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Tube heading breaking

Oh, my, my. Tubularsock has been so busy adding another story to The Tubularsock Underground Bunker in Oakland, CA overlooking Washington, D.C. that Tubularsock has let several interesting bullshit Maimed-Stream-Media-Tales pass by on their way to history.

I suppose you realize that when you add a story to an underground bunker you go down but the end result is up in the way you view it from the bottom floor. But enough about basic engineering and forward to the American fabrication of the world.

Now Tubularsock does admit that any game involved with balls should be outlawed but that thinking is very counter to world thinking. And Tubularsock feels that when it comes to football (American Style) the shape of the ball is not ball shaped. While the shape of the football (World  Style) is the proper shape of a ball as in all balls are in the shape of a ball EXCEPT the American football and its shape is just not ball shaped.

Which is the fundamental shape of American foreign policy in that we may be out of shape but we want the world to be in our image.

Which leads Tubularsock to the first order of business today, FIFA and its corruption. Wow, that was a slick segue if you ask Tubularsock.

Now we know Tubularsock is really on top of his game but even an imbecile has known that FIFA and its officials have been known for bribery, money laundering, fraud and are so corrupt that for years they have been taking under-the-table money on top-of-the-table.

If you don’t know, FIFA’s Central Committee is a rich old man’s club that does everything in secret so we’ll never know who gets what and how. It has always been corrupt and just now the U.S. has stepped in with arrests and indictments of FIFA officials in Zurich.

Just like the U.S. another “surge” with worthless results. It’s a bitch saving the “free” world!

Tubularsock with Sepp Blatter, President of the FIFA.

Tubularsock with Sepp Blatter, President of the

Wonder why just now all this anti-corruption is happening? There are two pretty clear reasons. And neither are based on any high moral stance by the United States which lacks the capacity for ANY moral stance at all.

Side note: Tubularsock finds it interesting that the U.S. government can find the time and the money and the concern over corruption in soccer in the world federation but massive corruption in military contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan that has already shown to be overwhelming hardly gets a glance from the Justice Department. And speaking of massive . . . . Banking corruption is looked upon as too big to fail and EVEN WORSE the WAR CRIMINALS in our current and past leadership get to have a free ride! So it is Soccer that is the root of all evil?

The United States lost it’s bid for having the World Cup Show to RUSSIA and QATAR.

And gosh, Qatar is an American ally no matter if it’s a brutal dictatorship and got the 2022 World Cup Show.

That’s all good BUT RUSSIA got the 2018 World Cup …… ahh, there’s the rub!

And who was America’s honorary chairman for the U.S. bid committee, which promoted America as the best place to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cup events?

Bill Clinton!

And guess what? In 2014, the Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee, set up by the Qatar government to ensure a successful FIFA world cup, awarded the Clinton Foundation between $250,000 and $500,000; the State of Qatar donated between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Funny how that looks to Tubularsock. Bill Clinton is chairman of the U.S. bid committee which doesn’t get in the running but Qatar who doesn’t even know how to play soccer gets the bid to have the World Cup Soccer Event. And the Clinton Foundation makes off like bandits. If this was a fist fight could it be said that Bill threw the fight for monetary gain? You bet your sweet bippy!

Bill told NBC in a recent interview, “I don’t think there is anything sinister about trying to get wealthy people and countries that are seriously involved in development to spend their money wisely in a way that helps poor people and lifts them up.”

Funny thing here the workers on the Qatar World Cup building projects are primarily migrants from India, Bangladesh, and Nepal whose passports have been taken away and are forced to work in 106 degree temperature. With at least one worker dying on the job every two days. Is this what Bill means by “. . . helps poor people and lifts them up”? Maybe he’s talking about death and heaven.

But did the U.S. Justice Department only become “morally” concerned about FIFA’s corruption in order to attempt to keep Russia from hosting the 2018 World Cup?

Well like some, Senators Menendez and McCain, have called on the FIFA Congress to elect a new FIFA President that would deny Russia from hosting the 2018 World Cup.

And this makes this entire corruption moment seem like interesting timing. Doesn’t it?

Or perhaps the interest of the U.S. Justice Department that felt so compelled to take action on FIFA officials RIGHT NOW for corruption was due to the fact that there was a good chance that Israel was going to be suspended from the FIFA like South Africa was in the 1960’s for Israel’s Apartheid practices against Palestine.

Hmmm, interesting timing indeed.

Tubularsock DOES see a silver lining in all of this because in our dystopian world the U.S. didn’t carpet bomb Zurich in order to save us all from the soccer-terrorists who need to be eliminated “over-there” before we have to face them on our shores!

God Bless AmeriKKKa.


  1. “…in our dystopian world the U.S. didn’t carpet bomb Zurich in order to save us all from the soccer-terrorists…”

    Tubularsock, Hope you haven’t just given our high-minded leaders a brilliant idea. But probably not — after all, banking (and chocolate!) are sacrosanct. Just like the purity and character-building nature of sports! Personally, I don’t really get sports — too many arbitrary rules … does that mean I’m an anarchist? Never mind. If we didn’t know better, we might regard almost everything as obvious and cynical, just like the so-predictable raids on the Eagles or Moose lodges to confiscate poker machines on the local news, whenever the county sheriff or prosecutor is seeking re-election. Or is that just in Ohio?

    But maybe the FIFA thing is only obvious now you have explained it so thoroughly? Thanks for a great post! – Linda


    • tubularsock says:

      Linda, Tubularsock thanks you for your comment. Rest assured Linda, YOU are an anarchist! Rules are NOT made to be broken no matter what has been said to the contrary. IT’S THE LAW! How do you think our exceptionalistic society has reached the summit of its exceptionalocity?

      You are so correct about the Moose and Eagles. Drunken’, gambling sport teams both! It appears that they do have a bit of trouble with the Alcoholic Control Board in Ohio along with their “gaming” activities. Tubularsock has always wondered what those organization really did other than “helping charities”.

      Tubularsock did notice that the Moose and Eagles turned down the State of Ohio Lottery Commission’s offer to place 1,200 “next generation” electronic gaming machines into their fraternal lodges by replacing video raffles that Attorney General Mike DeWine declared illegal gambling devices and ordered removed.

      According The Columbus Dispatch the “. . . deal would not provide posts and lodges with enough money to cover operating costs and continue giving money to charity.”

      Funny how the State can provide gambling but people can’t. Which brings us back to your point about “. . . the purity and character-building nature of sports!” Or does it?

      Thanks Linda. You’re more fun than a barrel of eels!

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  2. Tubularsock, Gambling? Hell yes! Of course the state can do lots of things people cant! If we kill folks, we’re mass murderers. When the state does it, they’re defending our freedoms, and spreading democracy. Or something. Guess states are too big to jail, but you and I are not.

    Thanks for the … kind words? Now you have me wondering how much fun a barrel of eels would be, anyway. I’ll have to think about that a bit. – Linda


  3. sojourner says:

    Love it! Spot on as usual!

    More bullshit dealing, in reality, with Hillary and the 2016 elections (Clinton Foundation emails, etc), and Russia being the “bad guys” once again. SOSDD! Same old shit, different day!

    But remember, there’s a soccer born every minute! Or is that sucker?

    Soccer, or lacrosse without the webbed stick, or hockey without the puck (or ice), or field hockey without the webbed stick and played in skirts. Seen one, seen them all!

    And speaking of “parabolic spheroids”, have you ever heard the Harvard football cheer?

    “Retard them! Retard them! Compel them to relinquish that parabolic spheroid! (with a hanky waving) WOOOOOOO!” Or translated, for us commoners, “Push ’em back! Push ’em back! Wayyyyyy Back! Hoorayyyyy!”

    Always full of worthless information, I know! Sorry!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks for the comment sojourner. That is what Tubularsock deals in ….. SOSDD!

      And there is no question that there is a soccer-born-every-minute and in this country an entire population are soccers!

      Tubularsock’s view with most sports is puck’em!

      Tubularsock hadn’t heard the Harvard football cheer but you did bring back that “push’em back” cheer. Hadn’t heard that since high school and have been just as happy if you hadn’t reminded me.

      But hey, shit happens and now Tubularsock has been reminded and it has brought back a story from Tubularsock’s hall of fame.

      The football coach from my high school scouted Tubularsock out and had somehow got it in his mind that Tubularsock would make an ideal quarter back for his football team.

      He had been watching me on the track team and thought I had good speed.

      So he and the track coach pulled me aside and asked if I’d like to be a quarterback. Tubularsock in order to duck the question said that I didn’t have football cleats only tennis shoes and thanks a lot.

      The football coach said he’d buy me football cleats if I’d join the team.

      So Tubularsock knew he’d have to give a convincing NO so they’d drop the idea.

      I proceeded to ask the coach, “Is the quarter back the guy who is given the ball that all of those other huge guys what to jump on?” And he looked at me oddly and said, “Yes”.

      Tubularsock then said, “ I’m just not that stupid!” and walk away.

      That coach never acknowledged my existence for the rest of my high school days.

      I proceeded to run cross country for the next two and a half years.

      Never much liked sports really.

      Wow sojourner, talking about worthless information!

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      • sojourner says:

        I was a chubby (not yet fat-ass) tenor sax player in the marching band (required to be in the music program at my high school), so the football coach never knew I existed at all. Which was fine with me! We did have a band football team who, by the way, could have kicked our football team’s ass: they sucked. My position was defensive and offensive line, I mean the entire line. Man, did that hurt! But that’s another story for no other time!

        Being a chubster, I hated track, and anything dealing with phys ed. Why run when no one is chasing you with a machete? Why climb a rope, when it leads to a high ceiling where one could fall and break his chubby ass? I always thought “phys ed” was a bait and switch deal: what does running, or any other sport, have to do with being educated about the physical? No wait, I get it, I can climb this rope, so now I know I’m physical! PLEASEEEE!!!!!! A mechanism to get the masses in shape so they can die while trying to make a living in this piece of shit!

        Great answer to your coach, by the way!

        Oh yes, and I will never, beyond now, of course, bring up “Push ’em back!” again! I promise! I know how hard it is to forget unpleasant memories, especially at our tender ages, and then someone mentions the particular memory again, and well, it’s back to square one! Someone brought up how Julie T dumped me the other day, now I’m once again, after forty-five years, pining away after her long, dark hair, brown eyes and legs to die for!

        So don’t you ever bring up Julie T again! Ooops, sorry, it wasn’t you!;-)

        Now what were we originally discussing here?

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      • tubularsock says:

        What were we originally discussing? (:

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  4. Putin says the aim of the DOJ swooping at this precise movement was to oust Blatter and ban the World Cup from happening in Russia in 2018. He bases the claim on the fact that the US and its allies have been pressuring Blatter not to hold the 2018 World Cup in Russia for some time now.

    The New Zealand delegate voted against Blatter (we always vote the way the US wants us to). This may come back to bite them in the butt. NZ is presently hosting the FIFA Under 20 World Cup and Gazprom (which is owned by the Russian government) is one of the major sponsors.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thank you DrB. for taking the time to comment. It is always good to get the straight dope from down under which makes it right on target! Could be just the magnetic configuration of your informational position or that you just are on top of the information stack due to your location BUT as usual ……. you are right there!

      If truth be known, which is about to be exposed right this second in cosmic time, Tubularsock didn’t really know what the FAFI was and didn’t care!

      But then the U.S. became upset and that is always a sign that the “NON-CIVILIZED” world isn’t kowtowing to AMERICAN thought, which is NO THINKING AT ALL. Nothing to see here folks just move along before you get tesed!

      Tubularsock has very little interest in games where balls are involved. Well except racquetball and Tubularsock likes that ballgame because the entire point of racquetball is to dodge an extremely rapid ball bouncing off the wall coming directly at YOU!

      Where as, say baseball, a fast moving ball will be coming directly at you but at 90 miles an hour and you don’t know when! Or football where they just jump on top of you if you have the ball at all.

      So, bottom line Tubularsock likes Putin not because he’s a short little rich dude but because he likes to play the edge. And how fun is that?

      So small but SO BAD!

      And the new-cold-war-crayon-childly-mind-set (NCWCCMS) have formulated an old threat to have the “public” be afraid of …….. well, anything to keep them from having them think how the American Dream isn’t working.

      The only “cup” Tubularsock is willing to get into is a cup of Wild Turkey! For the world is a very bad “B” rated soap opera and the outcome is ALWAYS the same ….. stupidity!

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  5. Tublarsock is looking seriously buff in that picture. I think all that construction in the underground bunker agrees with him.


  6. Jay says:

    This is a great take!


    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks, Jay. Tubularsock tries to do it in the “first take” so to speak. You of all people knows how costly several takes can be. Welcome to Tubularsock. Checked your blog and really like the concept. Going to have to follow you only because how could Tubularsock not follow “assholes watching movies”? Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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