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Tube Heading mic world


Tube Saves Easter


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  1. donzo442 says:

    I have no problem with Jesus and I find him to be delightfully dissident. The “christians” on the other hand are a real pain in the ass.

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  2. I took a really mean dump on the church years ago! Ahhhh! That felt good! It was the bestest ‘dump’ I ever did take! Hell yeah!

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  3. I still like wearing bunny ears — otherwise easter leaves me cold these days. But maybe that’s just because my mommy doesn’t hide eggs or baskets for me any more.


    • tubularsock says:

      Ahh Linda, so did Hugh Hefner. And your chill may have to do with those scantly bunny costumes Hugh liked so much.

      Well the great thing is that you will have all the Easter Bunny Crap (EBC) on SUPER reduction sale tomorrow at Walmart and you can buy it and think of your mom.

      And hell, live dangerously egg your neighbors house!

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  4. Ah, there’s an idea in the true Christian spirit! — I’m about ready to move anyway. Better than wearing those bunny outfits — I just don’t have the legs for it, and … wearing crocs? Oh I think not!


    • tubularsock says:

      An egg a day keeps Christians away … or is that the cross held high keeps the devil away. Tubularsock gets it all too confused.

      Don’t you worry crocs will make a comeback don’t you forget it. It might take Nicki Minaj wearing them but they will return and then your collection will be vintage-cool!
      Stay the course!

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  5. Strangely enough, I didn’t even think of playboy bunnies — my pop cultural sense is clearly deficient. It’s lucky you’re around to remind me of such things. Thanks!


  6. sojourner says:

    The square globe was funny enough, and then this: “If you want to save Jesus, you have to dump the fucking church.”

    You UNMERICAN HEATHEN, you! The Easter Bunny is going to leave his droppings in your stash!

    Speaking of bunnies, I had a few when I was a kid, a few eons ago. Did you ever notice how bunny poop looks like food, and bunny food looks like bunny poop should look?

    That damn tumor!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Now sojourner you don’t have to compliment Tubularsock with you unamerian heathen talk. But thank you. The square globe is only to show that the quickest travel direction is as the crow flies.
      Well Tubularsock does have to correct you on the Bunny droppings in the stash, no way. The Bunny and I both vaporize the same “shit” together so as you know Bunnies don’t foul their own nest stash.

      Well sojourner, Tubularsock did notice that about Bunny shit. But did you also notice that they could tell the difference? As a child we would catch a Bunny in what was known as the figure-4-trap. Every Easter it seemed to work. And then we raised that Bunny until it was large. Then the Bunny would be taken to the “farm” by Tubularsock’s father. Around July we’d have rabbit for dinner.

      Took years to put 2 and 2 together.

      Thanks for your comment. Tubularsock also has many other rabbit stories but I have to hop along for now.


      • sojourner says:

        Poor bunny! My Peta membership card just did a flip flop!

        Yes, I forgot, Bunnies are particular and never get their house or stash dirty.

        I once knew a Bunny who had a stash, but that’s another story for another time. I will tell you this much, it was a hare raising tail!


  7. Daintytime says:

    There are a lot of good Christians out there carrying on the revolutionary spirit of Jesus. I wouldn’t lump them ALL into one category. What has atheism historically organized and worked towards social justice. It was the black church and a lot of white churches that joined them that rose up against racism. Churches have been the leaders in seeking a halt to capital punishment. Churches have taken on a lot of the care of and feeding of the homeless, the marginal, and down and out. Churches have been the leaders in truth and reconciliation in war torn communities. All in the name and spirit of a rebellious Christ who also introduced mercy into the system of law. Happy Resurrection Day!

    For example: https://www.facebook.com/Houseforall


    • tubularsock says:

      Sherri, thank you for the comment.

      Let Tubularsock expand upon his meaning of the “Church”.

      Tubularsock does agree that there are many “Christians” that do follow in Jesus’ revolutionary thinking. Many have found themselves dead for doing it as well as being thrown out of their “Churches” for their commitment.

      And Tubularsock supports their work. And from Tubularsock’s view those individuals are/were following Jesus’ demonstration of standing “in the Christ” or “in the truth of THE knowledge of what they ARE”.

      The “Church” was created in order to control the populations using fear. And they have achieved that goal. Not only in the bat-shit-crazy fundamentalists but in main stream “Christian” churches as well. More subtly perhaps but control is the underpinning not revolution.

      The “Church” supports and supported the Third Reich, the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile as well as every other brutal dictator in Latin America and Asia. The individual ministers, priests, and parishioners who did stand up against the tyranny were not supported by the “Church” and were imprisoned or killed.

      Tubularsock isn’t saying that many people haven’t gathered together in Jesus’ revolutionary spirit but the “Church” opposes that work. Some churches (particular congregations and leadership) stand apart from the “Church” and help push Jesus’ revolutionary example but the conflict within different denominations are many.

      The bottom line for Tubularsock is that Jesus had cleared himself to the point of being “in the Christ”, IN SPIRIT. He said that anyone could achieve this because that is what we ARE!

      But beside from Mary Magdalene, the ONLY disciple bright enough to get his message,
      the rest of his followers, the Tribal power structure and the Roman power structure missed the message entirely.

      Mary Magdalene was also bright enough to get the hell out of Dodge after the resurrection.

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    • Jeff Nguyen says:

      Daintytime, Your points are valid though many churches do their good deeds with a “look at me” attitude and an eye to the bottom line of donations and tax-exempt revenue. I say this as one who is currently working for a Christian agency that provides transitional housing and substance abuse treatment for homeless men and women. What really bothers me is the deafening silence that is heard in the midst of the booming sermons on Sunday mornings when it comes to America’s unending war on blacks, browns, Muslims and the poor. We need strong voices calling out the powerful and connected in this country. There will always be individuals who follow Christ’s example and spirit but they often find themselves marginalized and alienated from the very church who claims to embrace them.

      Keep on keeping on, Tubular.


  8. I have finally figured out what you’re doing here. This is a kind of Rorschach test, isn’t it? You post images for us to free associate to and you’re collating the responses. Can we get a copy of the results?

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