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Tube heading strong




Will Russian athletics compete at Rio 2016 Olympics or be denied due to State-Sponsored-Doping. The favorite “cocktail” used in the past by the Russians was/is “The Duchess”, a steroid induced drink which has been perfected so as not to be detected if the athletic is tested.

In the London 2012 Olympics eight Russians tested positive for drug use and in Beijing 2008 fourteen were found to be using drugs.

Many feel that a new generation of clean athletes is being punished for the sins of the past.

“Russia could be banned from competing at the Rio Olympics after a damning report lifted the lid on a state-sponsored doping cover-up involving Vladimir Putin’s right-hand man, the Russian intelligence services and top sports officials.” (The Guardian)

The real question: does the photo above “prove” that Tubularsock is “. . . Putin’s right-hand man”? Is that what The Guardian is suggesting or not?