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Dylan’s Italian America

Well ……… Tubularsock has found it. In Bob Dylan’s song Mississippi on his 2001 album Love and Theft the catch phrase is “ . . . the only thing, that I did wrong was stay in Mississippi a day too long”.

Now the SECOND thing Bob has done wrong was sell his questionable idol image to the Chrysler Commercial bullshit ad for the 2014 Super Bowl.

The catch phrase in the “Nostalgic” Chrysler ad bullshit is, “Is there anything more American than America.”

Now the reaction has been swift from the “liberals” and “progressives” about Bob SELLING OUT.

For Christ sake are they kidding?

Tubularsock never saw Bob Dylan as ever really BUYING IN so how could he SELL OUT.

Let’s get something straight ……….. Bob Dylan is no Pete Seeger or Woody Guthrie!

These men were writing and singing their songs because they were believers in what their song’s messages were about …….. they sang their songs and walked their talk!

You would have NEVER EVER seen Pete or Woody do a Super Bowl Ad! It would have been total sacrilege of everything they believed in and dedicated their lives to attempt to change in this “America than American”!

But Dylan wrote some incredible and powerful songs but he was a performer and song writer not a true crusader. Even during his civil rights years it was Joan Baez that was the crusader not Dylan.

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 11.29.06 PM

Now don’t get Tubularsock wrong here, Dylan stands alone as the sage of the 1960’s.

He not only chronicled the period but his work defined and advanced it.

But he himself only realized that his work was created as a creative “third”. He put voice to the feelings of the time and captured for eternity the essence of the moment.

It was others that kept trying to contain Bob Dylan not Dylan himself.

That entire “going electric” thing was the “static fan base” trying to keep creative performance from developing. Dylan was into growth not tradition. Which is surprising when you compare the “Nostalgic” Chrysler ad bullshit of today.

But times do change as The Times Are A Changing.

Even Pete Seeger and his Weavers played the Thunderbird in Las Vegas in 1951.

And Bob Dylan over the years has passed through Las Vegas many times. After all business is business.

But where Pete Seeger was always pushing an agenda until his recent death Bob Dylan moved from a sage into a businessman.

His recent work doesn’t come close to the grandeur of his early work but THEN he was a conduit of the times and those times have changed into the narrow self-centered money-hungry egotistic psychopathic times we are witnessing today.

To make money off your past fame for several million dollars is considered “normal”.

Embarrassing to those who READ INTO Dylan’s persona, much like those that READ INTO Obama’s persona. Your projection is not reality! You really haven’t been fooled, you have misread what they were about. THAT is not their fault!

It is YOU that is at fault. Wake the fuck up!

But that is not the fun part of the “Nostalgic” Chrysler ad bullshit. The fun part is that after they boringly run this non-creative advertisement about nostalgic America , with James Dean, and Route 66, and American Diners the over-voice of Dylan then says,

“So let Germany brew your beer. Let Switzerland make your watch. Let Asia assemble your phone. We . . . will build . . . your car.”

Wow. Tubularsock even saw the American flag waving over “Car-Lot-America” until he realized  that Chrysler is a wholly owned subsidiary of Italian multinational automaker Fiat!

“Is there anything more American than America.”


Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. Dearing says:

    Another home run Tube! Illustrative of two biggies – “messages” coming from corporate / government are propaganda (BS) and the bottom is always “follow the buck”. Besides, lending one’s name is quite a bit easier than making a new CD – way to go Bob!
    Unfortunately, as a result of this ad, Guthrie and Seeger are still tossing and turning in their graves.

    BTW, a n eye catching photo of you, Joan and Bob!


    • tubularsock says:

      Dearing ……. thanks dude for the comment!
      You are so correct about Guthrie and Seeger spinning in their graves. But Bob just pockets the bucks that were blowing in the wind of corporate America.

      Joan and Bob and Tube kind of had a thing back in the day. As you can easily tell that was an original photo from the Tubularsock’s Archives.


  2. Jeff Nguyen says:

    I dig Blood on the Tracks-era Dylan but wasn’t impressed when he accepted the Medal of Freedom from Obama…not even a word uttered in defiance of the “Masters of War”.


    • tubularsock says:

      I like Dylan’s music a great deal. His “Christian” period was a little rough for me so I drifted away until he got through that period. Tubularsock isn’t very good at idealizing stars so as he took his path I was able to like the parts I liked and dump the rest. Creativity is a process and whoever is creating needs room to meander. So I never held that against him but the Medal of Freedom from Obama bullshit took the cake! Talk about meaningless.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Jeff ….. Tubularsock appreciates it.


  3. Tubularsock – Do you ever feel there’s so damned much irony in the world that it may drown us all? Or choke us to death? This one is not even a surprise at this point. Which is sad in itself. Remember the flap when Graham Nash let ? some company use ‘Teach Your Children’ for a commercial for $$$ millions? Oh the disillusionment. Huge wave of outrage, cries of “sell-out!” from fans! Guess we’re past that now. And “Money doesn’t talk — it swears.” was always more observation than serious criticism.

    We all need to pay the rent, I understand that. And since our culture now views money as the one and only measure of all things, where do you draw the line? Once you determined to make your living by marketing your creative efforts, how do you establish limits? I will sell songs, but not handshakes or autographs? I would make television appearances, but won’t do commercials? I might consider playing state fairs, but Vegas is right out? Action figures … Cosmetics … Restaurant chains … Cartoon series … What IS too commercial or tasteless?

    Personally, I’ve always been conflicted about Bob Dylan. He’s done some very, very fine work, no argument. Like anybody, he’s also done … other stuff. He’s an artist whose work I admire but do not actually like to hear. Given friends I had, and radio I listened to, his stuff seemed ubiquitous for quite a long time. I still hear much of it in my head off and on. But I never liked the sound. It’s the voice of course — and I am perfectly aware that I will voluntarily listen to comparably unpleasant voices. So I’m inconsistent? Get in line and sue me. For some years, it was controversial if not hazardous to my health to say any of this out loud. I’m hoping that’s now ancient history. Guess I’ll find out…

    No, it’s nnot Dylan’s fault that other people expected him to walk on water and part the Red Sea. And yet. He pushed that whole folk-pop messiah thing for all it was worth. Until it got away from him, out of his control, and seemed likely to eat him alive. Then, sensibly enough, he repudiated the whole idea. To survive, anyone would do the same. Funny how many artists will do anything for fame, until they get it. And we can understand that attitude. Who wants what is in fact your job (no matter what else it may mean to you) to consume your whole life? Not me!

    Which reminds me, how do you (as a renowned blogger, established cultural icon, parttime Pope, et cetera) handle the pressure of celebrity? I couldn’t do it. – Linda


    • (Bad computer! Somehow it cut off, oddly enough, the bottom line here, or two!)
      P.S. A fun post, thanks! — It’s especially valuable for slacker Americans like me who skipped the Super Bowl. (Hope you won’t rat me out, but it’s not really true I could be kicked out of the country for it, is it?) – LLF


    • tubularsock says:

      Linda, thank you for such a great comment! I do agree with your view and the irony and out and out direct hypocrisy does overwhelm.

      Tubularsock has always believed and acted upon the concept, when it comes to work, to only do it if it is fun. That doesn’t mean that one’s job may not be difficult and
      challenging and even frustrating at times BUT IS IT FUN TO YOU?

      Money has never been a prime mover for Tubularsock. It’s not that I don’t find it necessary but there are far more important things in my life.

      Now, granted that Tubularsock spends a great deal of time in his top floor corner office in his underground bunker in Oakland, CA overlooking Washington, D.C.

      So in the bunker the currency is different.

      Dylan’s voice was never an issue for me but hey, I love Tom Waits for Christ sake!

      So to answer your question Linda, Tubularsock runs on a multi-spacial system where being the part-time Pope, a renowned blogger, and a established cultural icon all pale to what Tubularsock does best ….. et cetera!

      Yes, it’s et cetera that is where it’s at for Tubularsock ……. ok, ad nauseam may work too.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  4. Dave Rhodes says:

    Tube, Woody, for a price, wrote a whole bunch songs promoting the vast Grand Coulee Dam project.
    Although It could be argued that the dam created the greatest good for the greatest number, it sure didn’t benefit native americans or salmon. Having a rather cynical bent, I was not surprised to see Dylan shill for a car company. After all, don’t we all have a price?


    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks for your comment, Dave. Tubularsock isn’t ready to throw Woody under the Chrysler just yet but you are correct that there are several ways to look at Woody’s actions. Unlike Tubularsock, Woody wasn’t perfect. As you are well aware, in America, native peoples and salmon have never done all that well anyway.

      What? YOU cynical, Dave?

      Now some people have said that Tubularsock would sell out for a $1.98 ……. but only if it was paid out with small unmarked bills!


      • Jeff Nguyen says:

        “As you are well aware, in America, native peoples and salmon have never done all that well anyway.”…too true.


      • tubularsock says:

        Yeah, Jeff ……….. it’s such a very sad truth for Tubularsock and you as well ……

        Getting along seems so easy until you want to take somebody’s lands and life and then “brotherhood’’ is a bit more obscure!


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