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Wow, another day in Tubularsock’s living hell!

Sitting comfortably in Tubularsock’s top floor corner office in Tubularsock’s underground bunker (see Bunker Tours) another missive crept in.

Tubularsock just has to retire those carrier pigeons.

This missive is from CS, a wonderful fellow that Tubularsock respects and really likes as a person but is a little too gullible, in Tubularsock’s view, when it comes to the current government brainwashing.

Of course, CS will disagree vehemently. But he’s wrong! Oh sure that’s an opinion. On the other hand he just has another point of view than Tubularsock and we disagree on other issues as well. That’s what makes him fun!

Tubularsock read this article CS sent, a University of Pennsylvania article from an esteemed research institution, (see footnotes) and this is Tubularsock’s response.

And Tubularsock thanks CS for his contribution to Tubularsock’s on going attempt to enlarge the conversation. And yes, Tubularsock will gladly accept a beer and conversation to help clarify our differences!

First: the mRNA is NOT a vaccine!


A clear warning sign is when the nomenclature from the start is not squarely telling the truth, it points to questionable final results.

In fact, currently studies have shown that the mRNA shot has created minute blood clotting in a large number of recipients some that have even killed many recipients.

Even those in the 18 to 24 age range!

Research has shown, still pending, that the impacts of graphene oxide nano-particles contained in the vial of the mRNA vaccine has a negative impact on the immune system and triggers thrombi and blood coagulation.

The recorded vaccine related deaths and “adverse events” published by the US – CDC and in the EU are attributable to the presence of graphene oxide nano-particles.

Second: “rigorous research” when there is huge profit to be made MAY just lead to an outcome that is a little less scientific than it is showing the “correct” results that are wanted.

It has happened in the past with devastating results on people who “believed and trusted”.

An example of that has been exposed in the “opioid crisis”. But take a look at the false “science” that centers around the pharmaceutical industry’s huge number of law suits and pay outs over the years.

When accepting lawsuit payouts as a built in business expense should alert one to something. Don’t you think?

And YOU are now going to believe them when the dollars signs are larger than the Empire State Building? Come now.

If you are, Tubularsock has this Golden Gate Bridge that he’s selling ….. cash!

“Part of the safety watch on these new biologics will happen through the regulatory process . . .” ! * YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! Refer back to the Opioid Crisis!

“ . . . adverse events tend to appear in the first two months after vaccine administration . . .” ** HOWEVER THE nRNA IS EXPERIMENTAL and it won’t be even understood for years to come!

IT IS AN EXPERIMENT ……. GET IT! AN EXPERIMENT THAT RESULTS ARE UNKNOWN UNTIL …………….. SOME FUTURE DATE! Just what is so difficult to understand here?

The spinoff health effects are unknown …… but Tubularsock personally finds nothing wrong with three headed babies!

“Pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutions are testing different boosters currently, using both new sequences of the spike protein mRNA and combinations of existing vaccines to augment immunity.”***

But this may be the entire problem! Where NATURAL immunity causes less need for boosters and is a healthier approach.

“Epidemiologists estimate over 160 million people worldwide have recovered from COVID-19. Those who have recovered have an astonishingly low frequency of repeat infection, disease, or death. That immunity from prior infection protects many people now where vaccines are not yet available.

Moving forward, policymakers should include natural immunity as determined by an accurate and reliable antibody test or the documentation of prior infection (previous positive PCR or antigen test), as evidence of immunity equal to that of vaccination. That immunity should be given the same societal status as vaccine-inducted immunity. Such a policy will greatly reduce anxiety and increase access to travel, events, family visits, and more. The updated policy will allow those who have recovered to celebrate their recovery by informing them of their immunity, allowing them to safely discard their masks, show their faces, and join the legions of those vaccinated.” ****

Third: And then add in all the false and misinformation that has been put out by our own government and health agencies and we now have an information disaster on our hands as well a health disaster.

Testing alone was a sham. The guy who invented the test that was being used by the government to determine Covid infection, Kary Mullis stated ON THE RECORD that his test WAS NOT INTENDED NOR CREATED for that purpose! And was NOT accurate in the way it was being used.

Kary Mullis explained that with a PCR test, “you can find almost anything in anybody” and “It doesn’t tell you that you’re sick.”

YET …….. the government and health agencies used THAT test ANYWAY! And still are!

Producing faulty number counts and information. Setting up a pandemic ONLY because their inept handling of the situation. EITHER BY IGNORANCE OR INTENT!

And there is plenty of evidence in both directions. Tubularsock figures searching in BOTH directions will lead you to the truth.

But then if you throw in the October, 2019, Event 201, the pandemic simulation exercise hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation …….. well all bets are off!

Just coincidence? Sure!

Tubularsock remembers the “Just Coincidence” terrorist drills concerning airplanes crashing into the Twin Towers ON THE VERY DAY IT HAPPENED.

Funny the timing of those “just coincidence” moments isn’t it.

You don’t think so? Care to explain it then?

Tubularsock figures that Fauci’s next move will be to blame it on Arabs with “box cutters” for all this false information!

Forth: Censorship and information control has gotten out of hand if we are still even pretending that we live in a free country.

When the President of the United States comes right out and says that he is in favor of the censorship of “misinformation” Tubularsock expected Joe to then shut-the-fuck-up and walk off the stage. Thereby living up to the words that he speaks.

Nope! He meant “misinformation” of others not his own words!

Too bad. Tubularsock had thought that the time had come for real transparency.

Oh well, Tubularsock is a dreamer after-all.

This is such a huge sink hole for discussion: “MISINFORMATION”

Now in truth, where do we start? This dictum, if followed, would require a total rewriting of American History ……….. and advertisements and movies and religion. Just to name a few!

Perhaps there is a better solution. Why not PUT ALL THOUGHTS AND BELIEFS OUT THERE in the public square and discuss and debate them.

If Tubularsock is not mistaken isn’t that what FREEDOM OF SPEECH is all about?

We’d have to get rid of the likes of CNN, FOX, PBS, MSNBC right off the bat because they ONLY PUSH the accepted propaganda of the establishment so that would not really be much of a loss if we are seeking “truth” rather than “misinformation”.

There is no such thing as “misinformation” only misunderstanding of that information not being true. Which calls for you, dare Tubularsock say, TO HAVE TO THINK!

But having the government or tech-corporations to determine THEIR thinking for you is a road paved by mind control and has no place in a free society.

And we better wake up to this authoritarian rule or all we’ll be doing is redecorating our prison cells!

It is really up to you. This entire vacs/non-vaccer set up is just another diversion to keep the population off balance so as not to really comprehend we are being screwed by the power structure. Nothing new here, folks. Business as usual.

AND THEN FIFTH: Just what is all this crap about people that are not shot-up being dangerous to people that are shot-up?


The shot-up people are supposed to be protected so how is a non-shoter a danger?

But the shot-up people can STILL SPREAD COVID and can STILL GET COVID so why shouldn’t they still ware masks to protect their fellow citizens?

The supposed risk is that the non-shoters have a higher chance from dying from Covid than those shot-up BUT THAT ISN’T FULL PROOF because there have be some “breakthrough shot-ups” that have died.

So even THAT story the Government and Health Authorities have given out about the safety of being “shot-up” isn’t fully true.


*/ ** / *** (article CS sent)


  1. swo8 says:

    I read where more than 50% of the doctors in the American Medical Association have the same concerns Tube. There are quite a few doctors in Canada do too.

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  2. Batt Guano says:

    I feel another Ogden Nash moment coming on:
    —The debate on the vaccine..

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  3. Norman Pilon says:

    You know what I think, Tubes? Well, I know that you do know what I think.

    C.S. needs to read more as well as to read less: more of the conflict-of-interest-free dissenting expert opinion and less of the conformist literature conveniently aligned with the profit-making opportunity that the jabs represent for Big Pharma.

    I wonder if C.S had a chance, for starters, to listen to this revealing interview with Dr. Tess Lawrie, or if C.S. has by any chance come across this piece by Neville Hodgkinson: Covid vaccines: We’ve been misled from the very start. If not, you really ought to give a listen and have a read, C.S. As Tubes intimates, things are not at all as they are being made to seem. If one is to consent to the vaccines, it really ought to be informed rather than merely manipulated by the moneybags.

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    • Norman Pilon says:

      And only incidentally, where does this guy get off denigrating the great and the good Tony Fauci in the way that he does?

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    • tubularsock says:

      Norman, Tubularsock agrees with your overall premiss but Tubularsock doesn’t know categorically how deep C.S. has looked into outside the main stream propaganda.

      The article he sent only discusses “Ok” thought and doesn’t really do anything rather than give the impression that if you follow the “science” of “proven” Big Pharma that all will be taken care of in due time.

      Besides the information you have offered, thank you, Tubularsock will attempt to broaden C.S. horizons but as you so well know, “you can lead a horse to water . . .”

      YES, to consent for the “vaccine” (SHOT) having the TOTAL FACTS made available so one could decided without the censorship that is current being used. A person should be made aware that there ARE SAFE ALTERNATIVES!

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  4. Gee Norman you need more “news” from facebook. I gladly got the moderna vax and have some measure of covid protection. better than none in the world of anti mask trumpist pigs.

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    • Norman Pilon says:

      Who you calling a trumpist pig? Not that it bothers me in the least. But it does tell a great deal about your mindset.

      And “news” from facebook has never been something in which I have ever placed a whole lot of trust.

      I tend to lean toward medical journals and primary scientific research albeit not that funded and produced by the for-profit side of things.

      I prefer independence and honesty over bought and paid for bullshittery.

      You imagine that you have me pegged. But you don’t.

      And your smugness about the ‘choice’ that you made is most certainly misplaced and ill informed. In fact, I know that it is.

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    • tubularsock says:

      RCS, choosing to “believe” this shot will protect you along with recognizing the future health risks you have accepted is a choice.

      The important point is that alternatives to this shot have been censored and thereby not giving a person ALL THE INFORMATION before they take the questionable shot.

      There are other alternatives. Why the censorship?

      Being opposed to the shot HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH Trump! It has to do with people waking up to …. THEY ARE BEING LIED TO!

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  5. Tube, what really bothers me is that entire Western medical and public health establishment is not even keeping up with its own peer-reviewed research. Researchers have known for at least 20 years that the human immune system is centered in the gut microbiome and that the secret to keeping people well is not to do things that further damage the health of the helpful bacteria that make up the microbiome (such as putting chlorine and fluoride in our water, overprescribing antibiotics, exposing infants and children to the heavy metal adjuvants in vaccines and the weed killer Roundup). In essence all of Western medicine has been captured by the medical industrial complex to the extent that virtually all medical decisions are made for profit and political reasons rather than scientific ones. And we all pay the price – under a plague of chronic medical conditions that could easily be prevented if we actually followed peer-reviewed science.

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    • tubularsock says:

      DrB. You have summed it up in a nut shell and when you are discussing “nuts” your approach is RIGHT ON THE MONEY!

      If profit could cure illness we’d be the healthiest society on the face of the earth!

      We are a sick society because we are a lost society.

      We have no purpose or direction to speak of so we have substituted stacking up stuff to make us happy and when that doesn’t work we turn to drugs.

      The vibrational level of earthlings are on the low end of the spectrum and thus depression is very high in the population.

      To change that, a NEW consciousness needs to be implemented and though it is in process time is of the essence.

      Tubularsock has the mathematical tables right in front of him right now BUT without a direct deposit payment Tubularsock will not proceed with the process.

      You don’t believe that Tubularsock hasn’t learned anything about how Capitalism works during his time on earth, do you?

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  6. the lame public and crypto fascists loved be lied to 15000 plus times for four years and believe all of it. and it seems back to “everything is a plot or conspiracy. a…yeah Norman riiight you’re sifting through every medical journal to make your vax decision. uh huh. as to covid itself, ask my son. he can reply

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    • Norman Pilon says:

      Lets see how well informed you are. A short series of easy questions for ya:

      A) What would it mean if it were ever demonstrated that the spike protein is a “biologically active” antigen?

      B) What significance might this “biological activity” entail in terms of its potentiality for outcomes for vaccines designed to deliver an mRNA payload to human cells in order to have those cells produce that “biologically active” protein?

      C) What, then, might be the significance for the vaccines at hand of a spike protein that 1) impairs endothelial function via downregulation of ACE 2, i.e., that is to say, damages the cells lining blood vessels and that 2) causes cells to fuse together and this if only present in trace amounts?

      (So you see, RCS, you don’t have to read EVERYTHING under the sun to discover what might be information pertinent to making an INFORMED decision about experimental vaccines for which concerning discoveries pertaining to their molecular payloads will be ongoing and belatedly emergent. When confronted with untested medical procedures that may have unpredictable outcomes, given their already amply documented sketchy history, it is always best to adopt a wait-and-see posture to get a better sense of where the dust is likely to settle. Not only has your ‘trust’ been misplaced, but so likewise is your cuntiness.)

      As for your son, the crypto fascists bare no responsibility. Although Fauci and Co. probably do.

      I sincerely hope your son eventually and once again finds himself well.

      Do take good care of him.

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  7. ooops …if he catch his breath. he’s a covid long hauler. as a result his life is almost over and he’ll seemingly be plagued with chronic health issues. he was a healthy, strong young man pre covid. must be a plot.

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    • tubularsock says:

      RCS, Tubularsock is really saddened by the news of your son. Wish your family the best and the strength to withstand the challenge.

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      • thanks tubular you didn’t just toss it to a “Fauci moment,” whatever that means/ my son caught covid from his partner. she’s a grocery cashier that suffered hoards of unhappy trumpists crying about having their free dumb and liber tea taken away by mask mandates as they coughed and hacked waiting to check out. she was in hospital for a month, but has recovered, fortunately

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  8. Batt Guano says:

    I was going to withdraw from this discussion because the technicality of it is beyond my pay grade. But I could make one comment and then leave the field to those with more scientific expertise than I do. Covid19 is like the uninvited guest that crashes the party. What party? The one that was celebrating the end of humankind as we know it some time just before or just after the turn of the next century. The several invited guests were being honored for their ability to end human life. At center stage were nuclear weapons. Just next to them, but not quite as sexy, were pollution congestion, overpopulation, and global warming. And the new kid on the block, until Covid, cyber warfare. We were comfortable with them, very tolerant of them “doing their thing” as we waited for the end. And then comes Covid, ugly with it spiked head, sadistic with the many sufferings it could inflict, arrogant over its abilities to thwart efforts to kill it. and thumbing its nose (if it had a nose) at the lot. “Too slow”..Covid said, “let’s get this human experiment over with and see what else comes along the evolutionary chain..”. We’d like to throw him out, but the bouncers and security people we hired are too weak and sick to do it.

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  9. why should I give a fuck about all that and want to go through that level of bullshit “research?” fail to see any Fauci relevance to my son’s situation Pileon. in regards to that and my son, go fuck yourself. I also fail to get the “trust” dig. I got vax;d because i didnt see all these folks keeling over in the streets and dozens of two headed babies eating german shepards. no I don;t trust the medical/industrial complex any more than any other complex. but until folks are willing to deal with these complexes, its what’s there/ fix it or fuck it folks.

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  10. why are the vax deniers sounding just like climate change deniers. bet ol Pileon is a climate change denier. maybe not, but that crap he published wanting a point by point counter to his “research sources” is the same crap climate change deniers want you to engage in to avoid talking about effect of climate change. climate change next, Pileon?

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  11. Norman Pilon says:

    Dear RCS,

    I have zero interest in debating you or anyone else about anything at all. I’ve put before you peer reviewed information I deem important and that you might not have previously known. What you decide to do with that is entirely on you.

    And for anyone who might be interested — yes, and that includes you, too, RCS — a link to something vaccinologist Dr. Byram W. Bridle, PhD, put together for the lay person, but especially for parents trying to decide whether or not to have their children take any of the mRNA COVID vaccines: COVID-19 Vaccines and Children: A Scientist’s Guide for Parents — Dr. Byram W. Bridle, PhD, 202 pages, PDF

    Whoa! 202 pages! Until you realize that most of that is references backing up Bridle’s contentions. Don’t be intimidated. Read and maybe learn something. And do it for no one else but yourself and maybe also for your children.

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  12. You are so full of pretense and self promotion you slosh when you key, Pileon. Its all a plot, pileon I read materials of interest, not self validation of my ideas, unlike you. there’s nothing to debate, deeply kiss someone with covid, pileon. see if “your ideas” work. what? no? no guts or not enough belief in your point of view?

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  13. guess replies are now “only what we want to hear.”

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    • Norman Pilon says:

      Dear Muffin Head,

      Here is something else that maybe you did not know before taking the vaccine: parts of the spike protein can cross the blood-brain barrier.

      If you open the PDF authored by Bridle, you can find that fact on page 21.

      Bridle puts it this way: “Of additional concern is the knowledge that the spike protein is capable of dissociating into two parts and these smaller subunits (S1 and S2) can cross the blood-brain barrier where they can potentially cause damage in the brain39.”

      I would venture to say that a person injured in this fashion might never know it, although to an observer the damage might be quite obvious.

      Do take good care of yourself.

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  14. gee pileon..a go fuck yourself reply deserves the same. retract censorship comment, yer a jerk pileon what brain damaged you?

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  15. tubularsock says:

    Well it appears that NP and RCS aren’t going to be joining hands and singing an emotional round of Kumbaya with Tubularsock and Joan Baez.

    Maybe Tubularsock will attempt a songfest a bit later with them.

    When it comes to the Covid all Tubularsock can say is watch your back because the establishment doesn’t give a shit about you when there is huge sums of money to be made.

    And “control over” seems to have raised its evil head as well.

    Where there is censorship ……. It shows there is a REAL problem if ALL information can’t be discussed and argued about.

    Just like NP and RCS have done.

    And come now, with Buyden being a senile demented old fart babbling away doesn’t really present a positive spin that the “leadership” knows shit about shinola.

    It really is easy to see when a Titanic hits an iceberg that that baby’s going down. There are some figuring pretty much that we as a society has until about 2040. Tubularsock figures 2043. Only because 3 is Tubularsock’s favorite number. And that’s science!

    Kumbaya ……….

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