Obama Whips It Out In Oakland, CA

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

I know you may not care but Obummer dropped by Oakland today to pick up some cash from his faithful ATM-supporters.

But you may want to explain this to Tubularsock …………

Obummer was in San Francisco and flew out of SF at 11:25am headed for Reno, Nevada. Now that in itself isn’t of interest.

What is interesting is he departed Reno, Nevada at 2pm to arrive in Oakland, CA at 2:50pm.

San Francisco is right across the bay from Oakland. But the trip from SF to Oakland takes a bit longer by way of Reno. Hey! Who is paying for this joy ride anyway?

Now at 3:20pm Obummer attended a fundraiser at The Scottish Rite Center Temple but it was closed to the press. And I guess that means that whomever he talked with was unknown. Another transparent moment for Obummer.

All the press reports mention that he attended a fundraiser at the Scottish Rite Center Temple but no one seems to know who was there. Were they Scottish? Was it Rite to go after their money? Were they Biblical money changers from the Temple? NO ONE SEEMS TO KNOW.

But you can put your mind at rest, the place was surrounded by cops for two city blocks in all directions. The Scottish Rite Center Temple is built like a fortress so he was safe. The cops even had a boat in Lake Merritt which is directly across the street. I guess they were expecting a possible attack from sea!

Now at 8:35pm Obummer was off to the 1%ATM in Piedmont, CA where he  panhandled to some heavies at the private residence of Quinn Delaney and Wayne Jordan. Tubularsock wanted to go to meet and greet because it is only about fifteen minutes from the Tubularsock Bunker but I was a little shy of the $38,500.00 entry fee.

And then at 7:55pm Obummer was at the Fox Theater in downtown Oakland to “deliver remarks” at a campaign event where the little people can stand in line and pay $100 to $7500 for the opportunity to see this colorful black man whip it out and remind them that America is moving “FORWARD”.
















Wow. Some people are just plain stupid ……….. “Forward”?



Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. Dearing says:

    Well, I read that over 300,000 Americans have annual incomes over a million dollars. Some of those folks pay $38,000 for low grade food on a low grade plate in the same room with O’bummer.
    Question is WHY would they do such a stupid thing?

    Tube, am I missing something here ?


    • tubularsock says:

      Just hold your horses here Dearing. Your are assuming that Delaney & Jordan can’t afford anything but a low grade plate to serve low grade food? Where do you get off. I’ll have you know that in Piedmont there ARE NO low grade plates to be had!

      Piedmont plates are high end. Part of the reason why many of the estates in Piedmont are gated and protected by security systems.

      The real question for Tubularsock is why are these wealthy progressives supporting Obummer in the first place. Obummer is as much of a progressive as the Bush family.


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