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TubeSpinOutHeading 2013

Wow. Tubularsock just picked up another part-time job. In this economy getting employment in a field that one is qualified to do is not always that easy.

So Tubularsock put out, yet again, another resumé and listed his qualifications.

First off Tubularsock wanted something in the field of JUSTICE and FREEDOM.

Standing all day on the job is acceptable.

Having people in your head from time to time between 9:30AM and 3:30PM is acceptable as long as they have made advanced reservations.

Being supported by a concrete reenforced supportive structure, helpful.

Being allowed to sleep on the job during non-public hours helpful.

Security protection on the job site acceptable.

Having no direct verbal-response required, handy.

Speaking and/or knowledge of the French language no longer required.

Only day off, Christmas is acceptable.

So, I start Monday ……………
Tube Stauture Job


Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. Wow, how do you always find such interesting gigs? Best of luck! But … if it doesn’t pan out … still lots of openings at Fukushima, and I’d be um, glad? to put in a word for you. Me, I’ll sell a kidney before I go that far. Look at what Tepco is already ADMITTING! no doubt the merest tip of that radiation iceberg. Slow-motion suicide has no appeal somehow.

    Kind of interesting that I had to dig a bit to retrieve this article, even though it’s quite a recent news item. Guess we can’t have anythinng detract from Olympic coverage this nanosecond. Or the latest zit photos? – Linda


    • tubularsock says:

      Well Linda it’s like this. Tubularsock has found that as Lao Tzu says: “if you stand in the same place long enough . . .”.

      As far as Fukushima goes, with the Yakuza, Tepco, and the Japanese government working together ……. what could possibly go wrong?
      Coverage is a bit shabby but one doesn’t want to scare the public with the truth ……. “everything’s fine, now move along”. Who doesn’t like the nationalistic/jingoistic flavor of skating in a circle?


      • Oh damn Tube! I thought for a minute there that you had taken the part-time job of the Liberty tax dude that stands out in front of the Liberty tax stores in an attempt to flag down customers. Gets mighty cold up that dress, eh? Hope you like the layered look. Because with climate change, you’re gonna need it! But hey! We do what we gotta do! But if I was you, I would speak to Linda’s Uncle Vinnie. I am quite sure that he has some work that you could do and it wouldn’t involve catching pneumonia.

        …and the grapevine has it that we’re all radiated to the ninth degree so what the hell? A teeny, tiny bit more radiation ain’t gonna hurt ya, surely? If you take Linda up on her suggestion, just make sure that YOU ‘wear protection’. Somewhere I read that they’re searching up homeless people over there and getting them to go into that mess. Of course, this all goes back to who is ‘expendable’ and all. We’re such worthless shits, we are!

        Oops! My pipeline sprung a leak, but unlike those poor unsuspecting folks in West Virginia who are drinking toxins, I’m just leaking fermented grapes into the groundwater. I always say, “go natural!” Works for me!

        Well done! I didn’t catch this one or the other one. Tracker’s wacked so I checked email and you’ve been busy. I can’t wait to read the other one. Tallyho!!!!


      • tubularsock says:

        Hey, thanks Shelby. Not that Tubularsock wouldn’t work for the Liberty Tax Dude but I have gone for a higher calling. You might not have heard that Linda’s “Uncle Vinnie” and I have had kind of a falling out. Nothing too extreme but a real disagreement over pepperoni vs. salami.

        Your “XL grapevine” has Tubularsock’s full support. What better way to bring about world peace than a champaign campaign. I might even write a poem in French to Linda. Linda is so into that Fukushima radiation that a poem in French may do her good!

        You are correct the Yakuza are collecting the Japanese homeless to work in the radiation in Fukushima and making money at it.

        And don’t worry even though you maligned poor Tubularsock on your comments on your blog Tubularsock will certainly wear “protection” if I get involved with Linda’s “radiation”! Rest assured.


  2. wolfess says:

    Good luck with your new adventure — no one should be forced to have a j-o-b, but instead it should be looked on as an adventure; like climbing Mt Everest, or riding a burro down the Grand Canyon, or climbing to the top of Scottsbluff Monument! Don’t look at this as work, look at it as an opportunity to show the boss how to do it right, whatever the hell that might be! 😉


    • tubularsock says:

      wolfess thank you for your comment. I have been following your view-comments on other blogs and you ring true.I so agree with you that no one should be forced to have a j-o-b. And that is why I ALWAYS ask the burro if it wants to go down into the Grand Canyon!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on Tubularsock.


      • wolfess says:

        This wordpress thing has been an adventure for my Sis and me; it’s actually quite gratifying to discover how many of us like-minded peons there are out there in the ethersphere! Thnx for your kind words, tubular and I will definitely be perusing your words now that I have discovered them! And yes, it is important that the burro be respected for his place in your adventure! 🙂

        I know that you’ll do a damn fine job on your new ‘part time standing work’ but it’s always kind to wish a new employee the best of luck in his new position so … best of luck with your latest adventure!


      • tubularsock says:

        Hey wolfess, thanks for the job support. Standing all day and night does have it’s issues but so does collecting the ” … tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free . . .”. This job may be more difficult than the job description explained!


      • wolfess says:

        Hey listen tubular, I definitely feel your pain — I’ve had scoliosis all my life, and while I’m not a hunched-over gremlin it does hurt to stand very long — that’s another reason I am so impressed with your willingness to work! 🙂
        And speaking of the Statue of Liberty poem … what the HELL HAPPENED TO THAT SENTIMENT??? The powermongers in this country spend all their time and money doing their level evilest to KEEP those huddled masses from finding a place in this once-great melting pot — where would THEY be if we hadn’t welcomed them and their ancestors to this country? I know one thing for damned sure — we peons would be better off if they’d never been allowed in!
        Stay strong my friend …


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