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Ferguson Perspective

Now Tubularsock noticed that many Oakland businesses were bringing down the plywood off the store front windows downtown. A bit optimistic from Tubularsock’s point of view.

Tubularsock has viewed and participated in many protests of different types dating back to the ’60’s and if Tube was going to create a protest, well ……. there are very easy ways to close down any city with just a handful of people. Yet, to date the organizers seem not to think outside the box.

And Tubularsock’s tactics do not include direct violence or direct confrontation with police. Nor does it include property damage. But the end result …….. bedlam!

So enough strategic logistics for now.

Tubularsock is safe in his top floor corner office in his underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA and wants to discuss some Ferguson shit.

First and for-most EVERYONE knew the outcome of the Grand Jury decision on the day they were called to start to deliberate. In THIS society the only way this decision would have been different would have been perhaps if the cop had been black and the kid had been white.

But lets look at the built in biases in the system ………….

Now the Grand Jury for the Ferguson incident was comprised of nine whites and three blacks. Of that there was one black man and two black women on the panel, and six white men and three white women.

Now for the St Louis County area this breakdown fits the demographics. But for Ferguson the black population is significantly larger.

But more importantly at least nine votes were required to indict Wilson. Interesting, 9 whites, 3 blacks funny how that worked out.

A Grand Jury meets in secret, a standard practice for such proceedings. And the District  Attorney presents the “facts” of the case and directs who will be called as witnesses and all other matters.

A District Attorney really can get anybody indicted for anything, because there’s no representative for the defense in the proceedings and the jury hears only the state’s evidence.

As Glenn Jones, an attorney with the Athens branch of the Ohio Public Defender’s office puts it, “It’s shooting fish in a barrel”. And Former New York state Chief Judge Sol Wachtler famously remarked that a prosecutor could persuade a grand jury to “indict a ham sandwich.”

But what happens if the District Attorney DOESN’T want an indictment?

Bob McCulloch is pro-cop. His mother, brother, uncle, and cousin all worked for the St Louis police department and if that isn’t enough to question his ability to present a fair case to the Grand Jury then the fact that McCulloch’s police officer father was killed in the line of duty by a black man should give one pause.

McCulloch has called “irrelevant,” his fathers death affecting his decision making process in the Brown case.

But if you take into consideration that Bob McCulloch was 12 years old when his father was shot and killed by a black man ………… well, ask a psychiatrist or psychologist about an impact of such a violent, shocking experience on a 12 year old.

Irrelevant, bull shit!


But if you look at the judicial system as a whole you’ll find that Grand Juries overwhelmingly indict cases brought in front of them. Unless they deal with questionable police misconduct and then as a whole you’ll find that it is incredibly rare for a Grand Jury to indict a police officer.

A Grand Jury of “good citizens” tend to trust the police and even when the “facts” show possible guilt they will disregard the evidence because of their bias toward police.

When you add a jury’s bias into a situation like Ferguson where McCulloch’s background leans toward the police and thereby causes him to not really present a compelling case against Officer Wilson, whether consciously or unconsciously then the outcome is clear before the process even begins.

Justice was not served and don’t expect it to get any better except when enough white people get kicked around and wake up to the police state mentality that has allowed Blacks and Latinos to be fucked over because nobody’s looking!

But it will have to affect wealthier whites because poor whites aren’t worth shit either.

And what if ……… it is all a false flag operation? The old colonial tactic of divide and conquer.

If the “underclasses” woke up to the fact that they have more in common with each other than differences then some butt could start to be kicked! But without enlightened common organization the division between people will continue to be exploited.

Oh but first everyone has to get up off their big fat American asses and go to the streets!

Maybe tomorrow ……………  there’s a rerun of Father Knows Best on the TV and then a frozen pizza. Bon appetit!

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  1. I don’t see how the powers that be can expect otherwise when they systematically deny people the right to end government abuse legally and peacefully. Insurrection has always occurred in every culture when people run out of options – in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. The powers-that-be terrifies the ruling elite, and it’s generally fear of insurrection that precipitates reform.

    England was an exception when people rebelled at losing their communal lands under the Enclosure Act. The police simply rounded up the rebels and sent them to Australia.


    • tubularsock says:

      Yep, Tubularsock agrees. Insurrection is unlikely in the U.S. because the power structure has figured out how to divide and distract the people. Modern cultures will damn near starve to death but can be distracted by Dancing With The Stars. Not sure how all that was pulled off but appears to be working. Thanks DrB. for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Also I think you have the past tense of fuck wrong. The past tense of fuck is fucked.


    • tubularsock says:

      You are correct as usual DrB. Tubularsock stands corrected! Yes, Tubularsock did fuck up fucked but has corrected the fucked up fuck-up. All’s good on the Western Front …….. Thanks. Feel free to point out any fuck ups Tubularsock fucks up on ……. Tubularsock is a specialist in this field.


  3. talesfromthelou says:

    How do I start? The effen comments and corrections involved within it totally cracked me up. Only a mind like Tubie could muster such a surrealistic depiction of the whole thing we call life. (Smiley stoopid emoticon here)

    Liked by 1 person

    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks Lou. You are very kind. And I loved the “Smiley stoopid emoticon”! Tubularsock has never seen one like that before! What is that finger pointing up in the air like that mean?


  4. Tubularsock, Hard to overestimate the power of toys, trivia and propaganda for getting too many of us ready, willing and eager to dig even our own graves. Or that’s how it looks from here, in this land of wall-to-WalMart Fox News acolytes — otherwise known as my infamous home town. It’s been sad and sickening to watch the transformation of an unarmed kid into a cross between Attila the Hun and the Terminator, a mortal threat to civilization as we know it.

    What gets me is, none of it is one damn bit subtle — and it does not need to be — to be effective, as long as it’s shiny or says what people want to believe. And of course it’s way cheaper than shipping us off to penal colonies, or you know we’d be en route to a black hole somewhere this minute. Or is THIS the penal colony, which they will gleefully abandon once they extract the last molecule of anything profitable from it? Thanks for a fine analysis, as usual. – Linda


    • tubularsock says:

      Oh Linda ……… you can’t go home again! Hometowns are ALWAYS THAT! It is built into the model. You poor, poor person. Tubularsock always drank my Wild Turkey straight from the bottle and ALWAYS had at least one joint before I hit the city limits of my home town. That helped but only the outward resistance. Inward, Tube is still dealing with it and it has been over thirty years.

      Tubularsock gave up Thanksgiving and Christmas years and years ago and gave up family right after that ……. can’t stand them! For all the reasons you’ll encounter while you sit there and try not to take out your AK-47 and blast away. Opps, sorry …… that’s Tubularsock’s fantasy not yours!

      Tubularsock knows you are much kinder than he. Racism is never subtle and neither is stupidity.

      Tubularsock wishes you a safe journey both on the physical level as well as your emotional inroads. And rest assured Tubularsock is not envious.

      And thanks for your comments.


      • You’re kidding, right? Kind doesn’t even sound like me! And I hate watching football too. I’ve been wondering if I could break a leg by tomorrow, but … probably not. Oh well, I’ve dodged family holiday gigs for decades, just can’t really avoid ’em this time out. Kind of wish I’d thought of Wild Turkey though, it might help, and would be so … seasonally appropriate. Thanks for your kind wishes, and enjoy a turkey-free day for me. – Linda


      • tubularsock says:

        Oh yeah, Wild Turkey is the answer! And surprise, we are all meeting at DrB’s house with our goal posts! Tubularsock hopes Shelby can make it but Tubularsock and his 15 year old sex-bot Shelby fix him up with will be there. Gee. Tubularsock hopes Dr.B understands the demands of the Pilgrims!

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  5. “Tubularsock hopes Shelby can make it but Tubularsock and his 15 year old sex-bot Shelby fix him up with will be there.”

    I can’t make it, as these days, I am accompanied by a festivities spoiler, it’s called, “temper”. “Temper” goes every where with me. I’m liable to throw a ‘temper’ tantrum without notice and break shit up.

    On another note, don’t you think it’s time you gave ‘sex-bot’ a name? When you take ‘sex-bot’ to the coming holiday functions, you can’t just introduce her as ‘sex-bot’. Here are some names for you to contemplate: Joy, Pleasure, Kissime Sweet, Jessica Love, Feelickity Spit, just to suggest a few. LOL! I’m sure you will come up with an extremely appropriate name for ‘sex-bot’. I’ve got ‘faith’ in you! I am SO bad!


  6. A pilgrimage to New Zealand? Sounds great! I’ve been hankering to migrate there for years, but why would they let me? — my sheep-shearing skills are non-existent, for a start. But I’m curious … what ARE “the demands of the pilgrim” exactly? Hospitality, shrines, miracles? That last bit sounds more your sort of thing, being a god and all. Bon voyage! – Linda


    • tubularsock says:

      You know Pilgrims, Linda. The demands will be figured out on the voyage which is already underway. Shelby can’t make it and in order to swing by and pick you up it may have to rain forty days and forty nights so just practice up on you sheep-shearing skills in the mean time. We’ll be there! Only one correction, “. . . being a god and all” should be corrected to,being GOD, period! It says so in Tubularsock’s Bible and I quote “and the face of Tubularsock shined down on Moses and GODTUBE spoke …..’Moses get out your chisel and on a stone tablet number from one to ten, we are going to have a little quiz'”. Praise be to Tube!


      • Oh hell, I’ve put my Croc-clad foot in it again. PRAISE BE TO TUBE! and then some. Somehow I hadn’t realized that you were the only one. (Though one is probabbly quite enough, when it comes to gods…) And I’ll get right on those fleecing lessons! – Linda


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