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Now that we know what Petraeus has been doing in his spare time Tubularsock would like to focus on the Benghazi Boogie.

This is not a new nor is it a unique Dance. The CIA’s dance card has always been full when it comes to these kinds of operations. Just like Jackie Chan always beats his way to victory and James Bond always gets the girl, the CIA ALWAYS funds extremists in a conflict.

When Tubularsock was researching Latin America the same theme prevailed and the Benghazi Boogie is the same old templet.

It goes like this ……… they always start with the “right” foot. Hence, all those right wing dictators the U.S. supported for years in Latin America. The CIA would and did overthrow democracy in order to have the Corporate class maintain that ol’ “free enterprise” spirit.

Supporting the “interests” of the United States has ALWAYS been getting the natural resources of other countries for ourselves. And if the “people” are in the way? Kill them, torture them, disappear them. They are dispensable.

Now a half dozen Congressional Committees are up and running investigations into the Benghazi Issue. The House Committee On Home Land Security and the Senate Intelligence Committee (an oxymoron if there ever was one) to name just two.

Sen. John McCain is calling for the establishment of a Super Special Committee to investigate the matter but he can’t even attend the committees he is on already and got all pissey with the press when confronted with that reality.

But really what in the hell is Congress doing?

As I sit and read about Petraeus’ CLOSED testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee I am once again in awe. Just how does Representative King, the chairman of the committee pull his head out of his ass in order to tell reporters that the testimony differed from a classified briefing he (Petraeus) gave lawmakers on Sept. 14, three days after the attack.

Did the attack come about because of the anti-Muslim film or was it a “terrorist attack”?

On Friday, however, Mr. Petraeus “told us that this was a terrorist attack, and there were terrorists involved from the start,” Mr. King said.

Now this was a closed session because?

Well, ahh. Well, there are “secrets” that can’t be told to ahh …….. the American public for Christ sake!

Ok ………. what do you want to know America?

Now a case can easily be made that Tubularsock is not in a position to know government secrets. In fact, truth be known, Tubularsock is like the low man on the totem-pole.

But this is what Tubularsock knew before the Benghazi attack.

1. The CIA were running guns and heavy weapons as well as recruiting fighters to bring

down the Assad’s government in Syria.

2. The CIA was using Libya as a staging area.

3. Among the “recruits” were known jihadists from al-Qaeda.

4. The CIA  has always supported terrorists and used them as proxy warriors to

overthrow  foreign governments ……. it’s a major thing they do along with money

laundering, as well as arms and drug trafficking. (Who do you think trained and

supplied bin Laden in the early days?) Expect blowback from these new actions.

5. Libya after the killing of Gaddafi went into and still remains a country that is

destabilized. So is Afghanistan and Iraq no matter how much the litany has continued

that “we have won”.

6. U.S. programs that included the use of secret prisons, extraordinary renditions, and

torture and abuse involved CIA collaboration with Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi as well

other despotic Arab regimes.

Now EVERYONE knows this! All you have to do is Google it. There is so much information on this subject that you couldn’t read it all if you wanted to. And if you follow the links provided with the articles and papers you can get down to people that are in positions to report what they are seeing in real time.

So if you want to know you can know. So why doesn’t Congress know? Why doesn’t Obama know? Because they are SO IMPORTANT that they are briefed by the CIA.

It’s the old fox in the hen house scenario. Are you kidding! The CIA is going to brief Congress on the CIA!

Give Tubularsock a break!

Why are all these committees in closed sessions? The people on the ground in Libya know, the Syrians know, the Arab street knows. So why is Congress so “secret”? Just maybe it is to prevent the American public from knowing.

But you can know if you want to know. It really isn’t even that time consuming. Maybe three beers and you have the overall plan that is being conducted. Five beers and you are communicating on an al Qaeda website and by seven beers you are a jihadists!

Tubularsock is on his ninth beer and is working on plastic explosives. Hmmm.

What did Tubularsock know within one day after the Benghazi attack?

  1. The U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was a CIA cover. The U.S. State Department list NO consulate in Benghazi, Libya. (The news media is still referring to the consulate as a consulate even after nearly three months!)
  2. How could this “consulate” be surprised without adequate protection when it had been a target of a bomb in June?
  3. Ambassador Stevens was negotiating between militant groups and was running guns and larger weapons. He was no innocent bystander. He was killed.
  4. Sean Smith a State Department information management officer was also killed.
  5. The first accounts claimed that Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were “private Security Contractors” while in reality they were both CIA. The idea was to divert attention away from the CIA. (No one that counted was fooled.)
  6. The “Consulate’s Annex” held three prisoners. This was confirmed by Paula Broadwell in a speech in Denver on October 26th.
  7. The assumption of the attackers was that the CIA were torturing the prisoners. This may have been true but Tubularsock is just reporting on hearsay about this. I haven’t heard any further collaboration but it is the CIA after-all!

So, now tell Tubularsock what exactly is Congress investigating? Is there any above information that is not found by pressing Google?

And these guys get paid for this bull shit? I guess the whores are on winter break so Congress has nothing better to do until they return.

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