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Lucky for Tubularsock, in our diverse economy, a regular guy who was rejected by the American electorate for the presidency can find a part time job.

Sure, Tubularsock is still tutoring President Elect Tweet but as the new government is formed Tubularsock will be put out to pasture soon due to the reconfiguration of the “drained swamp”. Let Tubularsock remind you that SCUM rises to the top, which is being demonstrated so clearly in Washington, D.C. right now! REALLY, did you expect anything different out of either party?



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  1. sojourner says:

    “REALLY, did you expect anything different out of either party?”

    Nope! Not at all! They have, once again, lived right down to my excessively low expectations. In this sense, the scum never fail me.

    A job for the Tube? Hmmmm, let’s see…

    How about landscaping/gardening? After all, Tube, we all know how you love the weed (and WT)!

    Or how about being a male-companion/sex-surrogate? We all know how the women go for that hair do of yours!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well sojourner, thank you so much for your job recommendations. Tubularsock’s landscape is as diverse as the wind and as he floats across the swells and eddies
      of the air moving across the spacial expanse of unknown existence and interflows with the passing negative energy pockets Tubularsock adjusts to the cosmic vibrations that present themselves in the ever constant …………. oh! must put down this joint and shot glass and ahhh …… where were we ……..?

      The sex-surrogate seems a bit too hairy even for Tubularsock’s coiffure expertise. But thanks anyway.

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  2. Lara/Trace says:

    I read about pizzagate today and need bleach (for my eyes)

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    • tubularsock says:

      Smart move LT! The part of pizzagate that Tubularsock doesn’t understand exactly is that how is it that these “power-people” have time for all these “gate” activities and still find time to fuck up so much politically. Also makes Tubularsock think of the inside track of people like Bill and Malinda GATES.

      What do you think a GATEgate would look like? Would Bill and Hillary be involved? The Queen of England? Other’s in the Royal Family?

      Ahhh, Tubularsock’s mind is now going on rest mood ……. until later.

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  3. 1EarthUnited says:

    Tubes, that’s alot of swamp scum, u would need to start your own superfund site to bury that much toxic waste. Might i propose Washington DC?

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    • tubularsock says:

      1Earth, you are soooo ecologically knowledgeable Tubularsock must say. The mathematical formula of the “swamp scum phenomenon” when divided by 3 democraps and 4 repulican’ts requires that you carry the 1.

      So yes, Washington, D.C. would be an excellent location but we’ll have to investigate the logistics and containment of stacking scum. But hell, THAT’S SCIENCE!

      Thank you for your wise direction. The Tubularsock SuperFUN will be sending you a check for your consulting fees in due time as the crow flies.

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      • Tubularsock, Glad to see you’re planning ahead, politics (and teaching) are pretty precarious gigs these days.
        And I note you quickly transformed the “superfund” idea into “the Tubularsock SuperFun” … who else could do that!
        I just have one question — are we sure this … stuff … is biodegradable? Seems pretty toxic from here — and don’t even think of locating your land fill in Ohio, we have enough problems! – Linda

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      • tubularsock says:

        Tubularsock says: Safety First!

        Tubularsock has set up his SuperFun site in Ohio only so you, Linda and sojourner will have good paying jobs! What does it mean “toxic” if it takes a little “toxic” to provide employment then why not provide employment! Just don’t breath when you work!

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      • Only in Ohio, huh? Why am I not surprised? Sigh.
        Well, thanks for the kind thoughts, and helping with our under-employment here! And let me guess — your Emporium can offer us a great deal on top-notch refurbished respirators, right? I’d better take a dozen.

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      • tubularsock says:

        subsidiary – – – Tubularsock Emporium, Inc.

        This is a standard auto response to your recent order of ………. 12 top-notch refurbished respirators.

        Your order # is 666 and should be used with any further communications regarding this order.

        Thank you, auto-response-unit, “Mabel” . “Have a nice day.”

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  4. swo8 says:

    The topic was well covered. Sorry can’t add anything of significance.

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  5. sojourner says:

    “I just have one question — are we sure this … stuff … is biodegradable? Seems pretty toxic from here — and don’t even think of locating your land fill in Ohio, we have enough problems! – Linda”

    What Linda said! I’m dumpy enough without adding more dumpiness!

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