Posted: October 4, 2014 in Ebola, Health, Obama
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Tube heading breaking



Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. Me, too. We should have bombed Texas long ago. How about Florida? Do they have any ebola cases there?

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  2. Well, Texas DID petition the Obama Administration to secede! Would this be a way of granting that request?

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  3. tubularsock says:

    Shelby. Far be it for Tubularsock to evaluate your “dingding” rating. But you do get the prize!
    The question to really ponder is “how can you be two places at once when you’re not any place at all?”

    It is true that Tubularsock is everywhere and God is everywhere. Therefore ……….

    A war machine makes Tubularsock look cute because women love uniforms …… or at least the Air Force recruiter said so!


  4. Tubularsock, Yes! Texas and Florida never would be missed, I’m tempted to say. I’ve even had the unkind wish that Sherman could have nuked the entire South while he was there. But that was wrong, of course. Still, fried chicken and pecan pie don’t seem like adequate compensation for enduring the rest of that exceptional damned Southern culture.

    Personally, I’m opposed to uniforms — diversity forever, I say! – Linda


  5. tubularsock says:

    Thank you Linda for taking the time to comment. Sherman marched to the sea and that was the best he could do. Burn baby burn. He did the best he could in a straight line but the South threw him a curve. Oh well. Maybe chit lens are worth it, just to spite the Moslems!


  6. Hrm…would it be possible to get some advance notice before ya go blasting Midland/Odessa off the map? Current employment conditions have hubs & I spending about 3 (ghastly, miserable) days a week in that area now…Should I maybe paint a huge Zia-Peace symbol on top of our car so we can be spotted/identified as foreign friendlies and avoid the whole mess that getting blasted to smithereens would make? Besides the mess, I’d really hate to get blown up and miss out on my soon-to-be beach front bungalow that I’d have once Texas is out of my damn way once and for all…


    • tubularsock says:

      Reb, not to worry. Tubularsock has a tie in with the NSA and we know where you are at all times. You’ll be safe during your “3(ghastly, miserable) days” from the bombs-away-activities. It pays to know Tubularsock! Of course you may be asked to do regular reconnaissance to pinpoint the high altitude guided missile attacks. Good like with your assignment. This comment with self destruct in 3.5 seconds.


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