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For Tubularsock the —Have You Got Your Shot Yet? — question is about the only thing Tubularsock has heard lately from friends as well as complete strangers.

It IS the only question in town! At least it seems that way.

Tubularsock then has to respond “NO, Tubularsock is keeping away from that shot with a 10 foot pole”! Tubularsock’s response for government distancing.

BUT “Tubularsock is in complete support of you getting one if you feel the need to have one”.

That seems to Tubularsock, enough said. But nope the next statement has been usually one of two come backs.

“Don’t you believe in SCIENCE?”

And Tubularsock always says, “Tubularsock believes in SCIENCE but is unwilling to be a guinea pig FOR Science. Tubularsock prefers to keep his DNA the way it is, thank you very much.”

Enough said?


“So you don’t believe the Government Health Agencies or what?”

Tubularsock is now really had enough with this conversation.

“Do You?”

“Well yes. They are there to help guide us with safe information.”

“THE GOVERNMENT!” Are you bat-shit crazy? Name a time when the U.S. Government gave you truthful information!

The Viet Nam War
The Iraq War
The Syrian War
The Kennedy Assassination
Obummer’s bank give-away
Dump’s Tax give-away to the rich
The Shrub’s bail-out corporate give-away
The origin of the Corona virus
The Founding Father’s belief in Democracy


“Well I think you are WRONG! and I’m finished with this conversation!”

Finally. Tubularsock knew it would come to this. They all do.
EVEN after Tubularsock tells everyone to do the vaccine if they feel the need.

Tubularsock doesn’t hold a grudge. Tubularsock will go to their funeral if need be!

And Tubularsock wishes you well regardless of what you decide to do but if Tubularsock needs a drug pusher Tubularsock would go to Foothill and 25th. At least the street dealer is more concerned about return sales!



  1. The first jitters can be felt, but our government technocrats sticking to their own truth, after all, they made such an effort to invent it, lets wait and see!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well Tubularsock agrees that “… they made such an effort to invent it …” so we don’t have too much choice but to wait and see ……. if anyone is left!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Stay safe, drink whisky!

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  2. Alcohol is death to microbes. That’s why they use it to swab your skin before jabbing you with the vaccine.

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  3. Charles Schwartz says:

    Pretty simple equation for me. Am I more likely to get sick and die if I get the vaccination or not? My bet is that the risk is greater if I don’t get the shot. Life is a crapshoot anyway you look at it. And, I do believe in science.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Charles, Tubularsock is a big believer in the crapshoot and we all roll our dice differently.

      So Tubularsock is 100% behind your process.

      However with Tony Fauci running things don’t be surprised if the dice aren’t loaded!

      Stay safe.

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  4. Sluggo says:

    Damn, Tube!
    You seem to be getting a bit Trumpy lately!
    Yes, myself and my wife got our shots and completed our 2nd doses over two weeks ago, as did most of our friends. I witnessed several people I knew from work before I retired, along with my best fishing buddy, a neighbor and two people I talked with many times on Ham Radio succumb to COVID. I am still waiting to hear about anyone having a deadly reaction to the vaccine, other than the report of the guy who died a day after he got his second shot (only to find he had a serious heart condition and had experienced 2 prior heart attacks). IMHO, those who decide not to get the shot are part of the reason COVID will remain to be a problem for quite a while. The longer it is around and the more people that catch it, the more it will mutate into strains that are resistant to the recent vaccines, and the more people will die. When I was a kid in school, you got the 3 required vaccines, or you were not allowed to attend school, period. I have no issue if someone has a valid medical condition that would not allow them to be vaccinated, but I feel that it is the duty of all Earth citizens to help eradicate this disease. We also need to clean our act up as humans when it comes to the environment in a BIG hurry, as COVID is mother nature’s latest way of ridding the Earth of a species that has been plundering the planet for hundreds of years.
    Better COVID than a huge asteroid as was the prior cure for dinosaurs.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Sluggo, Tubularsock is happy to hear from you with your comment. It has been awhile. It is even better that you are so wrong! (No. Tubularsock is just kidding.) But we do see it differently.

      Tubularsock is pleased that you and your wife survived the vaccine experience and you both, Tubularsock assumes, are old enough not to have to tackle the unknown DNA issues that may occur in the not so distant future.

      And Tubularsock is happy that you are satisfied being a human guinea pig for science.

      Tubularsock supposes that you are aware that the “science” is still out and the vaccines are not really tested adequately and were released on “emergency circumstances” and “THEY” really have little scientific knowledge YET on how these vaccines will work and what future issues they may cause.

      YOU, Sluggo are a test case. And Tubularsock thanks you for your sacrifice.

      But the great part is you have lived through the first phase and Tubularsock is pleased about that. Thousands of others haven’t. What you need to do is research outside the main stream and you’ll see a different story.

      When you have censorship on such a wide scale of those medical professionals who disagree with the party line so as to keep from the public other possible solutions of care than vaccines then you have been cheated in your decision making decisions.

      When Tubularsock was in grammar school we had mandatory Polio shots. Three of Tubularsock’s friends came down WITH POLIO after that shot, one of them died.

      Of course, it just couldn’t have been because of the shot we were all told but even Tubularsock as a child could figure out that the statistical chances of that excuse was a bit questionable. EVEN for a child to believe!

      But we are in total agreement about the need to shift our environmental destruction and shift our lives accordingly but that isn’t going to happen. Our society will destroy itself because some want to profit from everything and stack up their money while the rest of our citizens still haven’t figured out that they are being sacrificed at the alter of greed.

      If they would ever wake up we would have a revolution ……… oh Tubularsock, could you change the channel to the baseball game.

      And then about your “Trumpy” dig ………… Sometimes even a lunatic can state the truth.

      Remember Dump wanted to pull the troops from Afghanistan which Tubularsock was and is in full agreement. The Pentagon wouldn’t do it. And Buydone won’t either.

      Ahhh, who’s running the show?
      Thanks for the comment and do stop by again. Great to hear from you Sluggo!

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  5. swo8 says:

    Yup I got it! — I lie, it ain’t going to happen. What’s the science of it? They lie too.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well Leslie, the science of it is if you get the shot you still can get Covid and you still can give Covid to others and you still have to wear a double mask and social distance and when you travel you still have quarantine yourself for 14 days.

      All this is according to the CDC!

      Ahhhhh. Just why would you get this?

      It seems way better not to get this vaccine …….. so good that “it ain’t going to happen”!

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  6. Batt Guano says:

    It may be you don’t need the vaccine. My theory is that truly onerey people don’t get the virus.They scare the virus off. Trump got it you say. But that may have been “Trumped up”. He probably didn’t get it, but it was just another of his lies to show what a tough guy he was.

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  7. Tube, what all the research shows is the absolute best way to protect yourself against severe Covid infection (and numerous other infectious and chronic illnesses) is to go to your doctor and have your Vitamin D level checked. If it’s low, your doctor will prescribe either tablets or injections to bring it back to normal. Ironically I learned about the fundamental role of Vit D in immunity in 2009 at a grand rounds at the hospital where I worked before I retired. Theoretically doctors are supposed to keep up with research developments (through continuing education) as a condition of maintaining their license. Unfortunately it seems most don’t. Most seem to rely on the mainstream media and the drug salesmen who visit their office. I watched an interesting lecture from Oregon Health Sciences earlier this week in which an ICU specialist asserted it takes 20 years for research information to get into mainstream medical practice. It takes 10 years to get into mainstream media and another 10 years for frontline doctors to take it on. In my personal experience, it takes another 30 years after that for the public health establishment to take it on. Disinfecting our water with chlorine (a 100 year old technology) is an excellent example. We’ve known for more than 20 years that the chlorinated organic compounds formed are carcinogenic.

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    • tubularsock says:

      DrB, good advice. Tubularsock is a big proponent of Vit D as well as C and calcium, magnesium and zinc.

      Oh and sure Sake and Wild Turkey.

      Tubularsock has found that most doctors are really good at fixing broken body parts but outside of that so many have swallowed the blue pill and just charge a lot and play golf.

      So much for trust or real cutting edge knowledge. Ten to twenty years behind the curve seems about right.

      Tubularsock drinks his Wild Turkey neat so no need for a chlorinated water chaser.
      Thanks for your informative comment.

      And may the force be with you.

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  8. Norman Pilon says:

    Well, Tubes, you know that I believe in science. And that’s why I won’t take jab. People who think that this so-called pandemic is the real deal do not understand the meaning of the phrase “conflicts of interests.” The vaccination industry is just that: an industry. It’s about profits, and not about health. That is the crux of what this pandemic is about . . .

    I note that a few people who have left comments have taken the vaccine and think that everyone else ought to do the same. Here are a few links to scientifically grounded information for them and for anyone else thinking about getting the jab:

    Prof. Stefan Hockertz warns of the risks of insufficiently researched mRNA vaccines | Radio München

    Update mRNA-vaccination: Where are the valid studies? by Radio München | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    Hazards of the COVID-19 vaccine — ROMEO F. QUIJANO, M.D. | Bulatlat: Journalism for the people

    And then don’t neglect this treasure trove of actual scientific data pertaining precisely to this for-profit created pandemic: Swiss Policy Research

    For anyone else wanting more information, I’ll be happy to oblige . . .

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    • tubularsock says:

      Norman, Tubularsock thanks you for your contribution to this discussion.

      Tubularsock agrees when science crosses over to the profit motive as its prime mover trouble quickly ensures.

      There is no question that when the pharmaceutical industry sits down at the table, science, truth, compassion, and people are thrown to the dogs because ABOVE ALL ELSE stands PROFIT in the tune of trillions of dollars.

      Just how could they pass that by and once the governmental powers give ALL immunity from responsibility for their “product” well, let the buyer beware.


      There are several alternative remedies that you’ll never seen mentioned on “state owned mass media” and the public believes they are getting all the facts.

      Tubularsock urges anyone interested to contact Norman or Tubularsock, as well, for up to date alternative scientific information.

      What do you have to lose?

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  9. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Informative post, Tubes! The Fauci image is especially hilarious.
    I was just wondering something, though. Have you gotten your shot yet? 🙂

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  10. selizabryangmailcom says:

    I’m picking up what you’re laying down!

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  11. Decker says:

    Brilliant, Tube! Cheers

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  12. Thank you for a well-argued post, Tube. I’m with you. I teach research and have to agree with the points you have made here. I have also witnessed the intensity of fear that makes many people eager to sacrifice themselves for what they have been led to believe is solid science, including people I love deeply. I have to admit the vaccine frenzy scares me. It breaks my heart when I think about the future those who are vaccinated may face while pharmaceutical companies rake in billions of $s..


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