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Well things ARE as bad as you think. And Tubularsock believes that a case could be made for voting PUTIN FOR PRESIDENT.

You see, we as Americans, have been propagandized to believe that Putin is not “trust worthy”. But the proof is so much less daunting than the FACT that both Hillary and Trump are ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUST WORTHY!

So you may want to look into that political direction if you vote at all.

In an overview of all three debates one finds that you really don’t know ANYTHING about anything. And that is exactly the way it is set up to do. Give you a show and keep the lights off!

If it was meant to be really informative and issued centered then ALL political parties would have a place at the table. Tubularsock has discussed this ad nauseam.


People are seldom swayed by “debates” as they are set up. It’s like a sports team.

A fan goes into a game with a predisposition for THEIR TEAM and no matter how well they do or how badly they do SELDOM to NEVER does the fan say, “I’m changing teams”.

So what is the purpose for a debate especially when ALL the questions are known by the candidates beforehand EVEN WHEN THEY TELL YOU THEY’RE NOT?

Well, nothing is done in this country without promoting our core value. And that is to make money.

CBS was asking $200,000 to $225,000 for a 30-second spot during its post-debate coverage —

The Clinton campaign announced it had at least $30 million earmarked for digital ads.

But IT IS NOT EVEN IN THE BALL PARK which shows that it doesn’t even have the draw of your local sports team when one discovers that the advertising rate for a spot at the Super Bowl this year was $5 million!

But that is all understandable when you look at it. Either one of these candidates could blow up the world ……. and that’s scary. SOOOO, let’s watch football!


  1. Lara/Trace says:

    You are correct, as usual!

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    • tubularsock says:

      “as usual” is always a burden for the aimless like Tubularsock

      Tubularsock still can’t figure out just why he didn’t pick the blue pill ! Damn Morpheus! Tubularsock liked the cut of his coat ….. so cool and stylish!

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  2. 1EarthUnited says:

    Football is much less brutal, and infinitely more entertaining. Watching these 2 debate is like arguing the merits of one’s idiocy, or is imbecility or mentally challenged more PC!
    Ah the sound of brain cells dying. 🙂

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  3. Norman Pilon says:

    What time’s the game at?

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  4. swo8 says:

    I have absolutely nothing to add to that.

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  5. Wick Burner says:

    I’ll have the Bemusement Burger with a side of Despair.


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  6. sojourner says:

    I hate the NFL, but I would watch a pro football game any day, before I would watch, for one fucking moment, any of these sold out stooges lying their asses off in a fucked up “debate”.

    Come on, Tube, if I watch a football game instead of Hillary, Donnie or Jill bullshitting, I am turning my back on a possible nuclear holocaust? You know damn well, and you just made the point above, that these debates are staged and worthless. Care to reconsider?

    It’s okay, Tube, I understand. You live in pro-football hell, there in Oakland; with the 49ers, Raiders and now the Rams, so when you think or write football you lose it.

    It’s okay, Tube! But remember, football isn’t what is keeping people from the truth. Football is a distraction, just like drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, blogging, etc, etc. It is this every four year farce, and the elite swine, who are keeping people from the truth.

    I know. I know. Slamming football gets you brownie points with all the left-wingers. How about field hockey instead: college girls in short skirts, bent over, chasing a ball?

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    • tubularsock says:

      sojourner, Tubularsock has to thank you for filling Tubularsock in ……
      The 49er-Raider-Rams Tubularsock thought was a pickup by Toyota. Damn! The things one can learn blogging while driving.

      And what about that NFL! Tubularsock is against another trade treaty just like you sojourner! Fuck the NFL. We just have too many of them and China is just taking advantage of us anyway. You are so right about that NFL!

      Drugs and alcohol are a distraction? Now THAT is where we differ, sojourner! Tubularsock is a big fan of both and they have NEVER distracted Tubularsock from any, ahh ……. from any, ahh …… what were we talking about?

      Field hockey you say. Tubularsock is off to buy some high powered binoculars at “DICK’S” Sporting Goods, sounds like a ball.

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      • sojourner says:

        The Tube spaketh,

        “sojourner, Tubularsock has to thank you for filling Tubularsock in ……
        The 49er-Raider-Rams Tubularsock thought was a pickup by Toyota. Damn! The things one can learn blogging while driving.’

        For those just joining the program, this quote, in fact his entire reply to me, is classic Tube!

        This is why we follow the Tube! Tube is our leader, our Captain, if you will! Tube be da man!

        Yes, Tube, I must admit, I have spent some time with binoculars watching college field hockey,, not the game itself, mind you, but the participants, and this takes place in my living room (tv, you know).

        And yes, Tube, I agree (my bad), drugs and alcohol are not a distraction (except when it comes to suicide), they are the staples of a healthy, normal life style in “the land of the free”! Don’t leave home or drive without ’em!

        What was I thinking? Forgive me, fearless leader! I repent!

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      • tubularsock says:

        Holy shit Batman …….. with accolades like this I’m going to follow Tubularsock!
        Ahhh, which way did he go?

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  7. Michael Fuhrig says:

    Like it or not one of these two is going to be the quarterback for our nation on January 20. Just about the time of the Super Bowl.
    To continue the football analogy football teams have tight ends–both Bill Clinton (our possible co-president) and Donald trump know a lot about tight ends.
    Football teams have centers and so do political parties, but extremists in both parties are making end runs around the center.
    Football teams have line backers and Hilary has computer account backers–and hackers.
    When football teams violate the rules a referee blows a whistle and throws a flag to indicate they will get a penalty. Here the analogy falters a bit since when Trump violates the rules (such as not releasing his tax returns) he doesn’t get a penalty and he wears a flag on his lapel to show what a patriot he is.
    Football teams have players called safeties to the rear of the defense to stop the other team from making forward passes. When Donald Trump throws a pass at a woman her safety is violated.
    And finally, to complete the analogy, football teams play on a field called a gridiron. The government either Trump or Hilary will inherit play on a legislative field called a gridlock.
    So we should probably let the NFL run our government and they might do a better job. And Hilary & Trump could “take a knee”.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well Michael, you have given Tubularsock more information about football than he cares to know!
      However you missed one analogy which would complete your point …… The New England PATRIOTS INFLATION-GATE!

      Hot air and politics go so well together especially on the “gridiron” during “gridlock”!

      Thanks for you comment.

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  8. Michael Fuhrig says:

    Hear..Hear…!! Tube…. Well said & good show as our British friends would say.

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