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Tube heading Neon 2013

Have you ever been on a city bus and have a guy come up to you and run a story about  how his mother has just got out of the hospital and she is lying in the gutter and all he needs is a dollar-fifty-eight to have enough money to get her a cab and take her home?

Well, it’s called jive and it appears from the outside that Obummer is rather persuasive in using it. At least with Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune, who met with the president before his speech at Georgetown University.

In an email Tubularsock received from the Sierra Club, Brune wrote that “Obama said the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline will be a no-go if the State Department determines that it will lead to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. After rejecting KXL, he will need to keep taking bold steps like ending Arctic drilling, mountaintop removal, and protecting our public lands from mining and drilling.”

Now what is WRONG with Obummer’s statement, “The Keystone XL tar sands pipeline will be a no-go if the State Department determines that it will lead to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions.”

Got it yet?

Well Brune didn’t get it because he goes on to say that “After rejecting KXL . . .”!

Obummer NEVER said he was rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline!

Obummer said, “The Keystone XL tar sands pipeline will be a no-go if the State Department determines that it will lead to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions.”

And in there lies the jive …………

When the State Department weighed in earlier this year, it largely found that approving the Keystone project would have little impact on climate change.

Remember it was the State Department who hired Environmental Resources Management to do the environmental impact report and ERM is tied into The American Petroleum Institute a lobbyist mouthpiece for BIG OIL!

ERM also has ties with TransCanada and what you have here is the oil industry writing the environmental impact report for the State Department and the State Department approving it and saying the project isn’t a harm to the environment as the oil leaks rise above their $500 shoes!

Now in his speech Obummer stated that, “Our national interest will be served only if this pipeline does not significantly exacerbate the climate problem.” And yet, in the State Department’s environmental impact assessment draft, it indicated that even if the president denies a permit to TransCanada to build the project, the oil in Alberta may be shipped to the U.S. by rail, leading to comparable emissions.

Tube getting small

So like Tubularsock has said before The KeystoneXL pipeline will be approved by Obummer! THIS IS A GIVEN! 

Somehow the Progressives and liberals who still back Obummer don’t seem to get it.

Yes, Obummer is our historic first Black President but being Black and being a step-and-fetch-it-boy to the White power structure doesn’t bode well for real transformation and true progress for any of us.

In America today there are many strong Black leaders with integrity that warrant our respect and support. Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, Jeremiah Wright to name my favorites but when it comes to integrity, strength, and leadership Obummer is a shameful example of Black America! Or any American for that matter!

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  1. Doggy Dix says:

    Why do we need Tarzan’s oil?


    • tubularsock says:

      Doggy Dix, you know Tubularsock just never knows which wall of off-the-wall statements you have fall’en off of but that is a good questions. I assume YOU must already know!


  2. Dearing says:

    Actually, you coined “step & fetch” for him which covers it soooo well.
    He’s always steppin and ah fetchin, so I guess the words just roll off his tongue anymore….


    • tubularsock says:

      It is a sad state of affairs. The guy walked into office in a historic place to stand above what came before and because he was so chicken-shit to stand up for democratic principles he threw the entire opportunity down the toilet. A gutless wonder. But it was all smoke and mirrors anyway. He came from no place to become President. I guess you could say he was pulled out of the corporate hat!


  3. I too, thought that it was truly remarkable that a junior senator from Illinois of all places, what with rampant ‘political thugism’ seemingly inherent in every politician(especially in Illinois politics), ascended to the presidency of these United States. Somehow, I think that if no one had shown up at the polls, Obama would have been declared the victor by a landslide.


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