Tube heading slingshot 2014

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tube dime bummer




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  1. GEEEEEEEZZZZUSSSS CHRIST!!! I had to pick myself up off the floor!! You bowled me over with this one! Tears are streaming down my face and my stomach hurts from laughing so fucking hard!!! I am just so glad that I thought to swallow before taking a look at this or I’d have been opening up the box to my backup computer or gotten electrocuted, either one!! ‘Cause you know, I ain’t Whitehall imitation cheese! LMAO!!!

    Yep, things are worse than even I previously thought!!!! ROTFLMAO!!! The tears of laughter just will NOT stop flowing! Man, you lit up my night and then some! First, ‘Bunker Madness’ and now this! I don’t think I can take anymore! I fucking need a break! “Somebody, get me a flute of champy!” LOL!!

    Thanks Tube, you’re a work of art!!! And I mean that in the best possible way!!!!!

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  2. Wow. Only 3 weeks ago they revised GDP figures to show a 1% contraction. If it’s down to 3% now that’s pretty serious deflation. I guess the only good news for us peons is that deflation causes a massive decrease in retail prices – if you really have to buy something, just wait a few weeks and you won’t need to pay as much.


    • Golly, the lightbulb just came on. This is why Obama wants us to take us to war, isn’t it? This is why the shit we have to bomb the shit out Iraq, Syria and Eastern Ukraine (or all 3) – it’s the only way to distract us from how awful the economy is.


      • tubularsock says:

        Dr. B, Tubularsock is going to responded to both your comments at the same time and why you may ask? A two for one sale!

        The 98% peon within Tubularsock is excited with the possibility of “a massive decrease in retail prices”. Not because he NEEDS anything but because his credit cards aren’t maxed yet. In our society there is a certain expectancy level and if one maxes one’s credit cards the banks will raise your credit limit right into interest slavery.

        And sale comment response #2,

        Tubularsock’s first question for you is did you get that lightbulb that went off at a discounted price?

        Tubularsock isn’t aware that we aren’t at war. Seems like we stay at war all the time.
        That being said Tubularsock has read studies that war doesn’t help the economy in general. But it sure in hell helps SOME in the economy in specific!

        Thank you for taking the time to comment and Tubularsock appreciates your blog a great deal. Cheers.


      • Dr. Bramhall, to piggyback on Tube’s response, the problem with attempting to distract us with wars, wars and damn wars is the fact that there can be no distraction when an empty belly rumbles. There can be no distraction when the water has been shut-off for thousands of people as with Detroit, for example. There can be no distraction when the eviction notice is in the face and the sheriff is at the door waiting to escort a person and their children and all of their belongings outside. There can be no distraction if when a body’s in pain, can’t afford a trip to the doc’s office because the medical bills are already piling up and a body can’t even afford to file for bankruptcy.

        They can distract us but for so long until reality steps in and bites us on the ass and we’d better hope like hell it wasn’t a dog ’cause we won’t be able to afford the rabies treatments!


  3. We know war is the only “stimulus package” the corporate capitalists really approve of to crank up manufacturing and employment. You still see claims that only WWII finally ended the Depression. Sounds like a cure worse than the disease to me, but what do I know. And I just saw a piece a couple of days back yammering about ‘inflation fears’ and raising interest rates next year. Whistling in the dark? Or are some of these ‘smartest guys in the room’ too dumb to play with themselves?

    Bummer indeed. Thanks for another great post, for these not-so-great times. – Linda


    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks Linda for stepping into an area that Tubularsock has studied a great deal.

      And that is, “. . . are some of these ‘smartest guys in the room’ too dumb to play with themselves?”

      THAT is not the case when it comes …….. to these guys! In fact, if truth be known Tubularsock fears that THAT is the only thing on their deluded minds!

      THAT is why it is always called a “stimulus package”!

      And as always …….. Tubularsock thinks you are on to something!

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  4. heila2013 says:

    Enjoyed the comments; very interesting for a non-American.


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