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Excuse Tubularsock but did you hear that our dear Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has received a memo from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff  listing recommendations on “ethics training for senior generals and flag officers”?Panetta's hat

Well, the memo was in response to Panetta’s request that the Joint Chiefs review the current ethics training for generals. 

Wow. Generals? That is scary.

What is so difficult here?

1.DON’T FUCK ANOTHER MAN’S WIFE! (General David Petraeus)

2.  DON’T STEAL FROM YOUR EMPLOYER! (General William Ward’s $82,000 travel spree)


This takes a review?

Oh yeah, and Panetta is even going to BRIEF the President as well. Hopefully right after the Tuesday Kill meeting.

American exceptionalism at it’s best.

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