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Granted that Tubularsock has been distracted by Jay Z cheating rumors being denied by reality star Casey Cohen. She says they ‘Have Never Been Intimate’! Well, rest assured that Jay Z and Tubularsock have “never been intimate” either. Feel better?

And then just getting Kimye married off to Kanye was enough to put Tubularsock over the edge. What with trying to arrange baby North West in the proper position so not to cry or poop during the ceremony.

It’s great to start off in married land with a head start in family planning.

And with that fabulous Givenchy Haute Couture white gown you’d almost mistake Kim for a virgin. But you’d quickly realize that you have been deceived when the his-and-hers leather jackets came out. You could tell neither were virgins!

Now Kimye is on her third husband and the bets are already down that West will be her third divorce. Wow, Tubularsock can never rest with this news.

It seems that the odds are high enough to put money on it!

Supposedly, 73 percent of people who have been divorced twice already also see their third marriage end in divorce. What’s more, people who have a family member who has been divorced are 75 percent more likely to get a divorce than those who don’t. And for Kimye her mother is ending #2 and her sister is in the process of getting a divorce from #1. 

Just how can Tubularsock process all this and still have time to come up with this thought provoking question?:***

Have you ever thought why American teachers are being evaluated and held responsible for their students testing scores as an indicator of the teachers competence?

While the corporation (DynCorp) that trained all those Iraq police and military in Mosul who ended up running away from the ISIS fundamentalists and even throwing off their guns and stripping off their uniforms as they ran are not taken to task for spending billions of dollars and FAILING to train those police and military?

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Have you heard Obummer or even one Congress member suggest that DynCorp be even evaluated for their poor performance? Has anyone ask for our money back. Has anyone stated that we won’t hire DynCorp again?

And yet a teacher is criticized for poor performance if the students don’t pass a test!

Yes, this is an essay question and Tubularsock expects all work to be handed in post-haste.

*** answer to above ….. multi-tasking WITH A SHORT ATTENTION SPAN!

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  1. I was never any good at multi-tasking as it is my opinion that the human brain was not wired for it and of course, I could find some study to back this up. Also, there’s probably many to counter that. However, I will go with what I know about my brain and it does not do multi-tasking well. About the only thing that I can multi-task and get right is sipping champagne while listening to some great oldies. That’s it!

    As for Kim Kartrashcan and KanHe? West, “KanHe,” meaning Kan He stay married to Kim Kartrashcan, well, I don’t need TMZ to later inform me what I already know, that shit’s doomed to go the route of the other two marriages of Kim Karslutsian and don’t we ALL know it, including the subjects in question.

    As far as teachers being under more scrutiny for their poor performance in getting the kiddies to excel at the testing than the corporation that trained the Iraqi police force, well, that’s just the way America works, dontcha know? It is another opinion of mine that ALL teachers need to quit, en masse. Who could they then get to educate the students? Why DynCorp, of course. The teachers could then be shipped over to Iraq and retrain the Iraqi police and other security forces to restrain the different factions from going after each other. Of course, they could try and resurrect Saddam Hussein through the wonders of modern medicine and bring back the old dictatorship. Whadda you think Tubularsock? Am I on the right track or what? And if it’s ‘or what’ what? LOL!

    Great post btw. I’m still afeared of the NSA, so I don’t know when I’ll be bauk! Meanwhile, keep the light on for me, willya?


    • tubularsock says:

      Shelby, as always you are right on track and you certainly have the proper multi-tasking skills down when it comes to the important things, aka champagne and oldies!
      Thanks for your input. Tubularsock is calling the White House right now on the underground bunker’s secure phone. As for the NSA, FUCK THEM! Just because they blew up your computer isn’t any reason to think twice ….. al Qaeda doesn’t!

      Tubularsock is working on erecting a huge stature of Donald Rumsfeld in Bagdad so the ISIS have something to pull down when they hit town.


  2. I like the way you think! You know I’m kidding about the NSA. But while I was waiting for the reinforcements to arrive, a strange and horrible thing occurred, I’ve run out of inspiration. That is why I have been so silent, that and it’s summer and the garden needs tending among other things. Just taking a hiatus until I’m struck with inspiration.

    And I’d like to help you with erecting that thar statue of evil Rumsfeld. I’d love to see that filth pulled down!


    • tubularsock says:

      Oh yes, that sometimes elusive inspiration. Tubularsock knows this problem very well.
      My solution is to wait.

      When my muse goes on vacation
      And leaves me in the lurch

      I always get to wondering why
      My muse is such a jerk

      I need that inspiration
      to trundle ‘long my way

      But that muse is up to something
      And doesn’t want to say

      But my thoughts are so elusive
      I cannot hack my mind

      With my fingers on the keyboard
      I’m just waisting all my time

      So I just say forget it
      And run outside to play

      And let that old muse find me
      It’s such a sunny-day

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  3. I feel at somewhat of a disadvantage, not knowing these people you refer to: Jaye Z, Casey Cohen, and Kimye. Here in New Zealand we’re too busy worrying about the low readership of our women’s magazines. The only time we can sell them is when we put a photo of Will and Kate on the cover – such as the royal birth or their recent visit. We’ve given up putting the Queen on the cover because she’s no longer a big seller.


  4. Jeff Nguyen says:

    I’m sure you know California just ruled teacher tenure and seniority “unconstitutional”. Fortunately, poverty, privatization and chronic underfunding of public schools is totally “constitutional”.

    “Tubularsock is working on erecting a huge stature of Donald Rumsfeld in Bagdad so the ISIS have something to pull down when they hit town.”…that made me laugh, I needed that.

    I have never been intimate with Jay-Z either…just putting it out there.


    • tubularsock says:

      Now that we have cleared Jay Z I know we both feel better.

      Teaching is an amazing profession. You work so hard to attempt the near impossible and your victories are always so small but the expectations of your abilities to perform your task is so huge ………. every year!

      And then the system does every odd ball thing known to mankind to prevent you from doing the task of teaching. Only to condemn you for not performing the impossible that they themselves have created the blocks in the path to prevent you from achieving success.

      And the most amazing thing of all …….. the teacher returns the next school year!

      Once the concept of “knowledge for knowledge sake” was removed from the school system all you have left is the bell schedule.

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      • You know Tube, my hat is off to Jeff because I would have given up teaching so fast, my head would still be spinning. I guess some of us, like me, are just not cut out for that. Because there is no way in hell that I would put up with what teachers put up with and then throw in the bad ass kids and oh hell nah!

        You are so right about the ‘amazing thing being that the teacher returns the next school year’! The pay ain’t that great. Many teachers use their own money for school supplies for the classroom and on top of that, their performance is held hostage to some test scores? So many reasons NOT to return, but it takes a special kind of person who loves what they do, that is obvious and I just don’t got it. Not to mention, I was tossed out of school before I could learn anything as you can see. LOL!


      • tubularsock says:

        Shelby, I agree ………. Jeff’s nuts!

        Oh, I just thought ….

        Well? You mean that isn’t the way you meant it?
        Tubularsock’s bad ………….

        Tubularsock disagrees, you were tossed out of school before they could complete brain-washing you. Hey, lucky break.


  5. I know this was a rhetorical question, but I’ll give it a shot anyway. (Are there rhetorical answers too? I should know these things….)

    Riding the corporate bus means never having to say you’re sorry, and never being held responsible for anything. They don’t even need Get Out of Jail Free cards, since they will never ever go to jail in the first place, except for the occasional token low-level lackey sacrificed “for the greater good” of the higher orders. Not for a damned thing — not for war crimes, incompetence, child molesting, grand theft, torture — nothing. It’s like those medieval Catholic indulgences for Crusaders — but you’d know more about such things, after your recent Vatican tenure.

    Teachers though, that’s way different. Clearly, those overpaid lazy union thugs should be fair game for anybody. And it’s so good for business, what could be better than ruining lives, blighting our future, spreading ignorance, and making money from it? Still the land of opportunity … for tyrants, bloodsuckers and bagmen. Thanks for a fine post, even if it does make me snarl, and sharpen some rusty steak knives. – Linda


    • tubularsock says:

      “. . . and sharpen some rusty steak knives.” The Vatican could use your skills!

      You are right on the money. And the rich will always have it. The only “responsibility” they think is relevant is can they get MORE!

      Yes, TEACHERS! Ahhh, a strange lot indeed!


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