Tubularsock has a question.

According to many members of Congress and many in the State Department and Military: CHINA IS OUR ENEMY!


Yet, China was the United States’ largest supplier of goods imports in 2020. To the tune of $434.7 billion that year.

And as for U.S. JOBS ……..475,000 jobs were supported by goods exports to China and 283,000 jobs were supported by services exports to China.

That is 758,000 jobs in the U.S. that have been created to trade with China.

SO ……… China is our enemy and are spying on us SO WHY ARE WE TRADING WITH OUR ENEMY?

It has always been a bewilderment to Tubularsock that the U.S. spy’s on China and Russia and Germany and England and France and Spain and Japan and ………………….

But when others “spy on us” we are appalled and shocked. Go figure.

But all this current balloon baloney in truth is MUCH TO DO ABOUT NOTHING!

The Chinese have a very extensive and far reaching satellite technology program only second to the United States. So why balloons?

It seems high altitude balloons have some advantages over satellites. Under harsh environments at 68,000 feet above the Earth they have long endurance times, which can achieve sustained and wider coverage for regional observation and detection, according to the Chinese Academy of Science.

The high-altitude balloons are harder to spot by radar and don’t have predictable orbits like satellites.

Over the past two years the Pentagon has spent around $3.8 million on balloon projects. And plans to spend more than $27 million on the inflatable tech in fiscal year 2023.

The balloons, according to a Pentagon report, will collect data and transmit information to aircraft and may eventually be used to scan for hypersonic weapons developed by China and Russia.

Say what? “. . . scan for hypersonic weapons developed by China and Russia. Could that mean SPYING on China and Russia?

No! WE wouldn’t do that …….. we’re the GOOD GUYS!

But enough of this background material Tubularsock wants to get down to the explosive nature of this entire issue.

The Chinese has stated that their weather research balloon went off course and ended crossing into U.S. air space. And you have to give the Chinese credit for that excuse. But it becomes a bit more difficult to defend when two other balloons crossed into U.S. territory as well. The Chinese seem to not be very good at old fashion balloon balance.

So it would appear that that much exposure may be more of a message than a mishap.

When the U.S. flies our spy planes near China we call that conducting a routine surveillance mission. And we have had incidents over boarder crossing in the past by our spy planes.

But balloons do have a bit less control than jets. Just sayin’.

None the less we just had to BLOW THAT BALLOON UP!

It’s the macho thing to do!

Now for Tubularsock that is the funniest part.

In order to protect people and property the Buydone Administration waited for THE EVIL BALLOON to pass into the Atlantic Ocean space before blowing it up.

Now think on this!

Any information that that balloon had collected had already been sent to China so blowing it up at that point didn’t destroy any “spy” information.

And then to blow it up over water complicated recovery. DUMB. But that is not new for the U.S. Government!

And the cost of this macho stunt …………….

Well, first the U.S. military had to roll out a $334million F-22 which cost roughly $70,000.00 to operate per hour.

And you know you can’t just send one up alone so it just has to have a sidekick. At least one.

And then at about 58,000 feet while the EVIL BALLOON was hovering at about 65,000 feet our $334million F-22 fired a $472,000.00 AIM-9X Sidewinder missile and blew it up.

Well, not all the way up. More like brought it down into the ocean where “recovery” could proceed.

And now this is where the real cost begin because EVERYONE has to get CREDIT for saving AMERICA SO:

“The F-22 was supported by an array of Air Force and Air National Guard fighter jets and tankers, including F-15s from Massachusetts and tanker aircraft from Oregon, Montana, Massachusetts, South Carolina and North Carolina. All pilots returned safely to base and there were no injuries or other damage on the ground, a senior military official told reporters in a Saturday briefing.”

And THAT was all for an unarmed


Spare Tubularsock!

Tubularsock’s real question is, Just how many assholes fit on a head of a pin?


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Tubularsock’s New Years Revolutions

Well HOT DAMN! It is 2023.

The thing about new years is that they come EVERY year. So where’s the surprise?

But hell, IT’S TRADITION so why not make believe that it has meaning.

Ok ………. meaning FOR WHAT?

Now, now don’t fret over the answer. Not even a little. All “New Years” is, is MORE FAKE MEANINGLESS BULL SHIT! Without a real bull.

And sure, you can dwell on “where’s the bull” that left all this shit BUT you’re not a fucking rancher so why do you care.

The fact is ……. the bull shit IS REAL!

Going with the TRADITION Tubularsock has made a list of his Revolutions for this new year.

FIRST: Tubularsock is going to start a cool d’état and overthrow the Government of the United State and put somebody into the Presidential position that is “cool”.

So far WE have had a rogues’ gallery of questionable “leaders” who would make the
Al Capone Gang look like a child’s birthday party.

And yet OUR public keeps turning around and sticking their hand in the fire AGAIN thinking that the new lines of bull shit is more pure than the last lines of bull shit. And then they get burned AGAIN!

It really is just a simple matter of “SHIT IN SHIT OUT”!

And these last two “leaders”?

One an egotistical maniac and the other a dead man walking.

THAT FOLKS is not leadership!

Nor is the rush toward gender or race any way to choose a leader.

How about looking for a LEADER for a change rather than a Corporate Paper Doll.
You know, someone with courage for changing things up and representing the citizens that are paying the bills.

Sure, Tubularsock is available. Just ask.

SECOND: Tubularsock is going to promote BOMBING ENGLAND.

Sure, ask why.

Tubularsock dislikes Monarchy. A dysfunctional group whose time has past because in-breading is disgusting and paedophilia is even more disgusting!

THIRD: All promoters of the Covid mis-information campaign by the WHO and the CDC, NIH, FDA and all those slimy Pediatricians that pushed Covid-Shots to kill children!

And might as well add all those “doctors” who haven’t the ability to tell their own ass from a hole in the ground who promoted the Covid-Shots to kill their own patients without understanding that that would affect their income. Dumb-shits-in-white!

FOURTH: Draw and Quarter Anthony Fauci!


And for just deserts ………. throw him to the DOGS!

Ahhhh, Tubularsock feels better already.

FIFTH: Bomb Israel, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Canada for starters.

Why you ask?

BECAUSE WE CAN! Isn’t that why the U.S. has all those bombs?

Now Tubularsock could go on, Tubularsock’s list is much longer but you may get the point.

New Years Revolutions can always be tweaked next year …….. Hey, It’s TRADITION!

Tubularsock has been muckraking around Tubularsock’s top floor corner office in Tubularsock’s underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA. (see BUNKER TOUR).

And as so often happens while muckraking one can become depressed by the state of events.

Not Tubularsock! Tubularsock finds it funny. Yeah. Tubularsock dares it to get worse. Will there ever be a time when worse is worse. Well we as a civilization are sure working overtime on this downward progression. WE WILL succeed!

Let’s take Ukraine. Let’s slaughter the women and children! The U.S. doesn’t give a shit. WE were the ones that created the war in Ukraine in the first place ……. see how well it’s working out. REALLY! It is going according to plan.

You see when WE elected a dead man for President it just wasn’t good enough. We needed a dead man agile enough to actually keep his head up his ass for long periods of time. Voilá old dead Joe Buydone. Sweet!

Then you mix that up with a small penis, SHORT in stature, questionable comedian with shit for brains willing to kowtow to neo-Nazis and you have the beginnings of a very odd comedy. Zelenskyy fit that to a tee!

And then you add the Shakespearean element “the evil devil” Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin!

OMG! Could it get any better than THAT?

And that is just on the foreign policy front.


We still have the PLAN-DEM-IC taking up “mind-time”.

You see, it just happens that people that took the “COVID vaccines AND BOOSTERS” are dying like flies in a Raid commercial. Yep. And of course the “medical professionals” are just stumped about this SUDDEN DEATH SYNDROME (SDS).

But THEY ARE SURE that it has nothing to do with the Covid shot. Now that sure is comforting.

Pretty much it come down to “trust a doctor—- then die!”

The interesting thing here is they don’t know what is causing it BUT THEY ARE SURE that it is not the shit in the Covid shot.

Pretty much like “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” kind of an argument.

But relax because you can rest assured that Pfizer and Moderna are allowed to kill you and not be held accountable. That’s business.

And really, how could we close out our 2022 year without summing up THE ORANGE WONDER?

For a guy who is not President the press just can’t pass him by for a moment. If it wasn’t for Donnie would there be any news?
It seem to be the only continual news story to exist.

The January 6th Committee has wrapped up its investigation. Spent stacks of public cash and did it all before Christmas break.

And the result? Ahhhhhh.

Don’t hold your breath.

It is now up to the Justice Department to prosecute Dump. Perfect!

Just how many years will that take EVEN if they rush to do it.

Let the Beatles explain it with just a little Tubularsock adjustment:

“Send me a postcard, drop me a line
Stating point of view

Indicate precisely what you mean to say
Yours sincerely, wasting away
Give me your answer, fill in a form
Mine for evermore

Will you still need me, will you still feed me
When I’m (a hundred and four?)”

Yet, Tubularsock can’t let you go without Tubularsock’s regular Christmas cheer.

This hits the heart of Christmas for Tubularsock so have a good one.


Isn’t it interesting that the government can’t seem to get shit done to help “the people” but the minute the corporate overlords demand action the political class stumble over themselves to provide whatever is necessary to keep everyone “in their place”.

President Buydone repeated carrier and union talking points. He touted the 24 percent wage increase as something “historic.” But the truth is that that wage increase is spread out over five years!

And once you factor in that the workers’ have gone three years without any pay raises at all, this amounts really to a cut in real wages after inflation is factored in. Thanks a lot Joe!

Tubularsock has a theory that the reason one of Buydone’s sons chose cancer and died and why another son became a coke addict was because with a father like Joe …. either go or blow!

And as for the public …….. the next time a Democrap spouts off about being the party of labor will somebody cram that statement right up their ass!

And the gull of Nancy and Chuck acting like their “outside amendment” of pushing for 6 sick days with pay” rather than including it in the main bill was created as ALL SHOW AND NO GO! Fuck them both. Kind of makes Tubularsock regret that that “hammer-attack” hadn’t been directed at Nancy!

Now of course, that is not to say that the Republican’ts give a damn about those who actually work for a living ……. they are the one’s that blame inflation on wages of those that work.

And wow …… our foreign policy is geared and heavily greased for the ol’ profit motive as well.

Ukraine has nothing to do with our money supply …… we’ll just make it out of thin air so we can murder the women, children and men of Ukraine. And YOU thought we are there to protect democracy! SUCKERS!

No, whether it is making money off the backs of working slobs or killing and mutilating women and children doesn’t really matter. What matters is profit. THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

So what is the solution?

Wouldn’t it be fun to see ALL UNIONS join in a TOTAL WALK OUT in protest just before Christmas! SHUT IT DOWN AT ALL LEVELS.

Even the Reindeer Union! And shit on Santa’s boot!

Ideas can be left for free in the comments. And let’s go for creative solutions. Eating the rich is so old school!


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The Railroads want their workers to work ALL THE TIME and make the RR huge profits.

And this can only happen if the rail road worker doesn’t have paid sick-leave and no days off to keep the profits gushing into the pockets of the owners.

And the new RR contracts have pushed this concept. Some Unions have accepted this! Those Unions should be disbanded and reformed to actually FIGHT for the membership.

But the largest RR Union and three smaller ones have rejected this rip-off-contract that does nothing to improve the working conditions of the workers.

SOOOOO, Buydone siding with the capitalist pigs has asked Congress to pass a law to force the RR workers to accept the Capitalist Bosses’ Demands. This is all done under the LAB0UR RELATIONS AND INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES ACT.

This ACT gives the government the power to intervene in labor disputes and stop labor unions from going on strike.

And then the OLD BAG OF SHIT (aka the President) has the nerve to act like the Democrats are a “pro-labor”, pro-worker party. Give Tubularsock a break!

The House passed the bargained contract that has been rejected by the major union and passed to put forth this fucked-up contract.

Then the House passed an amendment to the contract to add the paid sick days proposal knowing full well that that won’t pass the Senate.

This way the Democraps ACT like they support labor when in truth THEY DON’T and neither does Buydone!

The railroad corporations reported more than $1 billion profit in the third quarter. So they really can’t plead poor, now can they.

The entire contract is being held up over paid sick time! And Tubularsock agrees with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass when she stated: “A multibillion-dollar industry that is engaged in buybacks, that has doubled its profit margins during the pandemic should not be able to force its workers to come in when they are sick and injured”.

At this moment it remains to be seen how this entire thing works out but Tubularsock has a suggestion to the unions if they are FORCED TO STAY ON WORKING.

Just don’t come into work. And that is not easy if you can’t pay your bills for yourself and your family. And you’d get fired. Not the best option for sure.

Can you imagine how many ways, if one put their mind to it, you could “fuck up the works”!

Tubularsock has spent just a little time in a railroad switch yard. This is the place where the train cars are put together to form the train car destination and order of a train.

It works by of having a switch engine “arrange” the cars by moving the cars onto spur tracks and putting them in order of delivery so as to drop off cars at their destinations rapidly without dismantling the cars order thereby saving time and confusion.

Several misplaced cars could cause major delays and if cars were placed going to destinations in the opposite direction as intended ……… delays, delays, delays.

Hey, mistakes do happen, you know.

And then the old time “throw a wrench into the gears of the machines”. This is meant literally. Maintenance is primary in maintaining a “well oiled” machine.

Just imagine the trouble of a “broken down” train engine at certain bottleneck areas on a train line. Two would cause even more delay …… and three, four. Would be suspected as a plan. Yep!

And those are the easy ones ……… open your minds rail workers. STOP THE CHOO-CHOO’S!

Until the downfall …….. be safe and cheers ……. WOOO-WOOO!

It is cold, cold, cold in Tubularsock’s top floor corner office in the Underground Bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA. (see Bunker Tour)

Tubularsock enjoys cold weather over hot so all is good.

EXCEPT ….. this week Tubularsock finished two books, The Great Reset by Alex Jones and The Active Side of Infinity by Carlos Castaneda. Both generated heat!

Jones has always been a mixed messenger for Tubularsock but Tubularsock loves his over the top passion. And sometimes he is even correct!

And Carlos has always traveled in Tubularsock’s circles so it was ground Tubularsock has well traveled.

Both are worth your time to read but Jones is a better yeller than writer even with a ghost writer researcher.

And though it has taken much time due to the deep thick trench of detailed facts and figures Tubularsock will be finishing up Robert Kennedy’s The Real Anthony Fauci later this coming week and advancing deeper into Gabor Maté, The Myth of Normal which explains it ALL!

Kennedy’s last chapter will throw you over the edge. The information in that chapter which Tubularsock is just about to finish up is truly overwhelming. Not that it was new information for Tubularsock but putting all this information in one place shatters any semblance of an idea that it is only Fauci that is demented.

And then you toss in Gabor with “ . . . trauma, illness & healing in a toxic culture . . .” and Tubularsock is running for the Wild Turkey. It’s a three shot, neat activity!

However ON TOP OF ALL THAT Tubularsock had a little time to watch Episode #44: The Pandemic of Propaganda.

FLCCC founder, Dr. Pierre Kory, MD interviews NYU Professor of Media, Culture, & Communication, Mark Crispin Miller.

Professor Miller’s research interests include: modern propaganda, history and tactics of advertising, American film, and media ownership.

You’ll want to jump to the 25 minute mark to start this interview.



You may have to copy this link and put it into your browser. Tubularsock has found that links sometime don’t work directly from Tubularsock’s blog.

Now that Tubularsock has planned your weekend for you …….. Tubularsock will rest!

Ciao for now.

Leave it to Joe Buydone for a final heating solution for our “European-Friends” this winter.

Jill only left him home alone just for an hour.

“Now just how could he get in trouble so quickly” it was reported she said. “Well send him to his room with that DUNCE CAP again!”

Tubularsock has noticed that anytime the underbelly is exposed there is usually only direct conformation of what one has already surmised. And really, take it from Tubularsock, you don’t have to be very smart.

What one has to do is submerge them-self into the septic tank of political shenanigans that exist as the “life blood” of the political class ……….. DECEPTION!

For Tubularsock’s case in point is the scraping of the bottom of the barrel ……
Here Nancy & Paul Pelosi are just great examples!

It all started way back when Paul was sixteen years old joy riding with his nineteen year old brother. Paul was speeding in the car and lost control. The car went off the road and flipped killing his brother in the process.

Come on. We have all been there once, shit happens. You learn or ………..

Let’s now time travel to the 1970’s. The New York Times reported that when Paul, Nancy, and their kids were all in the car when the car flipped. Now not all by itself mind you but all that was added was speed. The Pelosi’s declined to comment to The New York Times on who was driving.”

But more interesting with this incident is that no one was hurt so Nancy hitched a ride so she could get to a meeting to meet donors. That’s ol’ Nancy, blood sucker to the end!

And that brings us to present moment ………. like now!

Paul behind the wheel of his 2021 Porsche Carrera with only 2,738 miles on it with a retail sticker value of almost $170,000 AND DRUNK skipped a stop sign entering State Highway 29 and got himself hit.

Of course his then-attorney insisted that the SUV driver had struck the back half of Pelosi’s car as he turned onto State Route 29. Very true, that happens sometimes when you’re drunk and run the stop sign.

Paul pleaded guilty. And THEY slapped him on the wrist.

Tubularsock will drink to that! But not drive because Tubularsock doesn’t have the necessary clout, YET!

Well if that was it, we could all yell out our opinion and say the system is rigged for the powerful and be done with it. AND BE CORRECT!

An interesting unresolved issue is at near midnight who called in the accident to the police? It wasn’t Paul and it wasn’t John Doe (aka Jesus V. Lopez) but the police won’t release the information. Was it a male or female? Jesus was alone in his Jeep. Was Paul alone in his Porsche?

However, when it rains it pours …………..

Intermission: Nancy and Paul between the accident and the DUI trial jetted off to the beaches of Italy for a vacation.

You know how tiring all this DUI stuff happens to be.

They even got themselves a “one day pass” to the the Alpemare Beach Club in Forte dei Marmi, located just outside of Florence.

The speaker and her husband were spotted walking the sand with club owner and legendary Italian singer Andrea Bocelli and his wife, Veronica Berti.

Oh, the stress of it all. And sand in their lunch!


Now back in the good ol’ San Francisco $7,000,000.00 Pacific Heights “home” Paul finds himself fast asleep and why not it was 2 a m and Nancy was out of town. Nancy is damn near ALWAYS out of town all tucked away in their $2,000,000.00, 4 bedroom, 2 bath 2325 sq. ft. residential condominium on K Street in Washington, D.C.

It was at this time that David Depape decided to drop in for a visit. According to reports he wanted to capture Nancy, break her kneecaps so she would be an example to other member of Congress that there are consequences for their actions.

Now does that sound “crazy” to you?

Tubularsock will just leave that hanging for your future thoughts when you watch Congress do nothing for you again.

Congress always seem to be banded together as brothers and sisters on EVERY war expenditure and EVERY time they raise their salary. THEN YOU SEE THEM STAND UNITED!

Hmmm, now where did Tubularsock put that ball-peen?

But like so many Pelosi adventures there are more questions after the incident than anything that is clear and straight forward.

Now if we set aside both men’s alleged attire, Paul in robe and boxers and David in underwear and concentrate on action maybe later in your life you’ll be able to come to terms with their nighttime attire.

David breaks out a French Door glass with an assumed hammer causing the glass to fall outward rather than inward. Tubularsock will just state that that is a bit odd and will stay away from a Physics explanation of reverse polarities and contrasting properties.

This is a fact, only because you can see the released photo. But to date no video of the break in has been released. After all it was recorded in Washington, D.C. by the Capitol Police and you know with postage and delivery delays we in California haven’t privy to that information.

Ok, that was the long way around to say …… David’s in.

David proceeds upstairs to where Paul is sleeping and demands to know “Where’s Nancy?”, “Where’s Nancy?”.

Paul tells David that she wasn’t home and David threatened to tie up Paul about 10 times providing the added information that he’ll wait until Nancy gets home.

Paul tells David that he has to go to the bathroom and goes into the bathroom.

Wow, David is such a trusting soul.

Paul charges his cell phone in the bathroom so he takes the opportunity to call 911.

The police dispatcher reportedly informed police officers that the reporting person
in the incident at the Pelosi residence told them: “There is a male in the home and that he is going to wait for his wife. However, he stated that he doesn’t know who the male is but that his name is ‘David ‘and that he is a friend.”

Paul then tells the dispatcher, “Uh, he thinks everything’s good. Uh, I’ve got a problem, but he thinks everything’s good.

The dispatcher then tells Paul to call back if he changed his mind.

Pelosi then responded to the dispatcher, “No, no, no, this gentleman just, uh, came into the house, uh, and he wants to wait for my wife to come home. He’s telling me I’m being very lazy, so I’ve got to stop talking to you, no, he wants me to get the hell off the phone.”

Now here is another one of those bizarre Pelosi segmented episodes.

The police arrive for a “high-priority call” and performed a “knock and announce” procedure at the home at2:27am.

Now according to NBC News, “Pelosi opened the door for the officers. The 82-year-old did not immediately declare an emergency or try to leave his home. But instead, he began walking several feet back into the foyer, toward the assailant and away from police.”

An officer asked the two men what was going on in the home.
According to court documents, DePape smiled and said, “Everything’s good.”
Seconds later, a struggle ensued, and then DePape hit Pelosi in the head with the hammer, according to police. Cops quickly tackled DePape.”


You can go with the San Francisco Police Chief William Scott’s rendition : “Responding officers knocked on the front door of the house, and it was “opened by someone inside, Officers “observed Mr. Pelosi and Mr. Depape each with one hand on a single hammer. The suspect pulled the hammer away from Mr. Pelosi and violently assaulted him with it. Our officers immediately tackled the suspect, disarmed him, took him into custody, requested emergency backup and rendered medical aid.”

So with these two scenarios which one is it and then Tubularsock does have to ask, is the “someone” who opened the front door the same person that called the cops in Napa County to report the Pelosi accident?

Questions, questions, questions.

So all the questions of who the “someone” is could be solved by releasing the cops body cams footage and show the public what transpired. That would put an end to all the conspiracy theories abound.

After all it was recorded in San Francisco, CA by the San Francisco Police and you know with postage and delivery delays the public haven’t been privy to that information.

Tubularsock is not in favor of beating ANYONE in the head but when Tubularsock looks at the principles in this case there are so many factors that Tubularsock has noticed.

For example Paul and Nancy have been scamming the system their entire lives. The insider trading crime alone should put them in jail.

They both have used their positions to feather their nest and Nancy’s ice cream stash alone creates resentment in Tubularsock!

And then there is David DePape. True, a bit of a nut case and a rather creepie fellow but then there are his positions and issues he supports. For example his anti-global-elite ruling class positions, his anti-censorship positions, his interest in aliens and his anti-governmental sentiments.

All sounds good to Tubularsock. He may even be really, a model citizen!

AND IF YOU ARE REALLY TRUTHFUL ……. DePape will take the hammer and DO THE JOB! Where Pelosi and Buydone and Obomber and Dump and Bush will take the hammer and send others to do it! And then praise Democracy!

Tubularsock just wanted to hammer that home to ya!