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If there isn’t a crisis, it appears, there isn’t any news! So right there you can see that it’s still all the same no matter how much you protest.

President Elect Tweet’s transition team is like a “war zone”!

Who is in?

Who is out?

It is no surprise that “draining the swamp” is way more difficult in reality than in rhetoric and trying to keep “lobbyists” out of positions is like going to a snake farm and hoping for no snakes.

And having President Elect Tweet express that “Only he knows the finalists” to be chosen with names ricocheting around the press like firing a shotgun in a steel box doesn’t provide much stability.

Oh well, what good is a cabinet anyway when the guy shoots from the hip. Tubularsock figures it’s at least somebody he can talk to.

The best thing is getting his kids cleared for government secrets. He seems to at least trust them so in order to have open discussions and not end up like Hillary and her open-to-all internet server President Elect Tweet is protecting himself upfront.

The speculation from EVERY direction will keep this process hopping for weeks and the one interesting thing about short-attention-span-Tweet is that he will “fire” any of the “chosen ones” at a drop of a Make America Great Again hat!

But no matter, Tubularsock is conducting his third lesson directing President Elect Tweet with a step into a Foreign Policy/Domestic Policy combo. This will help Tweet understand that there is a connection with what happens outside the country and what happens inside the country. This a big step for President Elect Tweet but after all it IS our third lesson!



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  1. swo8 says:

    To me, the ultimate question is – will ultimate power corrupt ultimately?

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    • sojourner says:


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    • tubularsock says:

      “will ultimate power corrupt ultimately?” Yes, Tubularsock is happy to say Leslie that THAT is the ultimate question and YES is the ultimate answer to your ultimate question.

      Ultimately however because this ultimate question has now been ultimately answered which was ultimately inevitable humankind just will ultimately come up with a new ultimate question.

      Tubularsock believes that it is really simple. Ultimately IS as ultimate as it gets.

      Thanks for your comment and there is no need to thank Tubularsock for providing you the answer because ultimately Tubularsock will thank himself. As he always does with ultimate questions.

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  2. sojourner says:

    “Much ado about nothing,” As Will Shakespeare would say.

    What does this mean, “Make America Great Again”?

    When was this piece o shit ever great? Not in my lifetime, that’s for damn sure! Unless, of course, “great” means waging war on the world, and fucking up everything it touches.

    This reminds me of a Steely Dan lyric:

    “You been tellin’ me you’re a genius
    Since you were seventeen
    In all the time I’ve known you
    I still don’t know what you mean…”

    Read more: Steely Dan – Reelin’ In The Years Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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  3. Michael Fuhrig says:

    If President-elect Tweet (or is it Trump) drains the swamp all he is going to do is get rid of the water. There still will be the creepy swamp creatures left. And many of them will be on his new team. And the chief of his team is Pence, a true snake.

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    • tubularsock says:

      You are correct Michael but lucky for you the TUBULARSOCK SALES EMPORIUM has on sale right now the “classic-historical-hip-boot for your swamp adventures!

      Sure, you get a discount you’re a friend of Tubularsock!
      Thanks for the comment.

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      • Tubularsock, I can wholeheartedly vouch for the hip boots, none better – fully up to Fukushima work! And there isn’t enough money in the world … at least never enough of it comes my direction … to make me say so if it isn’t true.
        But as for all that ‘ultimate corruption’ stuff … you can’t mean it will get worse before it gets really ultimately bad? These bastards are starting out lower than magma, the only thing worse will be when they get through disemboweling each other and turn on the rest of us with a united snarling, snapping front. Good luck with the tutoring — and watch your back. – Linda

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      • tubularsock says:

        Oh Linda, of course! How silly of Tubularsock not to mention your famous crocs hip boots. And Tubularsock knows that you “wholeheartedly vouch for” them.

        As for watching your back …… that is exactly why Tubularsock walks backwards when he’s in public.

        Why people don’t notice is due to Tubularsock’s stealth crocs ….. now on sale at TUBULARSOCK SALES EMPORIUM.

        Thanks for your keen insights!

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  4. Norman Pilon says:

    I”m late to class. I’ve much to catch up on. Have we had the election already?

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    • tubularsock says:

      NORMAN! Tubularsock has heard it all before, next you’ll tell Tubularsock that the dog ate the election! In this case it may even be true.

      Now sit down and get out you notebook we are going to have a little quiz.


    • sojourner says:

      Norm wrote,

      “I”m late to class. I’ve much to catch up on. Have we had the election already?”

      No, Norm, what happened two weeks ago was just a mirage, it was all done with mirrors!

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