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Tubularsock was speaking to a scholarly gentleman today and the entire Edward Snowden calamity presented itself. His view was that Daniel Ellsberg was more “hero-like” when he got out the Pentagon Papers because he stayed and “faced the music”.

Without going into the Ellsberg’s truth giving, bottom line, he didn’t have to face the draconian Patriot Act. You know the one ………. it literally removes the citizen’s (THAT’S YOU!) rights ……. PERIOD!

And your friendly Congress passed it into LAW without reading it.

And they continue to renew it without reading it.

Too many people live with The IDEA of America rather than what’s in front of them. It doesn’t make sense but they do anyway. They still think we are the “good guys” and we’re not. We have become the 21st Century Nazis going for world domination.

But like President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela said, “He (Snowden) did not kill anyone and did not plant a bomb. What he did was tell a great truth in an effort to prevent wars. He deserves protection under international and humanitarian law.”

It takes a Venezuelan to set us straight?

It takes Snowden to attempt to find JUSTICE and PROTECTION in of all places …….. China and Russia?

This is where we are as a country? Shit …….. WE ARE FUCKED!

And then there is this:

“I think he damaged the security of the country,” former President George W. Bush said in a CNN interview.

If any one would even care what Bush says after putting up with his “reign of error” should be ashamed of themselves. SHIT IN SHIT OUT! It only goes to show that his “old blue haired douche-bag”** of a mother, Barbara, should have had an abortion.

(**The term created by George Carlin for Barbara Bush.)

And this:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“I think that anybody thought he was a hero to begin with, now that he’s threatening in any event to share information with Russia and China, if he in fact has any information, I think that should disabuse anybody of the notion— that he is a hero,” she said.

Now Nancy, Snowden wouldn’t be in China or Russia if YOU had done your job.

YOU didn’t read the Patriot Act before you signed it, now did you!

It appears that what Snowden exposed doesn’t seem to matter but killing the message does. The real question Nancy is how are you going to stop the NSA spying on American citizens? Can you do that Nancy? Tubularsock thinks not!

How about this Nancy ……… YOU provided safe passage for Snowden and YOU provided a Congressional platform for Snowden to expose the rest of what you think he may share with China and Russia.

And none of those “closed” sessions but an actual transparent view so the citizens can see what is really up …………. that way the citizens could see whether Snowden is a hero or not.

But for the gutless wonders such as yourself, you’d be afraid to do that ……..


But the reality is:

Now in truth if Snowden returned to the U.S. the government would send him to a federal court in Virginia. The Virginia federal court is known as the “rocket docket” because of its speed and remarkable success in kangaroo proceedings with a high rate of convictions of national security and cyber crimes. The Virginia Federal Court would make even Stalin proud with it’s ability to convict those accused of espionage and terrorism.

Now in all fairness (a silly criteria in today’s environment) Snowden didn’t commit espionage because even though he took information considered secret or confidential without permission he exposed it to its owners ….. THE PEOPLE! We paid for it so it is ours. So will somebody throw General Keith Anderson in jail for keeping this information from it’s owners? General Keith Anderson is an enemy of THE PEOPLE!

And Snowden hasn’t committed treason because to do that, according to the Supreme Court’s interpretation of an act of treason, Snowden would have to had aided the enemy within the confines of a declaration of war by Congress. The “war on terror” is NOT a declared war by Congress! The Korean and Vietnam Wars were not declared wars by Congress either.

So lets see what Snowden knows and then WE THE PEOPLE can figure out if we should arrest and prosecute him or put Anderson and Clapper in the slammer!

So on the Fourth of July BURN THE FLAG ………. just for the fun of it!

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  1. Julie C. says:

    I feel like Snowden is a hero. He is following his conscience, speaking up, holding the govt. responsible for its actions, he is tuning in and not going with the status quo. As for fleeing the country, I agree with you here. The impact of the patriot act, etc.
    We NEED TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE. We need to be strong in our integrity. Power has corrupted us and it is people like Snowden that are really giving us the chance to WAKE UP AMERICA.

    I wish him well. It would be great to have him leading the cause to integrity in our government working with our government or something like that. We need him on our team.

    I don’t need to make fun of Barbara Bush, I do not tolerate her son.

    JC in New Mexico


    • tubularsock says:

      Thank you JC for taking the time to comment. Snowden is all the things you stated. Leading by example is exactly what the government wishes to drive out!

      As for Barbara Bush, I’m not making “fun” of her ………… I’m condemning her for NOT PRACTICING SAFE SEX!


  2. This post is spot on!
    For me there was no point in celebrating the 4th. For what purpose? Our freedoms, rights, liberty, justice? I cannot seem to find any of that here, so no flag waving for me! Snowden is a hero in my book! Anyone who exposes what our government is up to is a hero. Some just refuse to open their eyes, others simply idiotically wave the flag, not caring that its symbol is meaningless. And no, Snowden should not return to the U.S. Look at what Bradley Manning has been put through. U.S. officials would torture their own ‘nana’ and wouldn’t even blink. So much for truth, freedom, liberty and justice!


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