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Well, what can Tubularsock say?

Today Tubularsock, once again, is sitting in Tubularsock’s corner office on the very top floor of Tubularsock’s underground bunker overlooking Washington, DC from Oakland, CA. (see Bunker Tour)

AND as Tubularsock often does when he is composed with his feet crossed upon the top of his massive well used desk, Tubularsock reads government reports. How fun is THAT, right?

Anyway reading the newly released “Capitol Riot Time Line” which is redundant for anyone who understands why we as a country are so ill prepared for any kind of emergency.

It is the perfect cookie cutter example of why Russia and China are so far ahead of the fumbling idiots we call our “government”.

Remember way back in the “Way-back Machine” how it took the “Government” to act to defend the country on 9/11? EVEN AFTER or come to think about it, BECAUSE OF the Air Force’s decision to send defensive jets in the wrong direction to confront the “incoming” jet liners. That had already hit the Trade Towers.

Well, as Tubularsock always has said, “Who needs Terrorist when you have the United States Government standing in for them?”

Anyway, the funniest information produced to date in the “Capitol Riot Time Line” is this:

“3:37pm the Pentagon sent its own security forces to guard the homes of defense leaders. No troops had yet reached the Capitol.

. .. the first contingent of 155 Guard members were at the Capitol. . . Dressed in riot gear, they began arriving at 5:20 p.m.”

Now stop and reread this bit of information.

THE NATIONAL CAPITOL WAS UNDER siege and the military sent “security forces to guard the homes of defense leaders”, but didn’t arrive at the NATIONAL CAPITOL for nearly 2 hours later!

Ahhh, priorities.

And people ask, haven’t we won the war in Afghanistan, YET?

But don’t fret because we clearly lost that war in Vietnam but after all that death and destruction we NOW sell arms to the Vietnamese Government. Oh my, that was an Obummer idea.

You see “WE” have to counter our evil enemy, CHINA!

You remember China, right?

The Chinese ARE ALWAYS ON THE BRINK of war with us so we sell arms to the tune of $1.8 BILLION to Taiwan because China is a threat to China? Oh my, that was a Dump idea. Well, and extended idea that we have been engaged in “forever”!

Dump can’t formulate ideas unless it would be a gold statue of himself with huge hands!

And the EVIL CHINA that we have to be afraid of and just CAN’T TRUST we have economic contractual ties with and a trade deficit of $540 BILLION mainly due to OUR CONSTANT NEED of computers and accessories, cell phones, and apparel and footwear.

Damn Chinese! Making us buy all that stuff! And they are our dangerous enemy! Can you imagine the trade deficit if they were our friends?


From the beginning of Tubularsock’s birth last century, Tubularsock has been told that RUSSIA was the scary enemy that will kill the Easter Bunny and CRUSH Christmas and bring the dreaded COMMUNISM right into Tubularsock’s kitchen!

No really, they even had films about it ………… AND THE BOMB!

To date with a projected end date of 12/21 the U.S. still buys the RD-180 (РД-180, Ракетный Двигатель-180, Rocket Engine-180 which is a rocket engine designed and built in Russia to supply the U.S. space program.

When the U.S. placed sanctions on Russia for the annexation of the Crimean peninsula in 2014, U.S. lawmakers banned the use of the Russian engines but then had to partially lift the ban when they discovered just how much the United Launch Alliance (ULA) space contractor’s relied on the Russian-built engine for lifting our rockets into space.

Remember this is our EVIL ENEMY of all time!

And yet, on the flip side, U.S. businesses have invested $9.2 billion in Russian companies.
Some U.S. brands have operations in Russia, including McDonald’s, Ford and ExxonMobil.

McDonald’s has opened hundreds of restaurants in OUR EVIL RUSSIAN ENEMY CITIES since 1990.

HOW CAN THIS BEEEEEEE ……… are you scared yet?

Sooooo, somebody is filling we citizens with a bill of goods that DOES ADD UP but only for the huge amount …. FUCKING HUGE AMOUNT ….. of money that flows into the military-industrial-complex AND WE PAY FOR IT!

But real health care for we citizens or maybe someday a fifty cent stimulus check?

OHHHHHHHH dear, where could we find the money?

Oh, pass the ammunition. We can ALWAYS “SHELL” out for that!

  1. swo8 says:

    Don’t worry Tube, I saw McDonald’s in both Beijing and Moscow when we were there. If anything will kill that will.

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  2. Batt Guano says:

    Don’t fret. We still have a couple of more “dangerous” places to open up McDonald’s and other such gems of American enterprise: Iran and Cuba. And there, on the menu along with Big Macs, Egg McMuffins and fries, can be Ayotollah Burgers and Castro Burgers. Anyone for a bicarb!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Now Batt, your Madison Avenue advertising may just get you shot in Cuba and Iran. They take their burgers seriously and their leaders more so.

      Tubularsock is positive that putting mustard on the Ayatollah would get you shot. Or at least stoned to death!

      Best you keep your “western ways” for the cowboy movies.


  3. Tube,
    When I read your post about McDonalds in Russia, I also thought it is the perfect secret weapon against Russia. Then I read other peoples’ comments and re-discovered how great minds think alike.

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    • tubularsock says:

      KO, Tubularsock agrees. And when you take a simple idea and wrap it in an American Burger Bun, how could you go wrong?

      In France the McDonald’s have a pre-fixed menu as well. The French are just that way!

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      • Tube,
        I have a particularly personal grudge against McDonalds. When I got my first batch of 13 chickens, little biddies, I didn’t know that they had been genetically and hormonally manipulated by the U of GA agricultural department for slaughter at six weeks to become McDonalds’ chicken McNuggets. So when mine grew fast and clumsy, with breasts so large the chickens toppled over, and when they started dying–one each month after the six-week mark–and going lame, I found out a little about why they were so deformed and unhealthy. I called them the Poopalots, because they ate a lot and pooped a lot, but I didn’t mind, at first, because I was new to chicken-keeping, and they were all very loveable, despite their infirmities. I’d also wanted guano for fertilizing my gardens (such as they are, or were).

        In any case, I learned a lot, the hard way, about factory farming. If other people knew what I’ve learned about chickens and chicken-keeping, including what they like to eat (when given a choice), no one would want to eat chicken or eggs. But they do make great pets.

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      • tubularsock says:

        KO, your experience is rather fowl in Tubularsock’s opinion.

        Tubularsock had a broken-winged-pigeon that Tubularsock saved from a cat attack who would ride on Tubularsock’s shoulder on dog walks.

        Learned a lot from that pigeon.

        One distinct activity was as we walked ANY danger perceived by Herminetta would be transmitted to me by a rapid dance like movement. Often even the dogs didn’t register the danger as early as she did.

        I learned to pay close attention to her communication skills.

        Oh sure, there were times that she almost got herself thrown into the pot for pigeon stew for being a little shit but it all worked out and peace returned.

        Factory farms are a depressing concept!

        Thanks for your comment.


  4. I find it interesting that the Russian state own bank Sberbank will be leading the Cyber Polygon 2021 cyber attack exercise for the World Economic forum. See

    IMHO the global oligarchs have given up on the US as a failed state and are going to allow it to collapse. China is vastly superior to the US both economically and technologically and Russia is vastly superior militarily and technologically. But as usual, the American people are the last to now.

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    • tubularsock says:

      DrB, great information and fits right in with “who’s the enemy” construct.

      The American people are the last to know because they are too lazy to look.

      We live in a celebrity Disney bubble in this country and have been trained in the belief that America is the greatest!

      However all Americans are great at is self-deception!

      Thanks for your contribution.

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  5. tubularsock says:

    Batt, Tubularsock is so sorry to hear you have been affected by your brutal eating habits.

    So you are saying, no more fast food and Tofu Burgers from here on out?

    Batt, somehow your comment was deleted so Tubularsock is reinstating it here with Tubularsock above response.

    Thanks a lot! The entries in this blog are making me lose my appetite. I’ll be on bread and water and a bit of broth the rest of my life.


  6. Batt Guano says:

    I’ve eaten far too much fast food in my life. But i’m phasing out,,not only because of these recent entries, but in seeing what a steady diet of fast food has done to Trump. It turned him into a tub of guts, mean and nasty piece of shit. In fact, one of our fast food dynasties should come up with a Trump Burger: full of fat; tasteless, and guaranteed to give you indigestion and diarrhea at the same time.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Oh Batt that is a great direction to take for yourself. And the Dump has his issues.

      However as you think of the “Trump Burger” don’t forget the BUYDONE BURGER.

      No taste, no form, no guts ….. a total “Nothing Burger”!

      Try vegetables.


  7. Opher says:

    It certainly makes me wonder how we’ve all survived this long!!

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