An open Tubularsock statement to The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Edna Frieberg’s press release on Holocaust Analogies.


Tubularsock would say that EVERY holocaust survivor in the U.S should be ON THE FRONT LINES in reminding everyone that when a government starts putting people in “camps” like in Nazi Germany it is a step TOWARD a possible tragic and horrendous outcome.

And to demean people and treat them inhumanly and then blame them is exactly what the Nazi’s did to the Jews, homosexuals and Gypsies, so the analogy isn’t some far fetched idea it is an actual reality. And occurring in the United States RIGHT NOW!

The concentration camps on our Southern Boarder are not some intellectual abstract grammatical debate. They exist NOW!

And just to become clear, attempting to keep from any analogy the term “concentration camps” for fear that some people may have “painful memories” is unfortunate but you have to remember that Jews have not cornered the market on that term!

It is like saying that NOTHING can be compared with the pain and murder of the Jews during WWII because it may cause painful memories. That is the price of admission to preventing having it happen again.

Of ALL the people who should be out and on the vanguard AGAINST any form of government orchestrated camps it should be those who know the horrors of such actions toward groups of people!

It shouldn’t be up to Tubularsock to remind the Holocaust Museum that “in the beginning” Jews didn’t realize what would happen to them and “followed orders” rather than refused to follow the orders at the risk of death.

The difference is one of open resistance and thereby exposing the action to the general population as to what the German Government was doing.

By not saying NO in mass allowed them to be taken away without the advantage of exposure BEFOREHAND and thus mass murder was done without the general German population knowing what was being done.

Unfortunately, Edna Friedbery presents a point of observation so myopic and distorted that one can not find it tenable. What is happening NOW is the same as when Germany STARTED their program. And to intellectualize the warning signs is exactly what many Jews did prior to the tragedy that occurred during WWII.

Remember: The first “camps” were “work camps” and from that the Jews walked into hell!

To wallow around in the pain of the past without making an overt stand against the same beginning atrocities in the present is ONLY GOOD if one’s “victim status” is their life crutch!

That is why if there is any lesson to be taken here is that PUTING PEOPLE INTO CONCENTRATION CAMPS BY ANY GOVERNMENT should be a red flag for those who have witnessed and lived through the possible outcome.

IT IS HAPPENING NOW and that must be recognized. It is the only way to stop its continuance into something far worse.

Tubularsock urges The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum to make a public stand against the Concentration Camps on our Southern Boarder as well as standing against the outrageous treatment being perpetrated upon refugees coming into the United States.



Please note: This is a response by Tubularsock to a press release by The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and the link to that press release is


  1. Ken says:

    Well said!

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  2. Sluggo says:

    Great article, Tube!
    My parents came from Canada and the UK. In past history the US has persecuted large immigrant groups such as the Irish, the Germans, the Chinese, and Asians. Of course, this country is a product of immigration. The present surge in Xenophobia is a product of the hate and fear being cooked up by Trump and his followers who’s biggest fear is that of becoming a minority and loosing what they view as power over other “inferior” people.
    On the other hand, I am concerned with increasing population numbers and their effect on our environment, food supplies, open spaces, job markets, and other factors like local traffic density, etc.
    What I personally would like to see is restrictions on all migration to the US regardless of country of origin. This includes people who are brought over to fill jobs at a fraction of normal wages and with little or no benefits simply to boost the bottom line of greedy corporations.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Sluggo, thank you for your comment.

      Tubularsock believes that a comprehensive shift in consciousness has to take place in this country and the world to be able to open to the present moment and use its teaching to create a NEW vision rather than keep regurgitating the same old warn out paradigm.

      Donald Trump and his crew are just an example of a cancer on our body politic, an example of just the worst of human nature.

      No one is immune from the fear, selfish greed, and moral corruption but ALL of that rests on the false concepts of hierarchy and the fear of not enough.

      This is a major turning point in time and if there is nothing else one can learn from quantum physics is that all we have is the present moment in advancing possibility.

      “The Times They Are A’changing”.

      There is no question that a comprehensive change in immigration reform has to take place AND AT THE SAME TIME a complete about face in our aggressive foreign policy geared to control and steal other nations natural resources.

      Along with this we need to re-propagandize our consumer population to live with what is necessary and not buy more than necessary. Less is better and in truth will bring about happiness NOT BASED on things.

      And Sluggo, as for “local traffic density” ……. eliminate cars in urban areas today, period! Ok, ok Tubularsock will give you until the end of the week.

      There is so much more to discuss however Tubularsock has to get on his bicycle and pedal off to buy some food for his snack in the top floor corner office in Tubularsock’s underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. in Oakland, CA.


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    • rawgod says:

      And just what is restricting immigration going to do for you. Americans are already too superior to do cleaning jobs, waitering and waitressing, janitoring, etc. You aren’t the only ones, of course, but you are some of the main offenders. Look at Trump’s staff at Maralago, undocumented aliens all because no one else is willing to work for the paltry wages he pays. America would become a giant trashbin without such workers. Now might be a good time to rethink your premise, Sluggo. You cannot do without immigrants, legal or illegal.

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      • Sluggo says:

        I in no way support Trump, his wall, or his immigration policies. I’m for sensible border control using technology such as drones, satellites, and better patrolling of both borders north and south.

        I have big concerns with population growth for reasons that I stated above. Other factors that make this worse is that even more existing jobs are being offshored or replaced by automation. Couple that with the average level of wage increase of only 18% versus the average cost increase in goods and services of 400% since 1979. Wages for the top 1% wage grew 138% since 1979, while wages for the bottom 90% grew only 15%. Since Trump was elected, over 93,000 jobs have been sent overseas (December 2017 figures), which is way up for the average of 87,000 over the preceding 5 year period. With less jobs available for all, along with increasing population numbers and stagnating wages, this most likely accounts for the massive increase in the homeless populations we are now seeing.
        Trump continues to make promises he can’t keep, along with only making moves and signing bills that will benefits himself, his children, and his Big Business Buddies.
        We need someone that actually gives a shit about what is good for the people of this country, not just the 1%.


      • rawgod says:

        Again I ask, what is the purpose of closing your borders. To reduce your population? Won’t happen. Immigrants have nothing to do with wages, that is your 1% of greedy assholes. You love telling everyone how great it is to be American (which it is not!) but then you deny it to anybody else. You made it a country rich monetarily at the expense of your humanity. The fact is you stole your country from those who were here before you. Now you are afraid someone else is going to steal it from you. Tit for tat. Big bloody deal!

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      • tubularsock says:

        Now just wait a gosh-darn-minute here rawgod! We Americans DIDN’T “steal” our land from the indigenous peoples that already lived on the land!

        We Americans “humanitarianly” massacred our way across the continent killing as many men, women, and children we could and then we put the rest in giant concentration camps we call reservations thou we had little reservations in doing so until oil was found on some of those reservations and then we moved them off of some of those.

        We then took from the indigenous families their children and put them in boarding school as well as put them up for adoption to “humanitarianly” protect those children from their own culture!

        And it is a damn good thing we did! OTHERWISE those children would have never been able to understand TV in English because that hadn’t even been invented yet!

        NOW DO YOU SEE, rawgod?


        And now, we Americans are having to deal with the results of our Latin American foreign policy by stealing their natural resources and our supporting brutal dictators we helped to get and keep power to protect “American interests”.

        And just look how those people repay us AFTER ALL WE’VE DONE FOR THEM!

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      • rawgod says:

        Thank you. Is that an apology? Or just the facts, man, nothing but the facts!

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      • tubularsock says:

        Well rawgod, far be it for Tubularsock to apology for the history of the United States nor has Tubularsock ever been surprised when the “blowback” comes to us.

        From 9/11 to disruptive immigration the U.S. deserves what it has created. The sad part is all the people we as a nation have destroyed throughout the world in the name of fucking humanity!

        What a crock of shit ………. so yes, rawgod, “. . . just the facts, man, nothing but the facts!


        Thanks for you comments.

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      • rawgod says:

        After I replied to you, I thought of a lot of other things white people did to try to rid the Americas of their earliest inhabitants. Smallpox infested blankets, half-rotten meats, bacteria-infested water, long marches without proper supplies or enough water, all kind of real nice humanitarian touches. I just thought if you were willing to apologize on behalf of any white ancestors you might have, you really should go all the way. Half-hearted apologies cannot be accepted. But that seems to be as far as most whites are willing to go.
        I realize it was not you personally who did these things, but you personally would probably not be here if those ancestor had not done as they did.
        Imagine how it is for me, being half aboriginal and half white. My blood boils at the thought of past actions. I cannot hate my heritage, but I certainly do not have to like it.

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      • tubularsock says:

        rawgod, thanks for your comment.

        Interesting idea you are proposing. Where do you even get the concept that Tubularsock has ANY “responsibility” for the actions of his ancestry or even Tubularsock‘s immediate family?

        Tubularsock doesn’t know about you, rawgod, but Tubularsock was NEVER given the option or even asked the question whether Tubularsock wanted to come into this world in the first place.

        And on top of that Tubularsock’s ancestors actions and beliefs were NEVER discussed with Tubularsock to assertion his agreement or disagreement.

        You see Tubularsock doesn’t believe in “half-hearted apologies” or even full-hearted apologies for something that he was never able to make his own choice!

        And Tubularsock’s position in society today, even with any so-called advantages were not agreed upon or rejected by Tubularsock. One makes their own way with the cards they are dealt EVEN if the decks loaded!

        Now in your own heritage you were not asked, Tubularsock assumes, so it only matters what you wish to dwell upon. Where you put your attention is what you get. It all comes from inside out regardless how it may seem.



      • rawgod says:

        It was all tongue-in-cheek, as were your comments. At least I took them to be. I don’t expect anyone to apologize for what happened as recently as 50 years ago. And which started happening again 2.5 years ago. Humour is a good way to communicate in many instances, and I love to play the straight man.
        Meanwhile, don’t be so sure you didn’t ask to come to this world in the very vehicle you are currently inhabiting. There is always a chance that you did, just as there is a chance I did too. As we sit upon this Earth wondering if there is truth, and questioning what it might be, the possibilities are endless. I happen to believe, with reason, all living things are connected. That too is a possibility.

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      • tubularsock says:

        rawgod, Tubularsock did assume that your motives were a bit more playful than serious but one never knows for sure. So Tubularsock is ready for the wind to change at any time in a discussion however you, my friend, are just too fun!

        Tubularsock figures that it is possible that Tubularsock did decide to enter this plane for the only reason to find you to have this discussion. Like it is possible.

        We are all one after all.

        And because Tubularsock is just a regular fellow such as yourself Tubularsock is going to invite you over to his bunker just to show you that Tubularsock and you live pretty much the same.



  3. swo8 says:

    You are so right Tubularsock.

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  4. Batt Guano says:

    —Many say we should not compare Trump to Hitler, yet he keeps making references to staying in office for more than 2 terms.
    —Many say we should not compare our “concentration camps” to those of Hitler because people died in his camps. but people are starting to die in ours too.
    —Many say the Nazis were just a cult, but let’s evoke a quote by a historian:
    “When the Nazi party started in Germany it was a joke..
    After awhile it was a small but fairly inconsequential political party
    In the late 1920’s the Nazis were the largest political party in Germany..
    In the 1930’s the Nazi Party WAS Germany..”
    Is the way of Trumpism? Will these fanatics take over the land with Trump as their champion?

    And so a poem…

    Heil despotic man…
    You run the government without a plan..
    Except what goes on in your demented head…
    Which could make a lot of your countrymen die..
    From border conditions or war with Iran
    Or carbon pollution from the sky…
    All great nations inevitably decline..
    Their preeminent power can never last..
    But does it have to be this fast?
    We’ve gone from civil rights..
    To bitter partisan fights..
    From the world’s envy
    To a world joke..
    From a viable nation
    To one suffering from a stroke…
    How did it happen seemingly overnight?..
    How do we fix it?…
    How do we set it right?
    Who do we get to lead us back up?
    Who in 2020 gets the presidential cup?…
    Is it Joe Biden on the White Horse he’s ridin’?
    Will it be Mayor Pete–who’s really kind of neat?..
    Will it be Senator Liz who’s got all the energy of a bottle of fizz?..
    Will it be good old Bernie who’s still in the journey?..
    Will it be Kamala the prosecutor…
    Who will be Trump’s executioner?…
    Or will in be someone else…
    Not yet on the radar screen..
    Someone tough enough and sufficiently mean…
    To send Trump back to his tower…
    And allow the nation to once again flower…
    Heil Trump..You Nazi bastard…
    You may yet get your comeuppance..
    From this nation you’ve only half mastered…

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    • tubularsock says:

      Guano your poem is just another good time
      Cutting the Dump down in very few lines

      Keeping it friendly toward the other political kind
      Can we find someone who will show us a good time?

      Maybe a Mussolini, a Stalin or a Mao
      Or maybe a whole new type of political fowl

      Whatever it will be will not be that new
      Just a different 5000.00 dollar suit in the political zoo!

      So if you have hope of some major change
      A planetary trip could be arranged

      Just a small down payment in cash, of course
      Brings an end to THIS political discourse


  5. Sha'Tara says:

    This is a! WOW! post and a sincere thank you. Time permiting more on this later. Also reblog coming up.

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  6. Sha'Tara says:

    Reblogged this on ~Burning Woman~ and commented:
    This post expresses well the real situation on the US/Mexican border and the comparison to the rise of Nazi Germany is apt. Americans know something’s definitely wrong with their country, as did the Germans after Hitler took power but it’s easier to just bitch, complain or make a thousand excuses for authoritarian government excesses than to actually do something about it. After all, if it gets really bad, well, someone in authority is going to do something about it… just as “someone in authority” did something to stop Hitler… right.

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  7. Thank you for the crucial reminder about the many costs of colonialism and manifest destiny, Tubularsock! Reservations and boarding schools, slavery and plantations, the false flag war to take half of Mexico in 1848, and Japanese internment camps are just a few of the atrocities that are part of the history of USA. The atrocities continue as people who attempt to find a safe haven like the ancestors of those now in power are locked in concentration camps and cages.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks for your comment, Carol.

      It is a sad commentary that in 2019 one STILL has to remind anyone about the injustice that our country has delivered upon the world in the name of freedom and justice.

      Tubularsock has also been a believer in the “advertised” virtues of the U.S. but more often than not Tubularsock has had to return the product as defective.

      Tubularsock doesn’t expect American’s today to actually face the truth of our past but Tubularsock has saved the receipts and is still hoping for cash back!

      But when the chips are down Tubularsock still looks towards the Great Spirit and who could translate that better than a person from Japan.

      peace, Tube

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  8. Batt Guano says:

    Thanks for the beautiful video of Amazing Grace. makes me ask
    –Can there be such beauty alongside such ugliness in the world ?…
    –Can tolerance exist alongside intolerance?..
    –Can justice exist alongside injustice?..
    –Can enlightenment march side by side with ignorance…
    –Can what’s so clearly right be regarded by others as clearly wrong?
    –Can Donald Trump even exist in 2019?
    –I thought we had disposed of his kind as far back as the 1980’s..
    But perhaps all these questions are a moot point. By the time we figure out the answers we will all be polluted to death.

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  9. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Reblogged this on Laughter Over Tears and commented:
    Since I’m not doing anything else constructive concerning this issue, the least I can do is share:

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  10. selizabryangmailcom says:


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  11. selizabryangmailcom says:

    PS: I’m a little scared of Rawgod sometimes. SO INTENSE. But discovered in this post today that we have something in common: I’m half white also. And half black. And my blood boils, also, with the immigration topic and white supremacists marching while yelling, “You will not replace us!” when they already *replaced* the original people who were here and “Go back to your own country!” when they hypocritically won’t go back to THEIR own country, somewhere in Europe. And the labels!
    White people are “Irish” or “German” or “Swedish” or “British” or “French,” etc., but everyone else is just “black”, me included! Which is fine–that’s who I identify with–but my biological parents are native American, black, Swedish, Austrian and Greek! So why does it just say “Negro” on my birth certificate?! Again–fine with me–just talking about the hypocrisy here. On top of which, when I was growing up and would say I was black, people would look at me like I was insane! So there’s a perceived image of what *black* is and what *white* is and what *good* is and what *bad* is and it’s all complete bullshit! Whenever people try to sound *reasonable* when they’re talking about immigration and *border control* and *wages* and *overpopulation*, they’re definitely hiding behind fear and greed and racism (whether conscious or subconscious, and definitely not admitted out loud) and an inability and also lack of interest in adapting to a growing, blossoming, fantastically diversifying world.

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    • Sha'Tara says:

      If you notice a lot of ‘Like’ from me it’s to let you know l am reading. I hate texting so until I get wifi again, like it is…

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    • tubularsock says:

      selizabryan, well when it comes to the race-box Tubularsock has always entered “other”.

      Tubularsock agrees with you about people hiding behind fear. Tubularsock would say that fear is the major reason why “others” are always scary.

      When people get out of fear and into “fantastically diversifying” their entire life shifts for the better because what you project is what is presented to you.

      Thanks for your perspective but being “half-Black” begs the question, which half.

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  12. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Yes…similar to what came first, the chicken or the egg?

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  13. Opher says:

    I suspect that you and me might well find ourselves in a very similar camp some time soon! Keep at it Tub!!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Now how fun is that! Tubularsock loves marching. It is just to a different drummer.

      Tubularsock hopes our camp will have matching striped suits in red, white, and blue.

      Thanks for the comment. Always is good to hear for across a full continent and an ocean.


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