Paul/McCain: Our Mac Daddies

Posted: March 17, 2015 in American Exceptionalism, Iran, John McCain, Rand Paul
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Paul/McCain: Our Mac Daddies

Now it has been one of those days for Tubularsock so spending some time on the under ground bunker’s deck to bag some rays was in order. Surf’s up sort of speak. (That’s California talk.) And as Tubularsock was pursuing the perfect tan his mind wandered to the Republican’s letter to Iran. Wouldn’t you know.

Rand Paul says he signed the Republican Iran Letter to strengthen Obama’s hand in negotiating with Iran. John McCain says he signed the letter because he signs lots of letters. Now some have called this “back peddling” but for Tubularsock it seems Republicans don’t have much ability to peddle forward so it may be a little generous to believe they could peddle backwards. Just sayen’.

But rather than condemn both Senators as simple-minded-dumb-shits Tubularsock would like to explain why these two men did sign this letter.

For Rand it is pretty simple, like his father he has always been a confused person and that is because he has had to live with having two first names as his name. Rand and Paul as a name has just confused his identity with himself. And thus his entire life has been in search of his last name. Rather sad, if you ask Tubularsock.

And then there is old-forget-me-not ahhh ………. McCain.

Albino McCain … the white man’s burden.

But really, it’s all in the name. Cain …… need Tubularsock say more?

Oh, Tubularsock is already on a roll anyway so sure ……

The “Mc” part of McCain is an attempt to camouflage the Cain part of McCain.

Cain, if you recall your Bible or your Quran, had a brother Abel and they were Adam and Eve’s first sons. From there like all the other shit in the Bible and the Quran the story gets as fucked up as it could be with brothers and sisters fucking each other and God getting all pushed out of shape and Cain ending up killing Abel.

No really, it’s all a forerunner to “brotherly love”.

Tube Cain

And then there is the Cain and the Devil connection by some interpretations and that is where Tubularsock is going with this entire matter.

There is the MARK of Cain and that is where John comes in when McCain said he signed the Republican Iran Letter because he signs “lots of letters”.

Or another way to look at this is Cain camouflage as McCain places “HIS MARK”.

Now that Tubularsock has taken your mind and circled the block you may be asking yourself isn’t the fact that all 47 Senators that signed the Republican Iran Letter really are only simple-minded-dumb-shits?


Tubularsock compliments you for your insight.

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  1. 1EarthUnited says:

    Lol brilliant! Now if only this was satire… McCain carries his mark for all to see.

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  2. donzo442 says:

    A way out here in the Arizonastan, Uncle Cranky the Senator Johnny ‘drooly’ McCain made aliyah to Prescott, Arizonastan to plead the humble cause at a memorial for Kayla Mueller. Young Ms. Mueller had her life terminated by the ever so icky and more than a mite batshit crazy ISIL/ISIS Free Syrian Army Cannibal jihadis. Memorial affair for dead Ms. Mueller was a touching and loving tribute to a young lady that cared about serving others. So it was rather odd that an asshole the likes of McCain would get up in front of those gathered at the Mueller Memorial to speak in rather hushed tones about service to others. You see, the freaks that killed young Ms. Mueller are the one and same freaks that Johnny ‘drooly’ McCain likes to pal around with when he’s out and about interfering and warmongering for fun and profit. Pardon my rather lengthy bitchery. It’s just that McCain needs to be called out for being the root cause of Kayla Mueller’s murder AND the fact that McCain is one shameless piece of shit and his hypocrisy is as galling as is his being a flaming son-of-a-bitch.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Don, you have captured old “drooly” very perfectly. Yet depressing. What Mueller’s life stood for in contrast to McCain, the king of hypocrisy, speaks volumes about the lost nature of our government. Thanks for your comment.

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  3. sojourner says:

    I never made the connection! Cain, Mc Cain! WOW!

    I am still laughing over the supposed first ‘redrum’ scene in human history! Perfect head shots of both assholes! Only the real Cain (the real McCoy), according to the Talmudist’s tale in the bible and quran, at least had a legitimate reason: “Big daddy likes you bestest, Able, so me kill you!” At least the real Cain’s bloodlust wasn’t due to the overwhelming need for political power and insane greed!

    This is why you my Captain, Tubular, and my soon to be new pres of the new non-existent system/order!

    Am I still in good standing, my Capitan?!

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    • tubularsock says:

      sojourner, Tubularsock isn’t up on the B and Q stories but wasn’t there something about their twin sisters being an issue that helped that killing along? It’s been awhile so Tubularsock is not sure. The big-daddy likes you best, Tubularsock remembers. Who can you trust when God so fucked up?


      • sojourner says:

        It could be in the quran, my Capitan, I’m not familiar with that book? I spent too much time on the other avoid-hell owner’s manual! But not in the bibble, at least no version I have read. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, according to the bibble, there were only Adam, Eve, Able and Cain in existence at this point, unless I have forgotten or was absent that day;-)

        You may be thinking of Lot’s daughters, who decided they needed to carry on the tradition, after mom turned into a salt shaker, and so they screwed the old dad while he was drunk and out like a light!

        Who needs porn, when you god the Talmudist’s old testament. In the old, you get Hollywood sex and extreme violence, and in the new, you get Pat Robertson, Billy Graham and the pope!

        Of course, I have noted that many of the ‘science’ channels now seem to be fascinated with the bibble, for some reason, could you have heard this on one of these?


      • tubularsock says:

        Sojourner thank you for your bibble expertise. Tubularsock is sure the “avoid-hell owner’s manual” is handy but you have forced Tubularsock to consult the REAL bibble, GOOGLE, amen.

        Now mind you, Tubularsock has limited knowledge in the bibble’s tales. The little time Tubularsock hung out with Christians was in truth for nefarious purposes during his youth. You see the church was where, in my small town, the girls hung out. And Tubularsock won’t even mention his addiction to large glazed-donuts that were given “FREE” after services in the recreation room. Tubularsock could pop three or four down before the rest of the congregation wandered in from the main church. And they weren’t “free” really ….. it was a lot to sit through that crap! But to end my jonesing for large glazed-donuts at the time was just too much ……..

        But enough!

        According to Freud’s and Jung’s psychoanalytic theories of “fratricide” explained by the Oedipus Complex which were drawn from the Judaic “Midash Rabba” and the Islamic versions of the Old Testament:

        “Cain and Abel are not the only offspring of Adam and Eve, but born as twins with one sister each. In that regard, Abel and Cain were the first two sons, each of whom was born with a twin sister, and Adam decided that, to avoid incest, Abel would marry Cain’s sister and Cain would marry Abel’s sister. However, Cain refused because he wanted to keep his own sister, while Abel respected the paternal law. Adam suggested sacrificial offerings, and, in his absence, God accepted Abel’s lamb rather than Cain’s offering of grass. As a result of this preference, Cain killed Abel.”

        Now Tubularsock didn’t remember any of this in this detail. Tubularsock only remembered the sisters being involved. Shows you what can happen when Tubularsock shoots his ideas from the hip ……….


      • sojourner says:

        Sorry, Capitan, missed the last part of your comment.

        “Who can you trust when God so fucked up?”

        No one who claims all knowledge and overwhelming authority, that’s for certain!

        As Faber, the founder of Faber College, said, “Knowledge is Good!” Faber never said nuthin’ ’bout knowledge being authoritative!;-)

        (Animal House, for those who might not get it!)


  4. ” isn’t the fact that all 47 Senators that signed the Republican Iran Letter really are only simple-minded-dumb-shits? ”

    Tubularsock, Dumb shits they are, that’s obvious. Simple-minded? I’m never sure. Single-minded? well maybe. And promoting the public good is never their point. Like I had to tell you that! Great post, thanks. – Linda


  5. talesfromtheconspiratum says:

    Dumb shits and traitors if you ask me. Why does the American public accept such travesty?


  6. I vote for the simple minded dumb shits explanation.


  7. sojourner says:

    My Capitan says,

    “However, Cain refused because he wanted to keep his own sister…”

    So incest truly was best with old Cain! That dog! It would seem that incest was big back then anyway, with the Lot story and others. Ancient porno!

    Wow! Nope, never heard this version before, but it could very well be. We were fed the Hebrew god was into blood sacrifices, and Cain, who was a cheapo, offered up some wheat and barley instead of blood and guts, and his god was not amused. But Cain’s god did accept Able’s offering, because it was bloody as hell, of course. And this, then, set Cain right off to redrum-ville! It’s no wonder these Christians and Talmudist-Zionists are so blood thirsty, it’s…. wait for it…… IN THEIR BLOOD! Get it, my Capitan? Or as a character in the movie, Paint Your Wagon, said, “Ooooo, these religious dogs are BLOODY greedy”

    Learn something new every day. Actually this ribald tale fits much better with a lot of the perverted shit that can be found in the Talmud, according to sources I’ve read.

    This kind of reminds me of the Seinfeld episode, where Elaine tells a Russian author that the original title of Tolstoy’s War and Peace was “War, what is it good for!” But I digress.

    I had to go back up to your article, in order to figure out how we got here. I still love the head-shots you used!

    You do realize, that I am now condemned to hell, according to over two billion people, because of my comments here? I hope you are satisfied.

    Only kidding, it was where I was going anyway! It shouldn’t be much different than the excruciating shit I’m dealing with here and now!


    • “It shouldn’t be much different than the excruciating shit I’m dealing with here and now!”

      I heartily concur! Hell does not wait for you to die, it gladly comes to you and me and all the other people that are suffering most hellaciously; some more than others. If we reap what we sow, then in another life, I must have been ‘hell’ on wheels for am I suffering or what? I am suffering and what the fuck!

      Fear not the silence of the grave, tis the pain of life, unbearable! – Shelby I. Courtland

      I don’t why but I’ve bit into some deep and medieval shit lately. Maybe, I’ve consumed ‘mushroom’s or some LSD or some other shit, unknowingly.

      Tube, you are on the money with this one! That war hawk McCain is a diseased bastard that can’t be cured. I’ve tried to flush his ass too, but he won’t go down! And though I don’t know much about Rand Paul, what little I’ve heard, has left a bad taste in my mouth. Ugh! He’d help a person lose weight as they’d have no taste for anything.


      • sojourner says:

        Shelby, I can tell you this much, physical illness, along with all of the other shit, can really mess with the head and heart. It’s 2 am, and I’m sitting here trying to figure out what I did this time to cause an asthma attack.

        There are days when I am just burned out, and nights too! The way the world is now is hard enough to deal with, without fighting with the physical. You have been through it, Shelby, physically as well as all other ways.


      • tubularsock says:

        Shelby thanks for the comment. Tubularsock is saddened by your physical issues. What a fucking drag on the body, mind and spirit. Tubularsock is hoping that you find your way through this shit and get to the other side and recover. If, as is said, we project our own reality then Tubularsock suggests that you change your movie, quick!

        Tubularsock started projecting an inde-film which developed into a comedy. Tubularsock tried to sell it to Hollywood but they rejected it. They said that Tube’s life movie didn’t blow up enough bridges for a Hollywood production. Tubularsock just bought some dynamite. Got to go while it’s still dark.

        Hope you feel better and maybe with those mushrooms or LSD you could do a fantasy scare thriller. …… take care.

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