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Have you, meaning … an average working citizen, or highly likely a current unemployed citizen, wonder why when Congress spends it time debating over stimulus for YOU there seems to be a disconnect of understanding between YOUR NEED and their need.

Now if they were debating over THEIR NEED it would have been passed already and in their pocket.

But YOUR NEED seems to cause debate and inaction on their part. And the simple answer is that WE THE PEOPLE take care of THEM handsomely. Mostly because they have the power to vote in THEIR OWN RAISES. Nice.

So to start let Tubularsock take you through that stack of money that appears available when THEY NEED IT.


Members of the House and the Senate each get a base paycheck of $174,000.00 a year. For members who have leadership positions there are additional payments depending on the position. So the $174,000.00 is base and that is the figure Tubularsock will use for this example.

Now EVEN for Congress there is 365 days a year. Forget leap years.

The House (and this varies yearly) has, what is called “legislative days”, which means they have to show up for work only 146 days a year!

Which means that they get paid (Tubularsock was going to use the word “earn” but thought it may not be the correct word in this case) $1191.78 PER WORKING DAY!

The Senate “works” 165 days so they get paid $1054.00 PER WORKING DAY!

And funny how this works but EVEN during a pandemic THEY GET PAID.

And their work is TALKING about whether YOU are worthy enough to have a little money to help you through a world wide pandemic. And exactly how much they think you are worth.

Well they started with $1200.00 and then

an additional $600.00 to help tide you over. Which means that YOU were “paid”

And Tubularsock bets that you don’t even speak Spanish!


Now relax and take a deep breath.

And many of YOUR REPRESENTATIVES claimed that even that was too much.
You know ……..

And yet just to give you a very tiny example:

Now, where could we get the money? ……. for the cost of that one contract THREE MILLION THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED CITIZENS COULD HAVE GOTTEN $600.00 CHECKS.

The following week:

Which would give 28,333,333 additional citizens $600.00 checks.

There is ALWAYS tons of money for corporate interests, the military industrial complex & other countries. AND NONE OF THEM PAY TAXES! GO FIGURE!


And then if we would take the combined base salary Congress gets paid a year $9,309,000.00 and divide that by $600.00 we could give an additional 155,150 citizens $600.00 checks EVER YEAR!

And add to that the “allowance” each Congress member gets for “office expenses” per year of $944,671.00 X 535 = $505,398,985.00 divided by $600.00 = 8,423,316 citizens with a check.

Well just two Boeing contracts and Congress giving up their salary and “office expense allotment” covers 49,399,149 citizens getting $600.00 checks and that isn’t even heavy lifting for Tubularsock.

Our population is 332,125,458 and counting and shifting 2 Boeing contracts and Congress and about 1/8 of our citizens could get $600.00 checks and that isn’t even being very creative.

Want it to get simpler for you, America? Consider this:



Executive Suit … Giorgio Armani Two-Piece Suit ….. $2,394.00

Underwear … Neiman Marcus shirt and boxers …. $115.00

Shirt … Tom Ford Optical Check Dress Shirt ….. $620.00

Haircut … Free at Senate Hair Salon (taxpayer expense)

Tie … Giorgio Armani Jacquard stripe silk/cotton …. $245.00

Eye Glasses … $1,300.00 – 2,500.00 range

Watch … $ 830.00 – $2700.00 range

Mask … free taxpayer expense

Socks … Marcoliani Cashmere Ribbed Dress ….. $75.00

Shoes … Giorgio Armani Patent Leather Derby …. $775.00
Santoni Ribona Limited Lace-Up …. $2500.00


About range of $2770.00 to $5020.00 mid range estimate $3000.00 x 425 = $12,750.00 divided $600.00 = 2,125 more citizens checks.
As for the 110 women members dress costs, THAT is out of Tubularsock’s knowledge base. But Tubularsock is willing to hear any estimates from those who are in the know.

So in these emergency times if the men in Congress will not wear/buy any clothes
and send that money to help save the American citizen Tubularsock knows it will be appreciated.

And please don’t flaunt your stuff around the Capitol after you give up your clothing. The Bill Clinton days are just so retro!

Now in summary, Tubularsock just wants to point out that “Where will we get the money?” is just all bull shit.

MONEY IS AN AGREEMENT which doesn’t even exist.

All it is is the Federal Reserve says it exist and then it exist. Pretty simple if you ask Tubularsock.



  1. swo8 says:

    So true Tube, they really should knock a few zeros off their pay.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The simple answer, Tube is to become a bank. That way the government will allow you to create money out of thin air. What most people don’t realize is that money government loans you doesn’t actually exist before you take out the loan. The bank just pushes buttons on a computer and puts the money in your account. That’s where 98% of our money comes from. The other 2% is notes and coins issued by the Federal Reserve.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Batt Guano says:

    After a long hiatus the Battster is back! Best wishes to you and all your loyal readers. So, of course, here’s a poem.

    –When folks run for election….
    –They make a selection…
    –As to which lobbyists they will follow…
    –In exchange for more money than they can swallow…
    –Pretty soon Congress has the feel and look…
    –Of a haven and hangout for many a crook…
    –Here’s the rep for oil…and one from steel…
    –And one from Wall Street.. and high tech galore…
    –All cluttering up the legislative floor…
    –We look to them for Covid relief…
    –But what can we expect…
    –From a common thief?..
    –The nation’s business seems to be…
    –Welfare for the rich…
    –And the rest of us are treated…
    –Like a son (or daughter) of a bitch..
    –Happy New Year 2021…
    –Like 2020 you should be a lot of fun!…

    Liked by 1 person

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