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In any given election those who want your vote will promise you ANYTHING but not Tubularsock. Tubularsock, just like take-out Chinese …. delivers!

Tubularsock has a full scale plan to end war in our time. We are talking PEACE here folks. PEACE for you, PEACE for your children, and PEACE for your grandchildren!

Now how, you ask, can Tubularsock create PEACE and stop war in our time?


War is ONLY ABOUT profit. War has nothing to do with bringing “democracy” to other people of the world, or humanitarian concerns about poorer nations, or even caring about others. War is ONLY ABOUT profit!

Now Tubularsock’s A JET IN EVERY GARAGE PROGRAM will keep Boeing, Lockheed Martin,  and Northrop Grumman in the profit column for years to come because EVERY YEAR there will be a new model with all new features! Like the “extras” provided by BAE Systems that will include the Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer that provides sophisticated simulation training for your teenage pilots. Just think of the possibilities!

And don’t forget about the end of “road-rage”! With proper training the new popular “air-rage” will help be prevented by L-3 Communications unmanned aircraft systems. See, nobody there to get angry with! Sweet!

And think of the growth in the building trades. JOBS, JOBS, JOBS when each American family (like Obamacare) will be required to build a three-jet-garage! Can it get better than that!




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  1. Lara/Trace says:

    I’m writing you in… serious

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  2. sojourner says:

    If you want my vote, Tube, I would suggest that you make sure there is a 150 megaton bomb in every garage, instead of a jet! We don’t need no stinking jets!

    Talk about your mutual assured destruction (MAD) on a massive scale, this would end the wars between men and women, the races and nations. I mean, think about it, piss off your neighbor just enough, and it’ll be the “big bang” ditty all over again.

    Maybe I should run for president? “Yeah, that’s the ticket!”

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  3. swo8 says:

    I agree with sojourner. You’re going to have to take it a few steps further, Tubularsock. A couple of Uzis in every backpack too.

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  4. sojourner says:

    Linda wrote:

    “When I said I might like to be a fighter pilot, sojourner asked …”A fighter pilot? You mean like Snoopy?” (So who says there’s a smart-ass shortage in Ohio?)”

    Too perfect, Linda! It just came to mind, and I couldn’t help myself!

    Yep, there ain’t no shortage of smart asses in this here region of the buckeye state. In fact, I’m president of the local chapter of smart asses!

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  5. Ahem. Tubularsock, It’s hard to be sure about our Sojourner, but I didn’t mean to hijack your comments space! And when you’ve givenn us such good, reasonable ideas too — sorry about that. We buckeye smart-asses must be too impulsive. – Linda

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  6. Jay says:

    Is the chicken free range?

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  7. Michael Fuhrig says:

    Brilliant idea Tube! But if Dad takes the jet out for the evening and has a few too many, he could have trouble parking and take out the whole neighborhood. Oh well…collateral damage..

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