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Well today Tubularsock is sitting in Tubularsock’s top floor corner office in Tubularsock’s underground Bunker overlooking Washington D.C. from Oakland, CA (see Bunker Tour) and having an enjoyable time.

The air is breathable due to no smoke from the California fires hanging about and the regular smog is much less due to Covid-19 which has kept people from driving.

Of course this is slowly shifting and people WANT to get “back to normal” and breath the “normal” polluted air. That is just how dumb people happen to be.

No lessons learned here!

The great thing about Covid is that people continue to die but NOT in Orange-Fuck’s World. And don’t you even worry about this death-covid-thing because Tubularsock has gotten the FACTS from none other than Rudy Giuliani!

Can Tubularsock not be impressed with Rudy’s words as fact?

“People don’t die of this disease anymore, young people don’t die at all. Middle-aged people die very little. And even elderly people have a 1% chance of dying.”

Feel better? As for the 214,446 deaths so far well ahhh ………….
And the MIRACLE AT 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE: THE HORROR MOVIE, the new Disney horror film just released will hit the movie theaters on Christmas Day which will be on October 31st this year (BY PRESIDENTIAL ORDER) to fit the Halloween theme of the movie theaters being CLOSED due to Covid and scary house lighting.

Ever been in an empty movie theater all alone in the dark?

Well Tubularsock assumes that everyone is aware of the MIRACLE of Orange-Fuck’s coming down with Covid one minute and three minutes later after a helicopter ride up and down and a complete steroid overdose and a parade of one around Walter Reed National Military Medical Center then a helicopter ride up and down concluding with Orange-Fuck lifting as if walking on water to the heights of the White House in prime time to catch the news cycle ripping off his mask in defiance. Wow!

He is cured of Covid and free of any possibility of giving it to others!

Ah, the Gods work in mysterious ways which is just one promotional rant Orange-Fuck has used already to inspire his right wing religious base. Yes, many of the Christian Fundamentalists even stopped fucking they daughters to hear the President’s inspiring words before getting back to business. Hallelujah!

And pumping up the “old people” with a promise of free high-powered-steroids for EVERYONE! FREE!

Tubularsock can’t wait!

Years ago, Tubularsock remembers “street venders” willing to give some people FREE cocaine for a short period of time until the addiction set in and then, well the price kept going up!

So just a word to the wise for you “old people” …. there is no free lunch!

Orange-Fuck is just another pusher “like the good old days” ……..

And yet, THE WHEEL TURNS and our savior, “Mask Covered Joe” is saying little and playing dead keeping a low profile and letting Orange-Fuck blab on and on about the lighting bolts that come out of his ass to wanting to kiss every MAN, “attractive” woman and child at his Florida campaign super-spreader rally.


Guess Melania isn’t putting out, still!

Of course, Melania is down with Covid but for some reason no one seems to even ask how she’s doing. What is that about?

And just how’d she catch it? She doesn’t touch Orange-Fuck.

As for an insightful review of THE MIRACLE AT 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE: THE HORROR MOVIE Tubularsock is going to turn you over to Tubularsock’s favorite movie reviewers, ASSHOLES WATCHING MOVIES at if they aren’t aware of this upcoming film, well don’t blame Tubularsock.

They do great and entertaining reviews on a variety of other films. So DEMAND that they review THE MIRACLE AT 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE: THE HORROR MOVIE.

Tell them Tubularsock sent you!

And here is just a word to the wise from Tubularsock: Watch your back because Dick Cheney is still alive!


  1. Batt Guano says:

    So President TOGIC (Tub of Guts in Chief) has recovered from COVID (assuming he ever actually had it). I guess if we all had access to the doctors and medicines he had we would too. Of course this inspires a poem…

    Some Trumpites think Donald was sent by God…
    Many others think he is an insensitive, insufferable clod…
    So who is right, in the scheme of things?…
    Just what is it this scum bag actually brings?….
    Confusion, pain, ignorance just for a start…
    Very appropriate for one who has no heart…
    So where did he come from and where will he go?…
    He came from bigotry and corruption..though he claims…
    To be as pure as the driven snow…
    And when it comes time for him to vacate the White House halls..
    He’ll remain in office through a series of legal stalls…
    Although he has brought the nation a belly full of strife…
    He’ll fight to become president for life…
    And long after Trump is actually dead…
    Mount Rushmore in South Dakota…
    Will have gained another head…
    Alongside Presidents who advanced an ideal…
    Will be a man who knew how to lie, cheat and steal…


    Liked by 3 people

    • tubularsock says:

      Batt your Guano has come in handy in discussing the Orange Dump.
      A pleasant poem indeed.

      Now a true patriot would delve into Biden with equal fervor because he is equally as bad if you would take some time to review his past policies.

      We as a nation have surpassed the bottom of the barrel and there is little space left to recover.

      Couldn’t happen to a nicer country …………. BURN IT DOWN!

      Cheers, Tube


  2. swo8 says:

    I don’t think Biden was playing dead…

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Batt Guano says:

    It’s a moot point. Biden will not win because the deck is stacked against him. If all else fails Trump will litigate in the battleground states and get the electoral college votes he needs..And when his second term is up he’ll go for a third term. The 22nd Amendment we say ? Attorney-General Barr will take his head out of Trump’s posterior just long enough to file some sort of staying order against the 22nd Amendment. Trump has already said on three occasions he wants to mitigate that amendment. On the most recent occasion he said he’s been treated so badly that he’s owed an extra term. I know that is convoluted reasoning, but it’s far from his only instance of that. When asked if he felt bad about avoiding the hardships of the Vietnam war he said that his hardship during that time was risking getting a STD from the many women he was seeing. Remember I said that many Trump supporters say Trump is sent by God. Maybe he actually has been sent: to punish us for our sins. I’m going to church this Sunday.

    Liked by 1 person

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