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Tube Heading Nuke hot dog


This is rich! Shanghai, China had another huge pollution problem a week or so ago. Yeah, the “air” was so thick with shit that visibility was only about a 150 feet. That is some thick pollutant in the air. So what did the Chinese government do?

  1. Stop all coal burning and moved to solar energy?
  2. Stop all driving of autos and trucks and go back to the bicycle?
  3. Evacuate all the residence of the city and move them to safety?


They changed the pollution standards so the new pollution level was considered SAFE for human consumption.

Of course you know what Tubularsock said about the Chinese government don’t you?


But don’t worry. When the radiation levels in the areas outside the “stay-here-and-fry-zone” of Fukushima became dangerous what do you think the Japanese Government did for their people?

  1. Immediately decommissioned all nuclear plants and shifted their power source to wind?
  2. Evacuated all the residence of Japan and move them to a safe haven like Shanghai?
  3. Got plastered on sake?


They  just changed the levels of dangerous levels of radiation to a higher level and declared it safe.

Of course you know what Tubularsock said about the Japanese government don’t you?

クソのナットとは **

Not to worry, not to worry. When after 911 New York City was one huge cloud of asbestos and concrete dust the EPA declared that the air was safe to breathe.

OR after BP filled the Gulf of Mexico with oil and then to hide it dumped hundreds of thousands of gallons of Corexit into the water the American Government said that the water was safe to swim in and the air in the area was just fine.

OR after the Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown the radiation detection monitors on the West Coast of the U.S. were reading inordinately high so the U.S. Government turned them off and stopped monitoring for radiation. Declaring that every thing was safe.

Of course you know what Tubularsock said about the American Government don’t you?

Are you fucking nuts?***

Now you may have noticed a pattern here. Yes?

Well each government body does this in order to keep “progress” alive in their economy even though the people might be dead.

So, rest assured ……..



*Are you fucking nuts?

** Are you fucking nuts?

*** Are you fucking nuts?


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  1. Reverend Courtland has already ‘booked’ her seat on the first trip to the ‘Red Planet’! It emptied my coffers, but what the hell, eh? Gotta spend some money trying to escape getting radiated and getting ‘smogged’ to death and eating GMO foods and drinking pure, unadulterated lead and pesticides among other toxins, not to mention, bathing in it and I guess that if we start growing three eyes, two noses, five tongues, 14 toes and 6 hands; that will just be considered the NEW normal. It’ll be called ‘The Continuing Cycle of Evolution’, in fact that is going to be the name of my new book. It’ll consist of government cover-ups and other bullshit and when you hear that I’ve committed suicide by hang gliding in a 4ftx4ft cave, you’ll know there’s something ‘up’ with THAT shit!!!

    Excellent coverage dear Tube, most excellent coverage! Now if only we could get this in The Washington Post, The Times and also get you on the cover of People Magazine for THIS essay.

    I am going to ‘feature’ you on the cover of my new magazine called, ” Bullshit By Any Other Name Is Still Bullshit!” The magazine’s aim is to uncover government cover-ups. Our headquarters has had to be moved several times because of what seems to be earthquakes occurring with regularity, but I have it on good authority that they are indeed, drone strikes.

    OOPS! Gotta run!! “Incoming! Incoming!” “Everybody OUUUUUUUTTTtttttt!”


    • tubularsock says:

      Thank you for your comment Reverend Courtland. And even getting it off during a current “earthquake” (aka drone strike for those in the know) is rather impressive. That was brave to say the least and Tubularsock appreciates your dedication for knowledge.

      I would be interested is a subscription to Bullshit By Any Other Name Is Still Bullshit!

      It does sound like bullshit and there is no one more full of it than Tubularsock. Have to admit that being on the cover would be like being the Poster Child of Bullshit and who would be better?

      Thanks again ……..


      • Tube, I think there has been a misunderstanding. I was not trying to infer that YOU were full of bullshit, but that you would be on the cover of the magazine having EXPOSED government bullshit. I know what an ACE reporter you are and how clever you go about uncovering it as well. The way you tell the news, it may just get the earth to stop shaking for a bit here at ‘ground zero’, uh..I mean, headquarters. LOL!!!

        Really, this is another fine piece. And so right on the mark!! You are very adept at calling out bullshit when you see it. I am offering you another employment opportunity as Assistant Editor of “Bullshit By Any Other Name Is Still Bullshit!” Let’s say we bury the hatchet(and not in each others head)shake on it and collaborate, eh?


      • tubularsock says:

        Shelby. You may have misunderstood, my friend. I never took it that you were inferring that Tubularsock was full of Bullshit. All Tubularsock was saying is that HE is a specialist at Bullshit and full of it …….. hence the reason he can identify it so readily.

        It’s like a badge of courage and on top of that to be on the cover of Bullshit By Any Other Name Is Still Bullshit is a just honor due Tubularsock for sure because those who fling it should know it!

        And now becoming the Assistant Editor of Bullshit By Any Other Name Is Still Bullshit is like a perfect way to collaborate with you and put a feather in my cap and bury the hatchet all at the same time! I’m smoking the peace pipe right now with Afghan’s finest. Peace ……


  2. The Chinese have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to being effective gangster capitalists. However you have to admit they’re quick learners.


    • tubularsock says:

      Thank you for your comment stuartbramhall. Tubularsock does agree and they are improving their learning curve. Several recent Chinese journalist have been sent to jail for writing about Chinese government officials tucking away a tidy bankroll while in office. But Chinese corruption is not a new concept and when they learn to cover it in terms like “capitalism for the people” the road with become smoother.


  3. Dearing says:

    Dear Tube, you have hit yet another home run. I cannot add anything, except to say – All is in Divine Order, drone’t ya know.


    • tubularsock says:

      Dearing, thank you for your explosive comment, “drone’t ya know”.

      Tubularsock just loves baseball references while explaining the Divine Order.

      There are the regular strikes, the strategic strikes, the common labor strike which will be crushed in the name of job growth!

      There are also bases which America has all over the world so we can be the umpires of the empire.

      And there is always the dugout which is handy in case of an attack, “drone’t ya know”.

      What a great phrase “drone’t ya know” happens to be, “drone’t ya know”?


  4. LOL! Peace, my dear friend, Peace!!!!!


  5. Tanya says:

    Very scary. Who knows how many other places are unsafe that we don’t know about?


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