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I would like to bring something to the light for consideration, questioning, and investigation.

A year ago anyone questioning the possibility that the Corona Virus pandemic may have been set off by a lab-leaked virus at the Wuhan Virology Lab in China was immediately branded “a conspiracy theorist” or “a Trumper”.

NO credibility was given to such an idea by any “serious thinker.

Now, today, excellent journalists and reporters such as Matt Taiibi, Jimmy Dore, Krystal Ball, and Saagar Enjeti are bringing forward increasing evidence that points to “the Lab-Leak Hypothesis” as the origin of the pandemic as a real possibility, and not just the “crazy idea of a bunch of conspiracy theorists”.

At the same time, the integrity of Dr. Tony Fauci and Bill Gates—both deeply involved and invested in the WHO, the NIH, and the CDC, as well as having big financial ties to the production of the “Emergency Use” vaccines being used today—is being brought heavily into question.

Questions are being asked . . .

The “not-to-be-questioned” is being questioned. . .

As I am aware of all of this, watching it unfold, I find it impossible to not notice what I see as a parallel situation happening around the heavily barricaded, almost-impene-trable walls that surround the vaccine mandate today.

If ANYONE in ANY way questions ANYTHING to do with the vaccine roll-out, he or she encounters a “Danger—keep out at risk of your livelihood and your reputation” warning.

“Do not question!”

The agreement has become: “Do it—take the vaccine— for your country and your fellowman and whatever you do, DO NOT QUESTION THE VACCINE!”

“Do your part” I see postered everywhere.

To even question the Covid vaccine safety, efficacy, or necessity (as “the ONLY way” to “save us from the virus”) is to be branded as belonging to ONE group that has as its members “conspiracy theorists”, “anti-vaxxers” (a word often uttered with contempt and disdain), “anti-science persons”, “Trumpers”, or simply the ignorant. These people are ridiculed and even shamed for their questions, their “hesitancy”, and “not doing their part”.

In truth, people who are choosing to not take the vaccine include a wide variety of persons.

This includes many people who for health reasons (e.g. chronic illnesses) could not take the vaccine without endangering themselves. Their health practitioners have warned against taking the shot and thus exacerbating their health conditions or even threatening their lives.

There are also MANY, MANY scientists, doctors, researchers—world wide—who HAVE looked into the science of the vaccines and have found them questionable in terms of efficacy and safety—both long-and short-term. Groups of doctors and health-care professionals—in Canada, France, and the U.K., to name a few—who are questioning the whole matter deeply, and gutsily bringing their questions and findings to the public—find their information suppressed and themselves shut down from communication platforms.

These professional researchers have looked into many aspects of the “science” and are not willing to recommend or stand behind incompletely-tested vaccines made by pharmaceutical companies (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Johnson and Johnson) who have had huge criminal lawsuits levied against them. (see: Google “Ten Biggest Pharmaceutical Settlements in History” for details).

These questioners are intelligent, trained, caring, accredited, and investigative professionals who have had their licenses, their livelihoods, and their reputations threatened or worse through their challenging or questioning the mainstream agreement. (Just two days ago, the NIVH—The National Institute for Vaccine Health—had their Twitter account suspended—as was their Facebook Page in March. They have been in operation since 1982. “Chilling, this suppression!” was the comment of a friend of mine.”)

And there are also just “regular citizens” who have read about some of the extremely adverse effects from the vaccines or who have friends or family members seriously adversely affected by taking the shot and who are correctly hesitant or have decided against risking their health or life.

I would also like to add here that there are doctors—world-wide—who are working with other medications that have long and safe histories (the medications), and which are inexpensive and are proving effective with minimal side effects for both preventing and treating Covid. (Check out the FLCCC, headed by Dr Pierre Cory and their great success in many countries with Ivermectin—banned here in the U.S. for use with Covid).

My hope, as I bring forward these thoughts, is that enough information and questions will leak their way through the heavily-armed barricades of mainstream belief and agreement to push excellent, independent, investigative reporters to look into what’s OUTSIDE of the barricades, as well as INSIDE the barricades, to shine some light there, and open up for discussion the what and the why of the demonetization of vaccine-questioners and the suppression of any information or point of view or evidence that would question the one-sided: “ONLY THE VACCINE IS THE WAY—and it’s the RIGHT way” narrative.

N.B. For more detail on the vaccines themselves see:

  1. Norman Pilon says:

    Excellent post!

    And see this interview with Dr. Richard Fleming:

    Scroll to the bottom of the post for the English version, i.e., the second version of the video, as the first is voiced over for a French speaking audience . . .

    (And when I have time, I’ll share some important ‘info’ that was passed along to my son by Sucharit Bhakdi.)

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  2. Batt Guano says:

    Looks like we have to have a spread sheet for the Covid story and its evaluation:

    –Big Pharma…
    –Bad Kharma…
    –Doctor Fauci…
    –Scientific treachery…
    –Donald Trump…
    –An ignorant lump…
    –The W.H.O…
    –Their reaction was slow…
    –The Wuhan lab…
    –A fatal stab…
    –The CDC…
    –Oh woe is me….
    –The Corona virus..
    –Is still throwing us under the bus…
    –Effectiveness of the vaccine…
    –Remains to be seen…
    –Herd immunity..
    –Is in what community?…
    –Wearing a mask…
    –Seems a losing task…
    –Covid has cost us big bucks…
    –And one more reminder that…
    –The 21st Century sucks…

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    • tubularsock says:

      Batt, you have captured it in a nut shell. As this unproven vaccine is pushed on American citizen and they all rush to “get the shot” reminds Tubularsock of the Jews rushing to climb on the trains to their deaths BECAUSE THE AUTHORITIES told them to do it.

      Will we ever learn?



  3. Vic Crain says:

    Your skepticism is attractive to people who are frustrated by a world they don’t want to understand. The thinking has no factual basis, but it plays into the hands of those reshaping this world from one of people to one of robots. One of the key elements in that transition is reducing the human population. Thank you for your service in that cause.

    Elites don’t want to support people on welfare, or the aged, or those whose jobs are about to disappear forever, or for that matter, those who cannot afford to buy their products. What better way to make that problem go away than having them die? While at the same time, people like Trump are given access to treatments unavailable to the rest of us.

    COVID-19 isn’t an efficient death machine. Maybe the next mutation or the next virus will be better. MERS harvested 10%, the Black Death maybe 40%. We can do better.

    Of course, the gotcha in that scenario is that our economy is based on growth — selling more product to more people, We don’t know how to manage an economy when the population is shrinking. Japan in the 1990s taught us what we don’t know, and we still haven’t learned. Yet we are withing 30 years of what some statisticians see as the onset of a global population decline, and we may be closer to that time in both the US and China. (One scientist sees pollution causing sperm counts in males to drop to zero by 2045. The counts are already down 50% since 1980.)

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    • tubularsock says:

      Vic, Tubularsock thanks you for your comment. But do get a hold of yourself!

      Tubularsock knows the different “theories” of destruction and Tubularsock can even argue you may be correct.

      Tubularsock can take ANY position and with a couple of “assume facts” argue ANY position BUT …………. IS IT TRUE?

      We, AGAIN, are in the position of having a barrage of information slammed upon us from a variety of sources with little actual “FACTS” that can be proven.

      At this point Tubularsock centers toward “within” to find the answer not “without”.

      Om shanti.

      Tubularsock really appreciates you taking the time to comment.


  4. swo8 says:

    No doubt Tube there’s a lot of sh** happening and this isn’t any conspiracy theory. One only has to listen and read all the back tracking the “experts” are doing and decide for oneself.
    It was a FU at the lab – either deliberate or accidental.

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  5. I agree with Norman, Tube. Excellent summary of an extremely complex and mind bending situation. I’m finding that leftists especially are coming under heavy criticism for questioning the Covid vaccine mandate. That’s something only right wing extremists are allowed to do.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Dr.B, Tubularsock hears you on the lefties. Where has all the thinking gone, long time passing.

      Where has all the thinking gone, long time ago.

      Where has all the thinking gone?

      When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn!


  6. selizabryangmailcom says:

    It almost seems impossible that people WOULDN’T question the vaccine, its creation, the methods, the motives. They have to decide for themselves after weighing whatever pros and cons are available to weigh. Problems may arise with the fact that we don’t HAVE all the facts in order to weigh things correctly…but if people make their decision under their own power and not the power of suggestion/pressure/fear, that’s half the battle, I think.

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    • tubularsock says:

      SB, Tubularsock agrees 100% with your take on vaccine questioning. It is like a lemmings to the sea phenomenon.

      What gives?

      Fear has been pumped to the extreme ……….. why?

      Control, manipulation, money ……………. maybe all three.

      Thanks for your insights.

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