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About a week ago Tubularsock ran across an interview by Kim Iversen with Catherine Austin Fitts.

Catherine Austin Fitts is the managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC. and has a long track record in finance on Wall Street.

She was appointed Assistant Secretary of Housing – Federal Housing Commissioner in the first Bush administration.

And bottom line she knows her shit when it comes to the financial system and its corruptibility.

But more importantly Kim brings out Catherine’s view about the way THE SYSTEM is herding us into financial slavery by controlling our money with digital money which they can “turn off” your own money like Canada did to the Canadian Truckers for protesting.

As well as controlling the death rate of the population and brain washing children into a new world order.


An excellent interview you should make time to watch here on Rumble. Anything with REAL content has to be on Rumble because YouTube has become a censorship mill! You know, in the name of Democracy!

Tubularsock can’t say enjoy because it’s scary.

But cutting back using credit cards and doing more transactions in CASH is a major way to counter the EVIL FORCES.

And that question, “just what can I do?”, is made simple …….. take action at the level where you still have control. The weakness of Capitalism is non-participation.


If for some reason the link doesn’t work then copy it into your browser.

Well it Happened!

And no one seemed to noticed.

We have an AI-President running for President. Yep. You read that correctly, an AI-Presidential candidate.

Back in the “good old days” a candidate for President made a speech in front of LIVE supporters and announced that they were “throwing their hat into the ring” as a LIVE candidate seeking votes to win that office.

Ahhh, “the good old days” weren’t they grand. Same type of assholes were running but you got to see them physically.

Now all you have to do is put out a VIDEO of yourself and all the bold stands you have taken and integrate enough “corn-pone” to out do a Southern picnic.

And Voilà, you are running for President of the United States and you DON’T EVEN HAVE TO BE THERE! OR FOR THAT MATTER SHOW UP!

Can you imagine going into a job interview and not showing up except by having a UPS driver drop off a video of your qualifications with a note, “sorry can’t make it, it’s my nap time”.

And then throw in ChatGPT, the software that can let users pose questions and give directions to a bot that can answer with conversation, term papers, sonnets, recipes — almost anything and in almost any style you specify. Say perhaps a Presidential speech ……… or even a bot’s view of a great foreign policy viewpoint.

But it is a new world and what has been proven over the past several Presidential Cycles the winner doesn’t really have to have any QUALIFICATIONS except promoting the Power Elite, which IS NOT YOU!

And then the controlled media repeats the bull shit phrase, “YOUR VOTE COUNTS” so each of you run along and stand in line in the rain and sleet and hail because that is what democracy is all about.

Oh the count? No we’ll take care of that ……….. TRUST US!

Let Tubularsock, not to incite you to violence, but just share that the only way to rearrange the “body politic” is to toss a grenade into the mix. Ok, Tubularsock wanted to be frugal but say 3008 grenades. Who counts when it comes to REVOLUTION!

Tubularsock guesses that you realize that besides the AI-President there are currently two human candidates challenging BOT-POLITICS and acting like real-life humans.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Williamson. They both have a different take on how the Democratic Party are running things and have announced their participation in attempting to get nominated as the Democratic Party candidate for President.

And THAT is where the Democratic Party’s belief in DEMOCRACY comes to the forefront!

The Party Leadership has declared that the Bot-Directed AI-President WILL NOT DEBATE THE OTHER CONTENDERS because HE IS THE ONLY TRUE CANDIDATE RUNNING. PERIOD!

Oh, Tubularsock remembers that old Jedi mind trick, “these are not the Droids you are looking for” as stated by Obi-Wan/Ben Kenobi after being stopped by Stormtroopers when traveling into the city of Mos Eisley.

But now the Empire’s Leadership is using it!

Guess we’re still living in STAR WARS after all.

This is one of those subjects that needs to be addressed repeatedly but it seems to be always addressed in the most backassed way that it just gets Tubularsock angered enough to go out and shoot someone!

Ahhhh, maybe Tubularsock could come up with a little better way to frame these feelings.

Tubularsock becomes so angered that he feels like slitting a child’s throat!

Ahhhh, nah. Not much better for sure.

OK, OK …….. take a ball-peen hammer and “Pelosiedly” it into the head of …….. ahhh Tubularsock means a chainsaw, NO! A long rusty butcher knife!

Well, another trip to Tubularsock’s therapist for anger management. Tubularsock has
worn-out three to date.

There is always so much angst, sorrow, sadness whenever another gun violent episode takes place. And yet they have been so common that if you pay close attention you might just go over the edge.

As you know, it is just too difficult to keep up.

Tubularsock usually just skips knowing the details as they are splashed all over the media because the subject is so depressing.

Case in point.
Tubularsock had heard in passing that the bank shooting in Louisville had to do with a bank employee. It seemed to Tubularsock that if Tubularsock had to work in a bank, shooting your way out of employment just might be the way to go.

So naively Tubularsock typed into DuckDuckGo ……… “Bank shooting”
And this is what appeared:

Seems it is way more prevalent than Tubularsock ever guessed. But why?

Well JUST MAYBE we live in a bat shit crazy society that you are told to FIT INTO it if you want to BECOME someone!

But you are ALREADY SOMEONE … You are you. That should be good enough, PERIOD.

But oh no …….. you have to be someone that the society finds acceptable otherwise you’re a bum or no account and a drag on society.

You have to find a job EVEN IF YOU HATE IT to be “respectable” and “responsible”.

And what happens when you have a job you hate? Usually you get sick. Some chronic illness rather than just saying NO. Being “sick” is acceptable being a bum is not!

Some people fake it and “try” to fit in a job they hate and end up shooting up the place. Why?

WHY NOT! “I hate my job, I hate myself and I hate you”!

But just where does this idea come from that it is OK to kill other people?

Many blame violent films. The ratio is about 10 to 1 in favor of blowing something up in ever film produced.

Many blame gang violence and police violence both are just a flip of a coin in terms of who is responsible. Basically they are one and the same.

And CRIME is a job description after all.

But the greatest cause of all this violence is the amount of propaganda of “HATING OTHER”. Our culture has constantly enhanced the “HATING OTHER” concept. We as a country was founded on it!

And the cost has driven us as a culture to the direction of acceptance of direct violence toward “OTHER”. And the definition of “OTHER” is “whoever the power structure deems to be our enemy-du-jour at any given moment.


Now stop and think about just how prevalent this happens to be. IT DRIVES OUR DESIRE TO CONTROL THE WORLD.

And so we as a country will slaughter hundreds of thousands of people under the banner of saving them. Wrap your head around THAT concept.

And this insanity is rationalized under the premise of MIGHT BEING RIGHT!

So just how can our country go around the world starting conflicts and directing death and destruction on PEOPLE and then ask:


No, not too many guns and access to them. Remember—-“Guns don’t kill people, PEOPLE kill people!”

If there weren’t any guns there would be knives, clubs, saws, bombs or your neighbor talking you to death!

So just maybe our tendency to kill others comes from our very own government. From our very own culture. OUR TRAINED MENTAL ACCEPTANCE OF KILLING as an acceptable means of settling issues.

We are a killing culture and our country was founded on it. We as a people murdered our way across the continent and stole other peoples lands and then justified murder and theft under the moral flag of Manifest Destiny. GOD DIRECTED US!

Religion has ALWAYS been a major killer of “OTHER” and then used to tidy up the destruction with moral platitudes and positioning.

The created “mind-set” has been fortified over hundreds of years. To turn it around and stop this killing spree we’ve been on from our founding will take more time than we have.


Yet, on the other hand, what else do we have to do? This path we’ve been living our lives from has never really worked well. To see others as the same as ourselves goes a long way to bring a new paradigm of thinking that could change the world.

Seems we have nothing to lose following this new direction.
And if YOU don’t change Tubularsock will blow your fucking head off!

Ahhh, just when is Tubularsock’s new anger management appointment again?

Have you ever thought what “having access” means to the run of the mill “journalist”?

Access to what?

NOT THE TRUTH for sure

As Tubularsock watches another “press briefing” the main stream press corp asks the same old asinine questions and Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre drones on with enough bull shit to slow the entire sewer system ………. just WHY would anyone attend this activity?

A REAL journalist would put the time into live research rather than DEAD rhetoric. Which is why, if you haven’t noticed, there aren’t ANY REAL journalists in the front two rows of any Press Briefing because that is where the “like-think-corporate-stenographers” turn their asses to be penetrated.

If there are any REAL journalists in the room they are designated to the back of the room and never called on for fear of a REAL QUESTION about anything that has not been “pre-prescribed”.

You see, ANYTHING in a Press Briefing is exactly that …… BRIEF and usually a lie or misdirection in the guise of so called “informing the public”.

And really in truth the job of the Press Secretary is to lie and to obfuscate people than enlighten them. THAT IS THE JOB!

So Karine as well as Kayleigh and Jen and Sarah before ALL were excellent at lying for a salary of $180,000.00 a year! Not bad when it comes naturally.

So when Tubularsock calls them liars in truth it is a compliment.


And they have the exact qualifications to do the job. A total lack of principles and integrity. And a wonderful springboard to a nice paying job as a news show commentator after they finish being Press Secretary. Network news is based, as well, on a total lack of principles and integrity.

And every time Karine takes the set up questions she immediately goes to “her answer book” and spouts the approved position that has been “pre-entered” to avoid any mistaken “truth”.

It all is a perfect ouroboros projection of the endless cycle that takes place in the Washington ethos.

It is obvious that disinformation and misinformation has been the bedrock of American journalism and yes there has always been true journalists who have stood up against the slings and arrows of “untruth” but always at a cost to their professional journalistic careers.

But now we have a state-corporate censorship regime with the intention of not only misinforming the public square but actually to mobilize and harness every sector of society under a singular technocratic rule. This is happening RIGHT NOW and most citizens haven’t even noticed! The trick is to make it look “convenient”! Seems to always work with the masses.

It is an insidious process of artificial intelligence and algorithmic “pre-censorship” that are invisibly encoded into the infrastructure of the internet and direct your inquiries in the direction away from what you want to know.

Have you noticed that certain videos on YouTube will disappear when you move your cursor toward them and this disappearance requires a determined effort to locate them again?

This is happening with all information that is being “relocated” to lessen exposure. THIS IS NOT random this is intentional!

Really, check it out for yourself. It has been happening to Tubularsock for some time. But perseverance is a virtue!

Have you also noticed that “disinformation” is always whatever THEY say it is. This isn’t just a Chinese or Russian totalitarian process it is the BACKBONE of American Democracy!

That is why Iraq, Vietnam, Syria, Ukraine, ad nauseam are just the intention and the results of projected force control of U.S. foreign policy in order to protect OUR financial interests.

If you EVER think that OUR foreign policy has a goal of protecting/defending “OTHERS” immediately wash your mind out with soap! Your mind NEEDS a much needed cleanse!

Ok! Let’s go for it!

The Dump goes to jail after a wild and fun filled ride of American description, deception, disruption in the criminal injustice system.

The Orange Dump gets tossed into the clinker for 8 years.

And then the vote comes in full showing that Dump wins the 2024 Presidential Election in a total and complete LANDSLIDE!

Dump then gives himself a full pardon and moves from Federal Prison to a fancier Federal Prison which just has better perks!

Immediately Dump appoints Stormy Daniels as Secretary of State and Congress overwhelmingly approves the appointment being that Stormy already had a “head” start after years of servicing Congress.

Dump appoints Marjorie Taylor Greene as his new Press Secretary in addition to already being a House Representative for being so perfect with her verbal dexterity.

If anyone could explain The Dump’s policies it is Marjorie Taylor Greene! And the Press Corp already love her!

As for Secretary of Finance Dump picks an unknown named John Doe. A guy Dump met in the federal penitentiary who was in for life for Grand Larceny and Money Laundering. They had become best of friends. DOE IS A PERFECT FIT!

The list goes on only because there are so many cushy do nothing jobs in the Federal Bureaucracy and the revolving door is ALWAYS open. But let Tubularsock end job placement right here because Tubularsock is sure you get the point. And if you don’t, call Marjorie.

But hell ……….. it could be worse!

Kamala Harris, anyone?

So Ukraine blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline without the U.S. or Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, knowing ANYTHING about it.

It appears that not even the blown out diminished Ukraine Navy knew anything about this despicable deed.

So much for all the high level observation equipment using surveillance drones and satellites to watch over the area. Maybe we should try balloons.

NOPE! No awareness of ANY wrong doing being done to that pipeline.

Now we come to find out from ahhhh, “reliable sources”, ahhhh, you know “new intelligence” from ahhhh, “new intelligence” seen by US officials suggests that a pro-Ukraine group attacked the Nord Stream 2 pipelines.

Well, that settles it for Tubularsock.

So THAT clears the U.S. from doing it as investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has claimed with facts and figures. While The White House National Security Council, CIA and State Department all asserted that his post was “utterly false and complete fiction”.

And gosh ……. who wouldn’t believe our own spy deceivers?

Hersh even claims that President Joe directed the attack! That may be pushing reality a bit in Tubularsock’s mind. Maybe President Joe was able to point out the Baltic Sea on a map thinking it was a lunch menu and his staff went from there.

Be that as it may, this “new intelligence” also absolves Russia from blowing up THEIR OWN pipeline which provided huge revenue to their country. BUT CAN YOU TRUST THEM?

But the U.S. Government promoted THAT LIE even when much of the public couldn’t figure out the logic themselves.

Which leaves us to the Ukrainian Government being absolved because ahhhh, Ukrainians can’t swim? Ukrainian’s boats don’t float? Zelensky needs another ten million dollars from the U.S. to ahhhh.

NEW INTELLIGENCE SHOWS, “The explosives were most likely planted with the assistance of experienced divers who did not appear to be linked to any military or intelligence service, the report said, raising the possibility that the saboteurs received specialized state-sponsored training in the past.”

Well of course. How silly of all of us not to think that “perhaps” random Ukrainian/anti-Putin Russian activists with sabotage operation experience and training and flashing forged passports would rent a yacht from a Poland based company owned by Ukrainian citizens and set off from the German port of Rostock.

A captain, two divers, two diving assistants and a doctor made up the group of five men and one woman, according to Germany’s ARD broadcaster and Zeit newspaper.

In the course of the further investigation, all leads to clarify the facts of the case will be pursued by Denmark, Germany, and Sweden who all have active investigation on going.

And because Denmark, Germany, and Sweden are so “honest” the Russians WHO OWN THE PIPELINE in the past and future will be denied access to evidence from the investigation.

Now that is comforting. What could go wrong?

Russia has called for a transparent international probe. Tubularsock wonders just why that is?

TRANSPARENT? You mean so EVERYONE can see the results?


For sure, Tubularsock knows that ain’t goin’ to happen!

Here’s an idea from Tubularsock. Maybe we should look at the facts about all this war crap.

Let’s follow the bouncing ball and see if an intellectual basket can be made.

First bounce: In the United States’ 250 years of existence we have been at war with somebody 229 years. Which as a country we have had ONLY 21 years of our history OUT OF WAR!


Second bounce: The merchants of death, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamic, Northrup Grumman, to name just a few rely on death and mass destruction in order to maximize revenue and profiteering. THAT IS WHY THEY EXIST!

And by extension if you are an employee of one of these merchants of death YOU TOO are a war criminal!

And by further extension if you are a TAXPAYING CITIZEN you too are a war criminal for supporting your government.

But hey, death and mass destruction is what this country was founded upon! You know, IT IS OUR TRADITION! Just ask the Native Americans / Indigenous Peoples.

The United States NEVER had an honest view about true democracy in our entire history. The wealthy have been in control of the true POWER but the story goes that the people choose their own representatives by “fair and honest” elections.

The humor value of that belief is so outlandish that holding a straight face while saying it aloud is extremely difficult ….. UNLESS YOU ARE PART OF THE POLITICAL CLASS. They are experts in bull shit!

In the U.S. of today we don’t live in a democracy, but rather in an oligarchy. In reality, a 21st Century corporate, technocratic, bio-medical, national security state. And THAT is why the “citizen” HAS NO CONTROL over what is happening to them.

“But we live in a democracy” is ONLY a repeated mantra of ignorance!

Free Throw: POPPYCOCK!

That is what is truly going on here and it would be best that you awaken yourself to the nonsense being perpetrated upon you. Empty talk being used to scare you and keep you off balance.

Have you noticed how the ultimate end of the world Covid has drifted into the end of the world Ukraine? With some free floating balloons to keep you occupied for levity.

The Game being played is to keep YOU occupied so the power elite can keep us all controlled and from Tubularsock’s vantage point it seems to be working rather well.

NOW’S THE TIME to throw the wrenches into the machinery and bring it all tumbling down.

And that will take the “regular” citizen to STOP AND NOT COOPERATE with the system.




Games over.

The question is ……… did you win or lose?

Guess it is time to check the score board.
And it sure as hell is not going to matter what happens in 2024!


Oh my, Tubularsock is awed once again with the U.S Air Force and their war with BALLOONS.

This seem to be a period when our brilliant tracking devices that we use to PROTECT OUR SKIES are showing signs of ahhh, not working very well. If at all.

You see, it is thought by the American people that their military is on top of their surveillance game and is protecting our population from intrusion from the sky.

Well, guess not.

Now we have all heard, ad nauseam, about the Chinese weather balloon that floated above the U.S. for days before the U.S. finally shot it down at a huge cost to our military budget to the tune of several millions of dollars.

But hell, the military has the money. It’s the homeless that don’t.

Anyway, because of the Chinese WE now have decided to look up …….. and shit, the sky is crowded up there.

There has been three other “balloons” shot down this week. But what confused our military is that the Chinese floated in at 60,000 feet while the three other “balloons” floated in at 20,000 feet.

See the confusion?

The sky is BIG and our military protectors are DUMB! And it is best to look at different altitudes when protecting the sky.

Anyway to make a short story long the three lower flying “balloons” were classified by the Pentagon as “unidentified aerial phenomena.” Cleaver yes?

“I’m not gonna categorize them as balloons,” said Gen. Glen VanHerck, commander of NORAD. “We’re calling them ‘objects’ for a reason.”

The Lame Media are pushing questions like, “Are they UFO’s?”

But of course they are UFO’s ……. they are unidentified flying objects!

And three that were recently shot down weren’t identified BECAUSE THEY SHOT THEM DOWN. WTF?

After they are blown to kingdom come just how are you going to identify them?

But they did notice that they seemed not to have an identifiable propulsion system and they were shaped in an octagonal as well as a long and cylindrical design.

Yet once you blow them up from a distance, so much for detailed descriptions.

SO THEY REMAIN UNIDENTIFIED as well as a possibility of war with alien beings that came in peace but now have declared war on us from afar.
DUMB, just may be what we have proven to be.

Tubularsock supports the Aliens only because Tubularsock KNOWS that no super intelligent being from outer space would take the time to visit THE DUMBEST PLANET IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM!


But a very important side-note that has to always be prevalent in one’s mind when there is a flurry of activity that comes out of nowhere and causes a large active attractive incident that seems out of left field. And that is ….. just what is the government trying to shift your attention to and away from? Heads up ……… something is up that they don’t want you to notice. THAT IS OBVIOUS!

Now go back to what you were doing before Tubularsock sidetracked you.

But you’ll notice for the next couple days that Tubularsock has given you a correct summary of our Earthly Conundrum!


Well the times they are a changing and the fucking woke have become a pain in the ass! And that doesn’t matter that much to Tubularsock because Tubularsock just really doesn’t pay that much attention to the fucking woke culture.

But when they interfere like some moral overlord with their emaciated thoughts and rant and rage over “proper speech” of others, well FUCKEM’!

Case in point this week is the uproar with Joe Rogan and his off the cuff comment, “. . . the idea that Jewish people are not into money is ridiculous. That’s like saying Italians aren’t into pizza.”

Well some Jews freaked out as they tend to do. Mostly the Jewish organizations that ONLY exist to rake in the money for themselves to DEFEND against antisemitism.

And because of their “outrage” it tends to cause more antisemitism than they prevent!

A group of people that continually cry victim-hood most often time get what they project.

But now before anyone reading/hearing this gets all pushed out of shape, Rogan’s comment just happens to be a true statement. You may not agree but if you do agree it doesn’t make you an antisemite. What a stupid, closed minded thought which only weakens the entire concept of antisemitism.

But when it comes to jokes, off the cuff musings and regular comedy routines there has to be an edge to dance along but has to have an element of truth in the process.

If you are “thin-skinned” don’t tune in to Joe Rogan or Tubularsock for that matter because you are going to get truth ……… even if you don’t want it or like how it is presented.

Which bring us to one of the best comedians ever. And one of Tubularsock’s favorite routines which hit the subject ON THE HEAD PERFECTLY!

In today’s woke debauchery and their orgy with words and meaning David Steinberg is a PERFECT solution.

Tubularsock would love to hear your comments and positions on all this woke crap and what YOU believe is going on to drive this level of stupidity in our society today. As you can see, Tubularsock doesn’t have a position on this topic … NOT!