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Just in ……. The Tubularsock News Room and Sake Bar has just received word that by popular demand THE TRUMP POSITION has been TRANSVERSED!

“Yes it is true”, stated Tubularsock just before he boarded a trans-Atlantic flight to Constantinople, “THE TRUMP POSITION has been TRANSVERSED!” (photographic evidence below)

Asked why Constantinople?, Tubularsock explained, “By using an older airline and flying away from the international date line it is possible to reach Istanbul today but by paying airline ticket prices set in 330BC.”

When the New York Times reporter asked, “How could this be possible due to the FACT that there were NO airlines in 330BC”? Tubularsock reminded that reported that the New York Times has never had FACTS get in the way of their reporting before, why now?

Tubularsock went on to say that, “THE TRUMP POSITION being TRANSVERSED was due to an overwhelming amount of public support to “MAKE SURE” the position was permanent.

Tubularsock did confirm that there may be a possible active conspiracy between “lone-wolves” in England, Canada, and Ohio.

In fact, it is rumored that a crazed train engineer has taken over the train heading toward the “TRANSVERSED ZONE”!

This is a Tubularsock News Room and Sake Bar LIVE COVERAGE UPDATE! Stay tuned.

Tube live Trump

Oh! If for some reason you are attempting to truly understand this post you may want to refer to the previous comments made on the previous post A TRUMP POSITION as well as having three or four cups of warm sake …….. that’s what Tubularsock is doing on his way to Constantinople. And as they say in Turkey, “Alkış ve haber gazetelerde okuduğunuz herhangi bir şey inanmıyorum!”




  1. Tubularsock, Conspiracy? Really? I prefer to think of it as righteous indignation. Whatever it is, count me in! I’m in the wrong union to drive the train, but what the hell — if our fearless engineer needs a break, I’m ready. – Linda

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  2. swo8 says:

    Yes siree, I’m having a hard time figuring this one out.


  3. Hariod Brawn says:

    Tubular one, if you’re on the scene when Don gets Trumpcated, make sure no Transversylvanian vampires suck up the blood – we need the genotype eradicated; understood?

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    • tubularsock says:

      So glad you reminded Tubularsock of this long lost fact. Will be done with Tubularsock’s shop-vac!
      From Tubularsock’s understanding Transversylvanian vampires are not allowed expedited visas into the United States so we have time.

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  4. sojourner says:

    Yes, I wondered about Trump’s position on the tracks, yesterday. Good job! I would rather be in the caboose, however, where I could see the end result! That’s Trump all over!

    “Tubularsock did confirm that there may be a possible active conspiracy between “lone-wolves” in England, Canada, and Ohio.”

    I’m baying at the sky as I write! You know some of us Midwestern lone-wolves are quite radical, it’s all that inbreeding. I mean, hell, what else do we have to do after milking the cows, and plowing the back forty, than bring down some conspiratorial hell-fire on the pigs in charge?

    It’s all that GMO allergens floating around in the air, and those damn chemtrails. And let’s not forget about the lead in the water. I just realized, last night, I now have webbed feet! But my never-you-mind remained the same. Ya might know! Is it Niagara or Viagra?

    Okay, all together now, O H – Trump sucks ass!

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  5. sojourner says:


    Post more, Tube!

    I’d much rather do this than write and post!

    This is much more fun!!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Tubularsock can tell that as a “lone-wolf” with others you are a danger to “regular” society. Now just stop all this and go off to WalMart and buy flippers for your webbed-feet!

      And then you aimless liberal get back to posting and writing! We can’t support deadbeat ways in AmeriKKKa!

      As for Tubularsock, well …… just finished off the sake that Leslie didn’t like!

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      • sojourner says:

        And so one might say, you did it for the sake of sake, perhaps?

        Oh, and by the way, thanks for bringing me back to my senses, I must write subversive shit, I must slam the government, I must not be a deadbeat!

        Flippers from Walmart? What a concept!

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      • sojourner says:

        “Tubularsock can tell that as a “lone-wolf” with others you are a danger to “regular” society.”

        Where have I heard this before? Hmmmm… let me think for a moment. Oh yes, I remember now, I heard this from my father, grandparents on both sides and my x wife, not to mention a few coworkers over the years, just to name a few.

        It’s tough being this popular, as I’m sure you know, Tubularsock!

        My middle initial is I, as in So I. Journer: Iconoclast

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      • tubularsock says:

        Oh sojourner Tubularsock was born of virgin birth so doesn’t have any of those family issues about Tubularsock’s political, social, or religious stands. Tubularsock feels for you!

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  6. Michael Fuhrig says:

    Before anybody does anything to Trump, transversing or whatever, he should be waterboarded. Let’s see how he likes what he advocates. This may be off the subject, but everyone should go see Michael More’s latest film..”WHERE DO WE INVADE NEXT..?” More “Trumps” anything we have all collectively said here over the months.

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    • tubularsock says:

      So easily you throw out The Geneva Convention, Michael! Of course Tubularsock is shocked!

      Moore’s movie is on Tubularsock to do list for sure ……. shit! Now Tubularsock will have to leave the bunker.


  7. sojourner says:

    “Oh sojourner Tubularsock was born of virgin birth so doesn’t have any of those family issues…”

    O come let us adore Tube,
    O come let us adore Tube,
    O come let us adore Tu-ube

    Close? No cigar? Wrong religious tone? What?

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