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Tube money heading 2013

It is always fun to watch all the outrage and grandstanding and the performance art around something like the realization that the NSA has been collecting data on the world and every single American citizen’s phone conversations, email exchanges, and feces discharges for years.

And it is so non-threatening that it is kept all TOP-SECRET!

And then we have the word games. Kind-of-like the Scrabble-of-lies that Obama, Anderson, Clapper, Feinstein, Pelosi seem to attempt to perfect during each Sunday morning political game show that the phoney-media perform weekly.

You see when the government states that it is NOT collecting information on Americans or anyone for that matter you have to understand the meaning of COLLECT in the terms of the NSA.

To the NSA, acquiring information like every phone call you make, every email exchange you take part in and every shit you perform IS NOT “collecting” information. That is called ACQUIRING INFORMATION.

COLLECTING INFORMATION to the NSA is only when the government “selects or tasks” that acquired information for “subsequent processing.” At that point it considers it “collecting” the information.

So acquiring tons of information and storing it into their data base forever is just acquiring information to the NSA and therefore denying “collection” on every American in their view is not lying because they don’t do that. They only collect information on selected American citizens.

Now how fun is that!

But better than that is the fact that the NSA acquires 3 billion phone calls each day and something in the order of 20+ terabytes of data per day.

Now granted these number are fluid and not exact and to prove that to you Tubularsock will admit right now that I have increased my data and phone use by half just to see if I could bring the NSA to a tipping point. To date my increase of 3 new phone calls per day and my data of 36KB per day has not thrown the NSA data capacity into chaos but how would Tubularsock really know because it’s TOP SECRET!

But think on this …………

Edward Snowden’s information, was released to the public, that the NSA was spying on everybody on June 9th and today is August 3rd. That is 56 days ago. In that time the Congress has discussed the NSA spying, the public has discussed the NSA spying, the world governments have discussed NSA spying, the mass media has followed Snowden to the ends of the earth and back and spent a great deal of time in the Moscow airport washroom and even discussed NSA spying, and they even propped up Dick Cheney to give us his criminal opinion about the subject and yet the NSA is still collecting 3 billion phone calls each day and something in the order of 20+ terabytes of data per day.

So you do the math:

56 x 3 billion =

56 x 20 terabytes =

And now Congress has gone off for their three week vacation but the NSA hasn’t.

Talk about treading water. We are going to drown in this police state.

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  1. I am quite offended that the U.S. government has ignored my leaking the ‘top secret’ spying on U.S. citizens. I leaked the information back in March and despite my contacting Russia, offering to hand over fistfuls of ‘top secret’ documentation of what the U.S. government is up to, I haven’t heard back from them. I’ve even begged to be deported and still…nothing!!! Sigh!! Snowden is getting all the attention and I am being ignored. I protest!!! This is unfair.

    Great post Tubular!


    • tubularsock says:

      Thank you Shelby for taking the time to comment. But after reading your own work which I have the greatest admiration for, I must admit that you already know Tubularsock’s response to your leaking “top secret” U.S. Government documents.

      So all I can say is thank you for setting me up for a rant. I appreciate it.

      First off, MARCH! You released them in MARCH? Are you not aware of the Idus Martii ?( or in English The Ides of March?) Well it is the day on the Roman Calendar that corresponds to the 15th of March. It is notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC.

      Now you may ask, “What does 44 BC have to do with 2013 AD?

      The Idus Marti, that’s what!

      Now that Tubularsock has cleared that up I may go on to the obvious.

      Of course it “. . . is unfair”. You were attempting to do espionage for Christ sake!
      That is what the leaders of our government do …… Dick Cheney, when he was CEO of Halliburton, sold nuclear supplies to Iran. Even though there was a U.S. Embargo in place against Iran. That was acceptable even though now we are terrified of those supplies Dick provided because the business of business is business.

      You were providing “secrets” by the fistfuls which is very much like Dick so the U.S. government didn’t notice and the Russians just don’t trust women!

      Snowden is a man. Putin is a man. You are acting like a man but you are a women.

      As a women you are ignored. No deportation for you.

      I believe this is a feminist issue. (When Tubularsock started he really didn’t know that he would end up here. Life is improvisational.)


      • I absolutely adore you Tubular!! At 43, I guess I’m too over the hill to even be considered good ‘spy’ material. And yes, I know all about the ‘Ides of March’. Interestingly enough, some people say that an unusual number of deaths occur during that time and that if you can make it through March, you stand a good chance of not ‘sticking your spoon in the wall’ any time soon. LOL!


      • tubularsock says:

        You are too kind, Shelby. Tubularsock thanks you.

        Don’t forget Mata Hari was 41 when the French shot her for espionage. So 43 isn’t that far over the hill for being shot for espionage so opportunity abound!

        Yes making it through March is risky but Mata Hari only made it to October before the French put her “spoon in the wall”.

        Tom Waits in his song November (The Night Rider Album) give us that month to “. . . Stick your spoon in the wall And we’ll slaughter them all . . . ”.

        Well, Tom can be such an upper sometimes.

        May the force be with you, without blowing you over.


  2. LOL! You are a riot!


  3. I have a friend in NC who will love your blog. She just finished a set Women in Espionage cards – at least a coupe of dozen throughout history, including Mata Hari, Coco Chanel (for the Nazi’s) and some cross-dresser dude in the 16th century I think.

    I love your graphics. Humor and ranting – a good combination. There’s no other way to do it successfully. Congrats!


    • tubularsock says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Tubularsock is always interested in Espionage Cards. Do they come with dynamite? The graphics are the most fun. In fact, that is what got me started in this entire thing in the first place. And the humor and ranting came alone with the graphics.

      So tell your NC friend to check out Tubularsock so I can get some Espionage Cards ……. don’t worry, Tubularsock will supply his own dynamite!
      I wonder if I could find a target in say, ahh ……. Utah?


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