Olympic Gold 2012?

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Who gives a shit who jumps higher, runs faster, sits longer, or drinks Coke?

Who gives a fuck if BP Oil, BigMac, GE, BMW, or Dow Chemical screw up the earth and support the Olympics 2012 all at record speed?

Who cares?

The Olympics are just another lie to keep the masses sitting on their sofas getting fatter and fatter (pass me that oily BigMac, will ya?)  as they watch professional athletes perform shit like any good trained dog. And their bone is a lucrative contract to push the corporate agenda. Wow. How exciting.

Does it really matter who jumps highest? Really? Does it affect you and your family? So what is the deal with this crap?

Yet. You’re sitting there watching it. But some people would sit and watch who can piss farthest or crap longest too. Tubularsock’s example ……. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama both gold medal winners with more to come. Hmmm, more to come …… forget it!

The world continues to go to hell in a hand bag and all we keep getting are games and circuses. Even the best juggler drops the ball sometimes.

Tubularsock, of course, was shocked when it was exposed that the U.S. team’s uniforms were made in China at $1945.00 a unit. Boy, those Chinese workers are sure getting some high wages. Many of them make a full 10 cents a day I guess.


There are 530 American athletes that get these uniforms. They wear them once at the opening of the 2012 Olympics. That means that if you watch this show as the team walks out into the stadium you will be looking at $1,030,850.00 worth of clothing. Are you impressed yet?

Thanks to Ralph Lauren and the Chinese the American Olympians look like a military green beret outfit. Yeppee! Or a little girl scoutish – boy scoutish! This is fashion?

And to add just a little bit of color to all this ………. George Bush’s daddy buys his suits from the same Chinese factory that produced the Olympians suits and he can’t even stand up anymore.

Now if only somebody could blow something up in London so Mitt could tell us all that he was correct in questioning the English government on shoddy security. That is what Tubularsock would call a race to the finish!


Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. Dearing says:

    Sir tube !
    Thank you for your message of rising consciousness. I am a power walker of the 11th degree, having a clocked and recorded time for the two miles in 5, yes, FIVE minutes. i had almost finished packing my bags to go take the gold in the olympics. Now , after reading your “wake up to the olympics” message, i have dumped everything in the floor and gone into olympic depression !
    i have turned down over $88 million in 2012 endorsement contracts and stand tall as your ready assistant in uncovering this olympic scam. M. Ali is also with us to do what he can… – he snapped years ago.

    Forward and onward dude !


    • tubularsock says:

      Thank god you saw the light! I was hoping for a gold slide into the anti-olympic field and I feel you have started the process.

      Wow, a 5 minute 11th degree two mile walk is impressive but I know a Kenyan who does it in 2.3 minutes after she finishes a 70 mile sprint while reciting “The Ode To The Lonely Walker” in Swahili backwards. Just say’en.

      All I can say is “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” brother.

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