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There is that argument that Hillary isn’t responsible for “her husband’s” policies, but she has taken responsibility for proudly promoting Bill’s omnibus crime bill of 1994 which led to the massive build out of the mass incarceration of the Prison Industrial Complex where more money is spent on prison than on schools.

The United States leads the world in having the largest prison population AND major drug problems as well!

Bill and Hillary’s crime bill was used to justify mass incarceration for many crack addicts and small dose marijuana users, not dealers. The focus was not rehabilitation of the addicts, but punitive punishment.

Now Bill while supporting Hillary on the campaign trail says that the 1994 crime bill was a humanitarian attempt to stop drug violence. However its supposed unintended consequence disproportionally locked up and destroyed Black families with thousands being sent to prison for non-violent drug offensives. With Hillary calling some black youth “super-predator” needing to be brought to “heel”!

It is one of those, oh gosh, we meant well but oops, vote for Hillary moments!

Tube Hillery predator

About the same time in Portugal they decriminalized all drugs and since then drug usage in that country has declined substantially. In the United States it has increased.

Once upon a time the Democratic Party stood for decent wages, adequate housing, quality public education, public health care from cradle to grave, adequate pensions and the right of political participation. No more.

Now both the Democrats and Republican only stand for corporate greed and war profiteering at the expense of the regular people who still some how believe they have a say. And the people do have a say …….. but not a choice!

You can vote for dog shit or dog shit! The ayes have it!


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  1. donzo442 says:

    The “parent tumor” will kill everyone on this Planet. Ash Carter and the cronies of carnage will see to it.

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  2. Lara/Trace says:

    I liked my dog but never his shit. And this world is now sinking in piles of shit.

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    • tubularsock says:

      It’s called the political recycling program. It has been going on for some time. It may have started in Greece centuries ago. So many still don’t know “shit from shinola”! Say hi to your dog from Tubularsock.

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      • sojourner says:

        “shit from shinola”

        Man, I haven’t heard that since dad died in 1996! It was one of his favorites: “That asshole doesn’t know shit from shinola!”

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  3. sojourner says:

    No joking about this post!

    And yet, there are still apologists for Hillary, because her daddy, Bill, and every other male she ever knew, forced her into becoming the low life she is today.

    Sorry, but I am not buying into this lame excuse anymore. No matter our past, or how we have been wronged, we grow up, and so we become responsible for our own actions, male or female.

    Where are these apologists, when it comes to the millions of men (Black men, in particular) in prison, and simply because of drug possession/usage? You know what’s as bad, or worse, as sexual discrimination? NEVER ENDING POVERTY!

    Hillary’s a big girl, and has been for a long time! She is old enough to know what she has perpetrated on we the individuals, and what she wants to continue to perpetrate on us!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Hillary and Bill have been a team for a long time. And have sold out the store in order to climb to this place and damn if so many stupid fucks miss all the shit for the glitter. Marvels Tubularsock.

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      • sojourner says:

        Spot on Right! And if these stupid fucks follow the Hollywood morons, which they most likely do, then the glitter is really going to get in the way of the truth!

        This is why the democrats, in particular, are sickening to me. Two-face hypocritical criminals, as you point out here, Tube!

        Will be reblogging this in the morning!

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  4. swo8 says:

    That omnibus bill of 1994 was nothing more than a means to reinstate slavery. I bet the prisoners are used as cheap labour by the multinationals.

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  5. “…the people do have a say …….. but not a choice!”
    Tubularsock, Sigh. It does seem that as long as it’s ** glittery ** dogshit, too many of us won’t notice or care … though you would think the stink might put us off. Reminds me of a time my stepdaughter’s lab ate a whole bag of hershey’s kisses. (Don’t worry, Simba was 120 pounds of insatiable omnivore so 9 ounces of chocolate never fazed him.)
    Thanks for another excellent post … lest we forget facts as we weather this election season of endless bullshit. – Linda

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  6. sojourner says:

    Reblogged this on An Outsider's Sojourn II.

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  7. I must admit to being mystified about the large support Clinton enjoys among black voters – it’s quite tragic in a way.

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    • Isn’t it though, Dr. Bramhall? And you know that just between Tubularsock and myself, we have been doing our damned best to wake up us Black sheepes. Escuse my lack of edumasion and all, it’s jist that I was bawt up in gail and had no affshial edumacating, ya no?

      But seriously, it is no excuse that Black people are still following the Clintons as they herd them right over another goddamn cliff. And I have the nerve to wonder why we are still sitting somewhere looking cross-eyed in the year of no lord 2016. I shouldn’t wonder at all because if you feed us the Clinton’s shit, we will eat it up, regardless of how funky and mushy it is and we’ll swallow it down as though we’re eating Linda’s stepdaughter’s dog’s Hershey’s kisses. We don’t know why this particular batch of Hershey’s kisses is tasting like shit, but we gonna eat it anyway and hope for a pleasant time on the goddamn toilet afterwards. We gone be constipated and some mo shit as we continue to remain ‘The Clinton’s super predators’ as we head on into prisons all across AmeriKKKa because ‘we are with HER, Hillary Clinton! Hell yeah!!

      We are a sorry bunch of folks and we are going to be even sorrier! That is a fact!

      And Tubularsock, thanks for the great post, man!

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      • tubularsock says:

        Well Shelby, you seemed to have covered it. Tubularsock was reading a few months ago in Black Agenda Report that the reasons why the Black population votes for ANY Democrap is because they are afraid of the “White Man’s Party”, the Republican’ts.

        Tubularsock figures they just haven’t figured out yet that they are both the same party. Hell, the fucking “White” population still hasn’t figured that out yet either!

        “We are a sorry bunch of folks and we are going to be even sorrier! That is a fact!” As Tubularsock’s fellow firebrand so aptly summed it up!

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