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Why is Tubularsock not surprised? It was just a matter of time. And Tubularsock only can see a silver lining in this COPS DEAD DALLAS AFFAIR.

It is part of the Bring The War Home Program and once again it is working.

Somehow my heart doesn’t really go out to the dead cops and their families. Somehow it seems like justice served. And in Dallas, Texas! Could it get more perfect than that?

Now Tubularsock knows others response to Tubularsock’s line of reasoning but look at it.

Really, let’s just call it collateral damage. Isn’t that how we Americans write off all those dead people in other countries that Obama and the boys kill everyday?

Why even get worked up over a few dead cops?

The cops have been slaughtering black people without ANY responsibility for their actions. They have just been murdering them in plain site in front of video cameras and witnesses and the JUSTICE system looks at the videos and takes down the “facts” from the witnesses and proclaims that THE KILLING OF BLACK PEOPLE WAS DONE IN THE LINE OF DUTY. And then that cop is put back on the street to “protect and serve”.

This is done over and over and over throughout the nation to the point that it is clear that if one is not held accountable for their actions then there is no justice.

A large number of cops are ex-military, who when they come home from killing Iraqis and Afghans have a pretty limited range of job skills and so they go into police work.

The problem here is that military and police training are really different but similar. And the intention of the job is totally different. But the infusion of military style equipment has blurred the lines even more. It is clear that that reality hasn’t translated well into domestic policing. So you get cops thinking that they are on patrol in Baghdad rather than Detroit and there lies just one of the problems.

Now we have a Black Man with military training taking “justice” into his own hands and doing what any red blooded American would do by just copying the same outline of “justice” that the police have been handing out.

Sure. It looks different but both are just different sides of the same coin.


If Micah Johnson had done what he had done in Kabul, Afghanistan rather than in Dallas, Texas he would have gotten a medal! Which may be worth considering when we train and send soldiers off to “selectively” kill people. The “blowback” can be the unintended consequence.

So the same money spent training ex-military cops and ex-military civilians come from the same source. The United States Government!


But the head of the monster comes from a different place.

A major mind-set of OUR MONSTER was created with, of course 9/11. The entire defense department, the entire security apparatus, the entire intelligence bureaucracy did not protect the country from attack yet NO ONE was removed from duty for a complete failure of and dereliction of that duty. Rather many were promoted and some even given medals for a job well done!

Thereby setting the tone from a “leadership” role that people are not responsible for their actions.



And then Obama enters and took the position with his “Look Forward and not Back” that SOME PEOPLE were NOT RESPONSIBLE for their illegal actions as in torture, pre-emptive strikes on countries that never attacked us, rendition, and mass murder.

Thereby setting the tone from a “leadership” role that people are not responsible for their actions.

Then as the Banksters stole billions of dollars from the system, Bush and Obama held NO ONE responsible for their actions. In fact, they gave the thieves more money thereby establishing from the “leadership” role that it is alright to swindle, rob and steal.

We have the MIND-SET of the Monster created from the point of view that NO ONE is responsible for their actions and then the Monster was set loose.

The result is simple:

NO ONE is responsible for their actions has become the principle and the reality of the society we call America!


However Bush and Obama set by example the WRONG lessons!

And the new crop of “leaders” are simply pathetic! (which may be a step up)

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  1. Lou says:

    Good one. Love your reasoning.
    What’s with the Robin Hood tights? Is that yer secret superhero costume? It works, I am scared! Re-blogging.

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  2. […] Source: COP COLLATERAL DAMAGE | Tubularsock […]

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  3. Lara/Trace says:

    Your reasoning is mine too. And it feels like 9-11 all over again – the shock on people’s faces is the same.

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  4. Lara/Trace says:

    p.s. you are brave to write this…. really brave,

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  5. donzo442 says:

    “ameriKKKa, where are you now? don’t you care about your sons and daughters?”

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  6. Denise says:

    Right the fuck on, Tube! Finding myself not feeling too worked up about Dallas, either. Looks to me like the chickens coming home to roost. If this kind of state sanctioned street execution were happening to white people we’d have battalions of snipers fighting back who would be widely seen as heroes. How much abuse and murder can people take without wanting some payback? My only disagreement is with your framing that this kind of police terrorism of Black people is somehow new, stemming from 9/11 and the militarization thats been happening for a few decades now. But it looks to me like cops were doing just fine with beating and abusing Black folks without military equipment, and without any Patriot Act sanctions. Look at the beating of Rodney King. Consider that police terror was a central reason for the formation of the Black Panthers all the way back in the 60s. No, this shit has always been happening…the difference now is that everyday folks have the technology to not only record it, but to widely disseminate it via social media.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks for your insights Denise and you are so correct that all this shit started way before 9/11 going back to the slave trade and then Jim Crow and into the ’60s and all the rest. Tubularsock focused on recent history mainly because the early history had the lie covered with a thicker coat of moral dressing and the hypocrisy was well managed.

      And yes modern technology with social media has helped break that mold but it has only been sense 9/11 that the power structure has become more open and blatant about policies that run counter to formula norms which hide the truth but now not only freely admitted but promote as acceptable to do. Torture is one obvious example.

      So the framing in the context of current history was done for that purpose but racism reaches back to the very beginnings of this country. No question about it.

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  7. Norman Pilon says:

    Yes, people are only going to put up with so much, and as Denise suggests, the time was overripe even as far back as the 60s, and indeed going all the way back to the halcyon days of slavery.

    Hopefully this doesn’t spin out of control and become, so to speak, a civil war between so called “races,” but becomes the impetus rather to bind Americans together against the repressive forces of the establishment, who are their real opponents.

    It’s a complicated and dicey situation.

    You don’t want to see innocent people get hurt, but on the other hand, innocent people were being murdered, and nothing was being done to reign in the brutality.

    One wonders, however, if the administrative negligence wasn’t somewhat by design, to inflame social unrest before Americans have a chance to really get their bearings, politically speaking, so as to forestall and even decapitate organized and intelligent push back before it really gets a chance to gain serious traction. Incite riots only to declare Martial Law, or a state of emergency, and detain all dissidents worthy of the name, that is, potential leaders, now, before alliances and networks become too solidified and unwieldy to easily pacify or break up.

    Oh, I know, I know, as already I “hear” you thinking about that last paragraph: “tin foiled thinking.” Perhaps . . .

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well Norman you won’t have Tubularsock criticize you for “tin hat thinking”. Even paranoid people have people following them sometimes.

      When you have 9/11 itself being a clear false-flag operation why would it be strange to have the power structure incite riots and declare Martial Law.

      A key sign will be when Gucci starts selling Tin-Foil-Hats. That will be when the fad will imitate life as we know it.

      Keep low ……..

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  8. sojourner says:

    Hey, storm-troopers, “Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time!”, or if you can’t take the bullet!

    Absolutely correct, Tube! This “law and order”/”morality” for the disenfranchised many only, while the elite-swine and their stooges, including the SS, are never bound by “the law”, is no longer going to fly!

    If the law is only intended to restrict my personal rights and desires, then the law, in my mind and heart, has been made null and void!

    And yet, my very attitude, here, is exactly what these creatures want. They want a race/civil war, so they can wipe most of us out, instead of taking the long route by poisoning our air, water, food and medicine.

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    • tubularsock says:

      “taking the long route by poisoning our air, water, food and medicine.”

      It is only the long way if you start when they started. Now it’s a done deal!

      On that happy note, “have a nice day” . . .

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  9. swo8 says:

    You are absolutely right! Shelby calls it genocide and she is right too!

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  10. The unwritten rule here is that the state has a monopoly on violence – in other words violence that is state sanctioned is good. It’s a ludicrous rule to live by, as your post eloquently points out.

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  11. Tubularsock, Chilling, brilliant analysis, more even than usual. My cynical first thought on hearing of the Dallas shootings was … really? how unexpected .
    Or not.
    Live by the assault weapon and drones and bombs … kill people all over the world … and have the colossal arrogance and fatuity to call it righteous … and someday your turn will also come. Surprise!
    How long can we keep on being so determinedly obtuse, how long will we waste so much time and energy denying the obvious? Seems like this obscene exceptional-american monster can’t last much longer. But you know us, we would rather blow up the universe than admit we’ve been wrong. Ever. About anything. And we’re not stupid either, just ask us.
    Thanks for this one, and for all your exellent recent work, which I’m still catching up on. More, please! – Linda

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