1. sojourner says:

    Yep! Yep! Same old tired, false-flag bullshit, just another day!

    Thought you might like this, Tube:

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  2. swo8 says:

    How about running this on Coast to Coast?

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  3. Cethru Cellophane says:

    I believe that Trump’s plan (if you can call it a plan) was that by withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, Iran would proceed with their nuclear program thereby giving the US an excuse to go to war.
    I honestly think that Trump is anxious to test his power as “the Commander in Chief”. Trouble is he’s a greedy moron who stands to profit along with his greedy brood from any conflict with Iran. Couple this with his doting love of Saudi Arabia (and their hatred of Iran) for reasons which Trump will never comprehend, we have a serious and major mid-east conflict brewing.
    When will the Republican party wake up, get rid of the sycophants in the administration and start taking the US interests to heart?

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    • tubularsock says:

      CC, Tubularsock thanks you for your comment. Tubularsock agrees with your basic point but do not forget that the Democraps are not much better in their Middle Eastern policy’s!

      Obomber and Killery are not devoid of guilt in this mess. In fact, they should both be in jail for war crimes!


  4. Batt Guano says:

    There are some evident problems in this enfolding Iran scenario. And they are:
    –Eerie similarities between the Gulf of Tonkin (1964) and Hormuz Strait (2019) incidents. Phony or shadow attacks to drum up sentiment for war.
    –Trump’s White House and staff are “The Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight” They might try to go to war with Iran and take out Israel instead.
    –Trump may see this as an ideal distraction from his troubles here at home.
    –But not to worry. Trump has already declared he may want to run for a third term in 2024 (to Hell with the Constitution!). Being president for that long he’s bound to start getting a few things right…or not!

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  5. Robert Blackwood says:

    I have really been enjoying NPR’s attempts at selling this bullshit.

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  6. Robert Blackwood says:

    & by the way you hvae not even mentioned the passing of Gloria Vanderbilt.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Oh wow, RB! You are so correct. As a socialite, Gloria and Tubularsock had so much in common. It is a sad day at the Club. And thanks for your comment and glad you are still on top of your game. Tubularsock loves cricket ….. ta-ta.


  7. In my view it’s a shell trick. I think the really dangerous and important stuff is happening within the Iran. The CIA is fund Baloch separatists and other dissidents within Iran in the hope extreme economic sanctions will foment a color revolution internally. With both Turkey (which is about to withdraw from NATO) and Pakistan going over to the dark side, I don’t see any way the US can win a hot war against Iran. Love the ads by the way. I don’t know which ads you see but the bingo ad is about a local Taranaki woman who won big in an on-line bingo game.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Dr B., The CIA have to do something with their time, Tubularsock guesses. Tubularsock agrees with your interior activities view. It is pretty much out of the CIA playbook for sure.

      A “real” war is a bit more risky this time with both China and Russia in the wings. And in the U.S. it won’t be a “popular” war with 2020 coming up. The public mood is not interested in another Iraq.

      As for the ads, Tubularsock sees some of them but that just recently started and to get rid of them, not sure how to do that.

      But happy you find them amusing. Tubularsock feels they break the flow of his own “true photos”.

      Thanks for the comment and Tubularsock will not be surprised with an increase in activities of the Baloch separatists. Tubularsock hasn’t heard yet if they will bring freedom and democracy to their land. But it must be right around the corner!


  8. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Oh, my God, it’s Wag the Dog!

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    • tubularsock says:

      All that is missing is the beleaguered child in the rubble at the hands of Iran’s evil dictator!

      Tubularsock is positive that the film clip is ready to run because the show isn’t over until the fat guy falls off the horse. Or is that “the fat women sings”?

      Tubularsock just can’t keep up with showbiz terms!

      But yes selizabryan, you are correct.

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  9. Sluggo says:

    You may remember my story on WB about working in the past for a boss that was an exact Donald Trump clone/ultra-narcissist. I can read this guy like a book. Just recently I even surprised myself by stating he would probably make moves to attack Iran and back off at the last minute, as he knew none of his compatriots would support and would deeply condemn such an attack. And of course, he would want to make it look like it was all his decision.
    Pretty much all mega-narcissists have the same traits that are all driven by their ego and desire to dominate. They will never admit wrongdoings or shortcomings, and if anything goes wrong, it is never their fault, but the fault of others. Their ego is also constantly reinforced by demeaning others.

    I rewrote my experiences with my ex-boss on the new forum site, so take a look if you forgot.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Sluggo, Tubularsock does recall that story of yours and its similar parallels with OrangeTurd.

      OrangeTurd is a classic case for sure.

      If you would send the link so Tubularsock can read it again. Tubularsock has lost contact with the new forum. Thanks.


  10. Sluggo says:

    Here is the link to “Righter Corner”, as I call it:
    It would be nice to see a bit more action over there from those other than the usual “Trump Minions”.
    They have some work to do on the site, but it is now accepting pictures, as Texas Lynn has so keenly discovered. (Just the kind of bumper stickers I would have expected on his pickup truck!)


  11. Sluggo says:

    This post on couldn’t express it better.
    This is one of the majority of many thoughts by our soldiers about Trump’s military parade:

    [i]So Cadet Bonespurs, draft dodger, coward, and author of over eleven thousand lies and fabrications (just since being president), Donald Trump is going “full Mussolini ” on our, the United States, most patriotic day. The shame and disgust this country must endure because of this wannabe Hitler is beyond belief.
    To all of my fallen comrades-in-arms, from the first who laid down his life to secure our independence, to every soldier, sailor, marine, airman, and guardsman who has given the fullest measure of his and her patriotism and loyalty…
    KNOW THIS ! This Independence Day will go down in history when all humanity will realize that each and every one of you true heroes have died in vain.
    Donald Trump has broken the oath to defend and protect America from all enemies, foreign and domestic.
    He will put his cowardly stamp upon our nation and our history. I proudly fought for you, my country, my republic, my government, my Constitution, in Vietnam. Never have I been so ashamed of what we have allowed to disgrace us so deeply. You, Donald Trump have turned my oath to defend our country into an insult against this always great nation. May America treat you no more kindly than history has treated your role models, Hitler and Mussolini. [/i]

    All I can add is that Trump’s desire for a military parade once again verifies that he deeply wants to become a dictator, just like his heros Kim Jong Un and Putin.
    It is nothing more than a battle of egos.


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