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Is the Corona Virus more dangerous or less dangerous than a napalm attack on your village?


That is the question that Tubularsock has been asked anytime Tubularsock is in a discussion where the subject of “getting the vaccine” comes up.

The current Vaccine IS part of Science and those who are marching like lemmings into the sea are the guinea pigs.

You do realize that YOU ARE PART of the experiment. Right?

That is if you live through both shots, many haven’t.

But you are reading this, congratulations you have made it through the FIRST STAGE of the experiment.


Now you may think that Tubularsock is being mean spirited here but look at it.

The same people that told you that WE HAD TO GO TO WAR with Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, TO PROTECT OUR FREEDOM are the same people that are telling you to get an untested vaccine. One that may not even work!

Now they tell you.

And because of the nature of its makeup it is NOT a traditional “Vaccine” but a brand new concoction that may cause genetic disruption in the human body 5, 10, 20 years from the date you put that shit in your body!

Hey, Tubularsock is not fucking making this shit up ……. LOOK IT UP!

The same people that told you that 9/11 was pulled off as a total surprise by 19 fucking Arabs with box cutters who entirely, totally, completely, and surprisingly outwitted “the most powerful nation in the world; are the same people that have told you that this UNTESTED Corona Virus “vaccine” is as safe as “mother’s milk”!

THEY DON’T KNOW! (And today there is even questions about mother’s milk.)

What is known is that every shot that Johnson & Johnson gives they receive $2,000.00.


So Science isn’t the problem when it is Science but in this case Science has been bought up by the Pharmaceutical Corporations and the WTO has been bought up by the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation and when profit is the motive THE PEOPLE LOSE!
Fucking look it up!

But more importantly ………… there is an alternative to vaccines like supplements as quercetin and zinc and vitamin D, as well as lifestyle changes like healthy organic food, exercise, and sunshine and even generic drugs like malaria medicine and ivermectin that can help fight off the disease and avoid hospitalization or death.

EVEN Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine is now recommended by the CDC for use in treating Covid. Hard to say it but The Orange Dump WAS CORRECT on that but you can feel better because he was still incorrect on the use of injecting bleach so all is not lost, he’s still an idiot!

But the real give away for Tubularsock is the attempted complete censuring of alternative information that has been put in place.

If the medical establishment was REALLY interested in protecting people’s health and not just creating huge profits they would have pushed for a complete spectrum of health alternatives.

THEY HAVEN’T! Censuring alternative information has been the answer and just look at the outcome:


You can still get Covid.

You can still pass Covid.

You still have to keep social distance.

You still need to wear a mask.

You still not to meet in large groups.


You can still get Covid.

You can still pass Covid.

You still have to keep social distance.

You still need to wear a mask.

You still not to meet in large groups.

WOW. They sure have convinced Tubularsock~~~

  1. Batt Guano says:

    As you know,the old Battster always tries to inject a bit of humor into the very serious and important subjects you address.But there’s nothing humorous I can think of about the Coronavirus. In terms of the vaccine we’ll have to see by mid or end of this year if herd immunity has been achieved and Covid is going away. Have you ever thought that perhaps Covid is just a quicker way to bring on the end of the human race than the pollution/global warming or atomic warfare that is just down the road? The quicker the human race is done away with, the easier it will be for such animals as deer and chickens and turkeys and fish that humans raise & hunt for consumption. I’d prefer an irascible turkey over such humans as Hitler and Donald Trump any time.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Batt, you do make an interesting point but there is another “irascible turkey” you seem to like and that is NO GO JOE. And yes with NO GO we’ll all be asleep by the time the end comes.

      And think of the advantages, by 2030 we can call another world summit to talk and talk and talk and talk and talk about just how far behind we are at our climate change goals!

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  2. Tube,

    You forgot to mention the blood clots. Of course, you can get blood clots with or without the vaccines. That’s science.

    You can die with or without vaccines and with or without COVID-19. That’s science, too.

    In fact, science has proved over and over that life is terminal. Look it up.

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  3. swo8 says:

    The minute the governments removed all liability from Big Pharma, I knew it was suspect. You’re lucky they haven’t shut you down Tube. Have a gander at this link.

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  4. Two days ago, the New Zealand prime minister admitted the vaccine doesn’t protect you against getting Covid. She was confronted by a reporter when a fully vaccinated border worker developed Covid. Our media isn’t a whole lot better than the American media, but sometimes reporters can’t help themselves when the story they’re being told is totally illogical.

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  5. tanssityttö says:

    Even if you get the vaccine you can infect others so it’s good to have those masks and distance. It’s simple…and very few people have got symptoms of these vaccines!

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    • tubularsock says:

      tanssityttö, welcome to Tubularsock, “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news”!

      We are on the same page on the stupidity of this Covid crap and Tubularsock would have used “shit” but Tubularsock doesn’t know how to translate it into Finish!

      Hyvä, että putosit.

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  6. tanssityttö says:

    I don’t think we’re on the same page. You take it very lightly, I take it seriously! I ment that despite of the vaccine you still must have distance to others and use mask cause you can infect others. You underestimated the need of vaccine. Those are giving you very good
    protection. Only few vaccinated got covid-19 or any bad symptoms.

    “Shit” is paska in finnish but I don’t know what you ment with that “hyvä että putosit”.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well tanssityttö Tubularsock’s attempt at using Finnish by using a translating app looks like it didn’t work. So, paska!

      But it is a good example for our current discussion. Having confidence in a translating app without testing it and checking if it is correct is much like having a vaccine that the producers don’t know the future side effects and dangers and then giving it to hundreds of thousand of Guinea pigs/humans to test it on.

      As for your comment, “Only few vaccinated got covid-19 or any bad symptoms” sounds great IF YOU AREN’T THE ONE who dies from it!

      Tubularsock will take his chances with keeping Tubularsock’s immune system healthy rather than being filled with an unknown and untested vaccine of paska!

      AND the vaccine is NOT a “classic vaccine”, it doesn’t prevent the disease. So what is it that they are testing on people?

      Which does make us not only on different pages but totally different books!

      And be careful of interpreting “lightly” as not being “serious”. There are many roads to a destination.

      Thanks for your comment and stay safe.

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  7. Bstt Guano says:

    I suppose this whole controversy could use a poem, although a solution would be better:
    The dreaded Covid 19…
    Is one of the worst menaces…
    The world has ever seen…
    So of course a quest…
    For an effective vaccine…
    Have we got one yet ?…
    As we take it in the arm…
    One that will be effective…
    And not do any harm…
    The government says one thing…
    The doubters say another…
    In the mean time people die……
    So what do we do?….
    As the months move along…
    The whole thing begins to resemble…
    A massive roll of the dice…
    Are we intrepid gamblers…..
    Or experimental mice?..
    Time will tell…
    Which ones we be…
    And whether the human race…
    Is just a footnote in history….

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    • tubularsock says:

      Ahhhh …….. a footnote in history!
      Pretty much sums it up, Batt.

      But more like rats than mice as we continue down the road to extinction!
      Tubularsock is in a positive mood today.

      Thanks for your input.

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  8. Batt Guano says:

    I sent you a poem about Covid 19 and the vaccine and it was not allowed to go thru. Are you aware of this censorship?

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  9. Batt Guano says:

    Sorry Tube, falee alarm! My poem was finally published. I think it was run by the Proud Boys before it was released,

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    • tubularsock says:

      No Batt, sometimes WordPress just automatically does that. Then Tubularsock has to “approve” the message before it is released EVEN after the site is open to ALL comments.

      So why not the Proud Boys?

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  10. Decker says:

    Great piece, Tube! You said all I’ve been trying to say in one article, while the shitposting on my site goes on and on over several days or weeks. I think I’ve discovered the secret though…you’re Tube and I’m not! Cheers! Again, great piece!

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  11. tubularsock says:

    Decker, Tubularsock is glad you liked the post.

    Tubularsock enjoys your work a great deal. “Shitposting” as you call it is truly what is called for in this particular time period in our history.

    The fun part for Tubularsock is that you make Tubularsock laugh aloud more often than not as you expose the insanity that poses as news.

    Keep up your great work and thank your lucky stars that you are not Tubularsock. You are much healthier in the mind because of it.

    Thanks for your comment.

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