daily on the subway as they step over the homeless.

And the Princess at the ball with Prince charming on her arm just isn’t going to cut it for fucking Hillary & Bill, repulsive both ….. really ….. both of them together don’t equal a 10!

And that poor poor soulless Sarah Huckster Sanders spewing Trump shit right out of her mouth and then licking her lips, reprehensible!

It is pretty sad but her Huckster Bible packing father is at least as wretched as Sarah.
A true family of hypocrisy.

Oh, and sure the Bible tells them to lie. Your know how well Jesus is known for lying, right?

And let Tubularsock NOT go off on domestic and foreign policy because the cast is already fixed into FROZEN BULL SHIT no matter who gets in.


Now an important insight that has to become your standard lens to view our current political dialogue is “I’ve never said that” means one has “said that” and “not to my knowledge” means one is knowledgeable on that subject.

These are just commonplace expressions and meanings and are meant to mean exactly what they mean not what they said.

The confusion comes when people take the statement literally. That is not the way it was meant. Why don’t people just know that reverse is forward?

Once you adapt this “new speak” you’ll have a far better understanding of the political environment you are observing.

It is not new, really!

“I am not a crook!” and “I did not fuck that intern” or something like that ……. brings back memories, Tubularsock knows just how much people wish for the “good old days”.

The major difference between yesterday and today is that yesterday ran on 100% lies and today with Trump we have reached 230% lies and rising.

Tubularsock knows some cynic will question the math ……… fucking free thinker!

But in the reality of reality which is illusion you’ll find that President Orange-Tweet, IS ALL FAKE, so whatever he says is fantasy. It is not fake news because just because it IS fake doesn’t make it news.

And the “news” as we know it, is fantasy which is spoon feed to selective groups of the political spectrum …….. yumm!

And that is done to focus the energy of the populous into the trap of “infighting” so while that keeps them busy few realize that their pocket has been picked.

Case in point: The Republican Tax Break for the rich …….. gosh, didn’t see that coming!

Now! Is there a way out?

Well yes there is and it starts with YOU but we haven’t gone down the rabbit hole far enough yet.

And as Tubularsock says:

“When The Mirror
Is In Place
You’ll See
Your Folly.”


  1. Sha'Tara says:

    Being non-American (well I am an American, only from the north side of the 49th) I’ve got to digest this before I can do a “non-American” comment. Maybe just keep the diarrhea frozen?

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    • tubularsock says:

      Sha’Tara, Tubularsock can hardly wait to read your “non-American” American thoughts.

      Whatever you do, please refrain from eating tacos with beans from those “non-American” Americans from the Far South. You’ll save us all a lot of trouble.

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  2. Batt Guano says:

    And once more Tube you’ve inspired a poem…

    — Bless my heart and hope to die…
    –Trump knows how to tell a lie…
    –Whenever he opens his mouth…
    –Truth and veracity head south…
    –But south is a good place for them to be…
    –For that’s where there are dangerous hordes to see…
    –advancing upon our borders in Spring, Summer and Fall…
    –All because we have no Wall..
    –For all the lies that Trump can find…
    –For all the fantasies that dance in his mind…
    –This is the most dangerous untruth…
    –That immigrants are a dangerous lot…
    –And that security can be easily bought…
    –For the nation’s greatest danger…
    –Is not a manufactured immigrant dread…
    –But what goes on in Trump’s demented head…

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  3. Jay says:

    Wow, this threshold is MESSY.

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  4. swo8 says:

    We’ve succumbed to the ultimate con, Tubularsock.

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  5. Like they say, Tube, if Trump did not exist we would have to invent him.

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  6. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Sarah H. and fam., for me, are almost–*almost*–worse than Trump. ‘Cause while he continues being orange and stupid and racist and extremely dangerous, he doesn’t hide behind the bible or use it to rationalize his demented behavior like Sarah and her bible-thumping father. They aren’t worse, but I loathe them in a special way reserved only for hypocritical, aggrandizing, cloistered, indifferent, “xenophobic yet colonizing” bible thumpers.

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  7. Norman Pilon says:

    When you’re in a place where the bullshit flows like diarrhea, and 100% lies are really 230% lies, and the news can’t be fake because what’s fake can’t be news, and everything in public life is but a huge distraction to enable and facilitate the fleecing of the sheep’s fleece, in short, when you’re in a place where the shit IS the Shinola — then you knows, no, but really really knows, if home for you is somewhere between the 49th and the 31st, and your president is an orange, and all of the socialists all around you don’t know their right from their left, THEN you know you’re home! Otherwise, you’d be lost.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Norman a brilliant, accurate overview! And YES you have become the TRUTH SZAR as we Hungarians call it!

      And sure Tubularsock agrees, “A csatornában úszik a szar”.

      Thanks for the willingness to wade in the szar with Tubularsock!

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  8. selizabryangmailcom says:

    I think both of you (Tubularsock & Norman. And, of course, whoever’s interested) would enjoy a relatively unknown blog I follow that goes into intricate detail concerning the clown posse and the head clown running it these days:
    Just sayin’. In the interests of the convo.

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    • tubularsock says:

      selizabryangmailcom, Tubularsock thanks you for the Trump Tip. Tubularsock will check it out.

      All Tubularsock needs more in his life is MORE info on OrangeTweet. Guess that is why whiskey was invented!

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  9. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Yeah, it’s overkill, isn’t it? Like in the movies when someone’s plummeting off a building toward their death but first they get shot by a bazooka before they hit the ground. There’ll never be enough whiskey to accompany this topic.

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  10. Lara/Trace says:

    Nothing witty from this brain of mine – just nodding… How long will this last?

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  11. Batt Guano says:

    Bless the wisdom of the venerated British magazine THE ECONOMIST, who said: “if a nation elects a clown they should expect a circus.” Barnum & Bailey where are you now that we REALLY need you?

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  12. Wick Burner says:

    Vigilant avoidance of the Heinous Orange Puppet is all that is working for me now. Any incidental exposure is met with a now-instinctive sigh/exhale and a drop of the head. I may suffer some sort of mid-life scoliosis due to the drooping shoulders effect inspired by this response to the sound of his hell-mouth voice.
    So, vigilance enhanced. Avoidance mode engaged. Look at what a little smear of Shinola can do!
    Life is peachy when you ignore the igoramus! What day is trash collection?

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  13. tubularsock says:

    Well there was a bright side Wick ……. the government shutdown kept Orangedump from the State of the Union address.

    But then the Democrats up and wrecked that!

    So buckle up, Wick because you/we know what he is going to say and it will be guaranteed to be a series of BIGLY Lies!

    Thanks for your input.


    • wolfess says:

      “So buckle up, Wick because you/we know what he is going to say and it will be guaranteed to be a series of BIGLY Lies!”
      So the correct etiquette for State of the DIS-union speech would be to drink a shot every time the trumptard tells a lie — there are 2 advantages to that, 1. we’ll be too drunk to understand his gibberish, and 2. we’ll pass-out long b4 he finishes!

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