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You may not recall (unless you have been a long time reader of Tubularsock) but back in July of 2014 Tubularsock, President Obama’s Secretary of the Inferior was reported MISSING and besides the many conspiracy theories and the reported missing Air Force One that was possibly sited at a Dairy Queen in DelRio, Texas later, there was little follow up and the story disappeared from the news cycles.
( see:

Well interesting enough the Tubularsock News Team has just received some interesting evidence that there may be some LINK between President Donald Trump’s very close advisor and confident, Tubularsock – Secretary of the Deplorables!


As was done back on July 2, 2014 again the crack Tubularsock News Team has turned its investigative journalism over to the tabloid The New York Toast in order to not be accused of conflict of interest.

To keep this all in it’s historical perspective the cover of the The New York Toast of that period is presented so you may be able to compare and contrast and find any clues that will help to sort out this sorted affair. YOU, as a citizen, may be able to see what to date the “experts” have been unable to see.

Recently some have noticed that President Trump has been spending an inordinate amount of time with his Secretary of the Deplorables.



“There appears to be some indication that President Trump has decided to retain Tubularsock, Secretary of the Deplorables for a new position”, according to a White House staff member who wasn’t authorized to publicly discuss private policy considerations and spoke on condition of anonymity.






  1. Hahahahaha. You really are the man on the inside Tubular! I never doubted it either.

    – Esme the Cloudster nodding and winking at Tubular as he stands behind the Orange lunatic

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  2. swo8 says:

    As for the “future news” I feel very reassured that you are in there advising the “Big Orange Twit”. Now maybe something will get done or undone as the case may be.

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  3. Lara/Trace says:

    I laugh out loud at this and look out my window and see a large cloud bunny passing by… (no, I’m not on drugs)

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  4. sojourner says:

    Well, Tube, as you may or may not know, I called it quits, back at the end of March. I just couldn’t “takes it no more”, as Popeye would have said. But then, by late May, my malignant, grapefruit-sized brain tumor had moved once again, and I was drawn away from my music and back to reading the news, the horrible, pitiful, fucking news.

    So I am back, sorta/part-time, and I couldn’t help but check in to see what Trump’s hidden-hand man is up to. And by these photos, I can see you are still right there in the mix of things. How is Mrs Trump by the way? Is she good, or does she just lay there saying, “Okay, if you have to. Let’s get it over with!”?

    I had almost forgotten you were my secretary, the secretary of the deplorables, that is. And after the last almost three months off, I am more deplorable than ever, or at least that’s what Billy’s insane bitch would say, and my x wife as well!

    I have to admit that I chuckled quite loudly at the photos above.

    I have mellowed some. So there will be no more ranting and low-life fucking language. Ooops! Oh who I am kidding!

    But here is my question, Tube: Have you missed the sojourner?

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    • tubularsock says:

      sojourner, glad you have awakened again and enter the world of the insane. Welcome home. Tubularsock has really missed your rants and insights!
      Nothing has changed, Tubularsock is still attacking Quixote windmills and ranting at the moon. All’s good.

      “I have mellowed some”. You are kidding, right? You can’t fool Tubularsock, so don’t even try! That was one of the funniest things Tubularsock has read all day! But to answer your question, yes you were missed! Now get to work. Tubularsock figures that in your new mellowed stance that you and Al Gore will be fighting climate change together. Good for you sojourner!

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  5. sojourner says:

    Just like a member of the president’s administration to bait me that way! I couldn’t help myself, I’ve got a climate change monkey on my back, Tube! Help me!!!!!!!!;-)


  6. sojourner says:

    On a side note, Tube. Speaking of “The sky is falling” Al Gore, I just ran across this gem:

    As opposed to Flip Wilson’s old “The devil made me do it!”, Gore is going for the Christian god to explain his “sky is falling” bullshit. What a sweetheart of a man, don’t you think, Tube?

    I mean being the staunch fundamentalist you are, Tube, this proclamation by Gore should send religious shivers up and down your spine, right?

    Couldn’t resist! just couldn’t!

    I lived in Nashville, Gore’s base of operations, and most of the people I knew, even the liberals, spoke of this “man” as if he were either a raving lunatic or a con man.

    But that’s another story for another day. Until next week, same bat channel, same bat time….

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  7. sojourner says:

    “Wow sojourner! Putin’s God of course, haven’t you heard the Russians are responsible for EVERYTHING! Except the good stuff.”

    My bad! How could I have forgotten!

    Yes, that awful ancient nation that gave us Tolstoy, Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Cui and Tchaikovsky, just to name a few brilliant men, what a horrible place. I mean, the US has produced geniuses like Elvis Presley, Lawrence Welk, Moms Mably, Jerry Lee Lewis and a veritable pot pourri of stoned out of their minds three chord wonders, or I wonder why they only know three chords and still need a capo, with the intellectual capacity of a cardboard box?

    How could Putin ever hope to compete with such genius?

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  8. sojourner says:

    Tube, you’re a vital part of the Trumpster’s admin, being secretary of the deplorables, so can’t you do something about Trump and his tweeting all over the place?

    Who could ever make this shit up. And I just love all the hyperbolic comment (bullshit) about the sanctity of the office of stooge, ooops, I meant president.

    I think I need to change my approach to blogging, and just treat all of this shit as the sad and horrific joke it truly is. What do you think, Tube?

    I mean I can’t stand Hillary, but I doubt she would have made an ass out of herself this badly.

    Tube, we all know you’re wealthy, living in the area of the country you do, don’t you have an island somewhere where all of us could go and wait for the mushroom clouds to rise in the distance?

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  9. tubularsock says:

    sojourner: Tubularsock is so wealthy that he is part of the 0% and we look down on the 1% savages!

    The only difference between crazy Orange-Tweet and the rest of the bozos is he is so stupid he is out there with it and the rest of the them (Killery and Obomba and the Shrub) is that they just hide it under fake decorum!

    No, in Tubularsock book Orange-Tweet is great for America because if the population doesn’t wake up to his shit then we are doomed anyway.


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    • sojourner says:

      Excellent point, Tube! And believe it or not, I could not agree more. If this herd can’t wake up with Trump and all of this other shit happening, then they will never wake up.

      But then again, I came to the conclusion that this herd was never going to wake up a few months back. Asshole stooges like Trump and Hillary will continue on and on, and simply because the American herd is to dumbed down, complacent, self-actualized (self lusting) and compliant to ever go fucking postal on their asses!

      You were right all along, Tube, humanity and the planet are fucked. If I just had the cash to have a fully stocked bar, and a forty or so nympho come in every two or three months, I could just sit back and enjoy the show, until I take the last gasp! Which, by the way, would most likely come during one of the visits from the nympho!

      Pax Talcum!

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  10. tubularsock says:

    sojourner, Tubularsock guesses that you haven’t received the “Nympho In A Box” that Tube sent you along with a bottle of hooch. Well it’s on its way! Hang in there.

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  11. 1EarthUnited says:

    Say it ain’t so… now ur relegated to tweet detail! Can orange ever be the new purple?

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