Vaccine Passports: LOST IN DELUSION

Posted: May 15, 2021 in America Asleep, coronavirus, Covid-19, PROPAGANDA, Psychology, RELATIONSHIPS, Vaccine Passports, VACCINES

Ok, where is the logic?

People go off and get a VACCINATION to protect themselves from Covid.

BUT A VACCINE protects one from getting a disease. That is the definition of a vaccine. Case closed.

The Covid “Vaccine” doesn’t keep a person from getting Covid.

The Covid “Vaccine” doesn’t keep a person from passing Covid to others.


It is a shot to make Covid less dangerous if you get it. Now that is a great idea, if you live through the side effects, BUT it is not a vaccine. YOU CAN STILL GET IT AND YOU CAN STILL PASS IT ON.

So Tubularsock can’t figure out where this Vaccine Passport comes into the mix.

A person who doesn’t get a Covid-shot can get Covid from a Covid-shot person so a “non-shot” person is at risk. BUT SO ARE PEOPLE that got the Covid-shot!

So keeping people out of an event or store because they don’t have “THE SHOT” may protect the “non-shot” person but the “SHOT-PEOPLE” are allowed to commingle under an impression that they are safe ….. with their own kind.


But so many of them believe they are safe. WHAT GIVES?

Tubularsock has had several people with “THE-SHOT” say, “Now I can hug you!”

“Oh no you can’t!”

  1. swo8 says:

    Good point Tube! Actually, if you get the vaccine you will probably test positive for cover-19. And add to that, you are likely to shed virus particles. So I definitely wouldn’t hug a “vaxer”

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  2. Denise Mewbourne says:

    Actually, a scientific “study” conducted by Pfizer and BioNTech (the company who worked with them to develop the injection) in partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Defense (proud instigators of medical apartheid in Israel), now shows that the injections DO stop transmission. I don’t see any conflicts of interest there and think that we can totally trust them on that, don’t you?!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Denise, Tubularsock thanks you for bringing this bit of information to the forefront.

      Tubularsock can see ABSOLUTELY no “conflict of interest” here at all.

      It has always been clear to Tubularsock that only TRUTH oozes from the state of Israel and its Ministry of Defense. And who could not believe a “SCIENTIFIC” study directed by Pfizer.

      So, Tubularsock is glad that you and Tubularsock are on the same page when it comes to truth, justice and the American Way.

      Now go out and have a bagel and steal somebody’s house!



  3. Try putting a cut up onion in your ear, Tube. It’s scientifically proven as the best way to keep people from hugging you.

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