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  1. 1EarthUnited says:

    Give it up U phony ass manchurian candidate, u never earned it mindless treasonous puppet.


  2. sojourner says:

    Perhaps the time has come to do away with these ‘prizes’, if they’re going to keep handing them out to asses like an Inconvenient bullshitter, Al Gore, and a Yes We Can destroy humanity shyster like Obomber!

    It’s like the Grammys: if you know two chords and sing like shit, with a meaningless, fucked message, then you win! But if you have talent, you are SCREWED!

    Or am I being too critical, my Captain?

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    • tubularsock says:

      sojourner you are soooooo correct! The Noble is a closed club with money who don’t seem to understand the difference between peace and war or anything else for that matter. As for the Grammys and the Academy Awards ….. pure bull shit! Tubularsock has never figured out how private associations pick among their member and show it all on TV like it matters. It’s a CLOSED group so the public has nothing to do with it except to sit on their butts and watch. Talking about illusion …….


      • sojourner says:

        Thirty years ago, I was on enough album sides (you had to be on seven) that I became a voting member of the NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) and voted on the Grammys two straight years. After that time, I became frustrated and quit.

        Groups like Earth Wind and Fire were almost always overlooked, at this time. even though many of us voted for them and others of their caliber of musicianship. Within ten years, late 1980s, every rapper and punk rocker that could crawl on stage was being rewarded every year.

        It was evident to me, and many others, at the time, that the elite-swine, who owned and operated MTV and the rest of the ‘music’ business, wanted to cause even more division among blacks and whites, using ‘music’ and art as weapons. EWF, while being fine ass musicians, also had a message of peace and reconciliation, while we know what commercial ‘music’ has turned into since that time!

        The powers that be want division and war among we the people!


      • tubularsock says:

        sojourner, interesting information from one who has been there. Tubularsock’s musical taste crosses a huge variety of forms and styles so that most of the time I’ve missed what is created and pushed by the “industry”.

        Tubularsock does understand the created “market forces” and how they are driven. Talent seems not to be a major component in that process unfortunately but that has always been the case.

        The black-white divide in music may have been attempted by the “elite-swine” but in truth when one sits down and jams ……. magic. And that is where it’s at ……. the recording powers will ALWAYS subvert the music for the dollars …… but music is universal something that “Playing For Change” seems to promote. At least on the surface. Tubularsock isn’t experienced in the underbelly of the music industry to know for sure.

        Tubularsock never paid any attention to MTV and during the Earth Wind and Fire period (who I liked by the way) Tubularsock was immersed in Chinese classical so I kind of missed it in detail.

        Tubularsock has always found that music brings people together, at least in my experience.

        Thanks for your comment and insights.


  3. Interesting, isn’t it, that they have sacked the Nobel committee chair who oversaw Obama’s Nobel Peace Award:


  4. sojourner says:

    “Tubularsock has always found that music brings people together, at least in my experience.”

    Yes! Absolutely! The arts, in general, I believe exist as a respite for humanity, a chance to rise above all the bullshit for a while, a chance to come together and experience together.

    I had more of a tendency to pay attention, of course, since it was my livelihood at the time.

    Anyway, my point, which I didn’t make well, was that these awards/prizes all seem to have an ulterior motive, and it’s not a good one!

    Chinese classical, huh? My Kerry/Lurch buddy married a Thai woman, and I have been privy to some Thai classical music, here recently. Love it!


    • tubularsock says:

      sojourner, Tubularsock thinks your point was very clear. I have always felt awards/prizes often have ulterior motives. It is nice to be appreciated for one’s work but the reward is in the doing. With outside praise one needs to be careful and stay true one’s self. I believe that is where so many go wrong and start producing shit. It’s a tricky road to travel and be true to your creations.

      Your point also about the attempt of the “elite-swine” attempting to divide people is also very true. That is why when the power structure starts to cut back on “programs” in the schools and communities they start to slash the ARTS because the ARTS do bring people together!

      Asian music is an adventure at so many levels …… play on!

      When you were doing your music thing where do I go to hear your stuff. Were you in bands, recording studio work, or …….?


      • sojourner says:

        “That is why when the power structure starts to cut back on “programs” in the schools and communities they start to slash the ARTS because the ARTS do bring people together!”

        Spot on, Tubularsock! Arts should be at the center of education, not eliminated. Art stirs the mind and soul, it opens the child to creating and analyzing. But, as you point out, TPTB do not want the masses with a functioning, analytical and creative mind!

        Most of the album sides I was on were either small projects by local artists, which I was hired to perform on, or the college jazz band I was in. With the latter, the albums are almost impossible to find, and none are in digital format.

        I was actually still in college, when I voted on the Grammys. My background was twentieth century composition, and let’s just say I didn’t stack;-)

        I did some work on the following album, in 2001 and 2002

        Did some of the arranging, not writing, and played sax on a couple of tunes


      • tubularsock says:

        Tubularsock loves sax. One of the soulful filled instruments! Sweet.


  5. sojourner says:

    On a side note: you know what just hit me, it was almost forty years ago that I voted on the Grammys, and MIDI didn’t exist nor did digital music, at least not for the consumer.

    Every once in a while I forget just how ancient I am.

    I could send you digital attachments of some of my compositions, etc, but I would need an email address? Am not wild about exposing identity and where my bunker is, if you get my drift? I know, you do!


    • tubularsock says:

      That sounds great to Tubularsock ……. Tubularsock will get out his stone tablet later today and chip an email note “in D” to keep it musical.
      Thanks sojourner.


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