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  1. Here’s the thing: When one fanatically opposes homosexuality, as Christians do, they are simply attempting to silence their own “evil” desires. I mean they’ll turn other “sinners” on to the loving grace of sweet baby Jesus; rapist, murders, bullies, and thugs but not peace loving gays. Jesus doesn’t like gays. Most certainly not, although John was the disciple Jesus loved.


    • tubularsock says:

      Peter, thank you for your comment. “When one fanatically opposes homosexuality, as Christians do . . .” and Moslems and Jews and Buddhists and Hindus and ……….. “they are simply attempting to silence their own “evil” desires.”

      Perhaps. But equally true is that some are just frightened of what they don’t understand as well.

      It is an experiential issue. If a person within themselves are attracted to their same sex that is an inner knowing and feeling for them. Tubularsock has that experience for the opposite sex so Tubularsock can extrapolate his experience of knowing and understand the feelings and desires.

      From that point, as long as they are consenting adults, to each their own!

      Christians haven’t cornered the market on hypocrisy.


  2. Thank you for clearly articulating the latent homosexuality that causes these sick puppies to be obsessed with anything that triggers their latent homosexual impulses.

    Surely the mental health establishment can help them find a healthier way to cope with these unconscious urges.


    • tubularsock says:

      Unfortunately, “the mental health establishment” ends most of their sessions with some kind of drug. They have become bigger pushers than the Mexican Drug Cartels.

      That being said there is a lot of misdirection when it comes to homosexuality. I agree that we have to wonder at those who are the first to cast stones.

      The true work is maintaining and growing a loving relationship regardless it be homosexual, heteralsexual or anything in between.

      Thanks for the comment, Dr B.


  3. wolfess says:

    I think ‘Christians’ judging homosexuality as being sinful is b/c they just HAVE to have ultimate control. In a past life I was a born-again Christian and what I learned from that experience is that they truly feel that they are right (based on THEIR interpretation of the Bible) and God is telling them it’s okay to judge others b/c they are perfect, forgiven Christians doing His will. I think they judge EVERYONE b/c they are either seriously insecure, or they are fucking narcissists that think they have the right to mind everybody’s fucking business! 🙂


    • tubularsock says:

      You must have some really good drugs to pull yourself out of born-againism! Congratulations for a job well done. It always seem to be that those who yell loudest have the largest personal issues ……. it may even be a Biblical tenet. Thanks for your insights, wolfess ……… Tubularsock has always had trouble with his first birth, fuck being born again!


      • wolfess says:

        There were a couple of things that happened that showed me I was NOT destined to be a Christian — one was directly related to the church I was attending, and the other was that I went back to school to get my bachelor’s degree so the more education I got, the harder it was for me to believe in some ‘being’ in the sky that really cared for us, but would punish us if we did wrong … that didn’t make any sense to me. But from that experience I DID learn to tell my son that no matter what he did I would always love him, but I would NOT love his negative behavior b/c behavior is something we can all change. 🙂


      • tubularsock says:

        Oh yes, that “being” in the sky. Education does assist in opening one’s eyes to the lies that have been constructed. Tubularsock believed “them” when he was told that “God was all things.” So IF God was all things then Tubularsock must be God. From that realization things on this plane got a lot better for Tubularsock. Behavior is something we can all change BUT it may take a life time. As one unpacks their luggage more is always discovered. That’s the task at hand if one wishes change. Thanks for your comment wolfess and more power to you!


  4. Norris Kimberlane says:

    Idaho? I da pimp. Give me the money, bitch.


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