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Well, well, well once again Tubularsock’s guru has sent another coded missive to help us all define what exactly is happening to us in the cosmic order of things.

Dianysia explains it rather well and she doesn’t use FUCK once which is a clear sign that Tubularsock is only the scribe here and not the creator of this information.

Ram Dass said once: “When you get the message, you can hang up the phone.”
I think we may not be getting the message.
So we don’t get to hang up the phone.

The vegetable garden my husband planted last year in our front
yard, next to our driveway, in the middle of the city, produced a crop of tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, beans, and herbs that was mythic.
Everything was HUGE! Everything was unbelievably delicious!
Everything was so far beyond abundant and prolific that it seemed certain that there must be magical beings at work producing a magical Garden of Eden.
The tomatoes were huge, crowded their vines, so heavy and uncountable that the vines fell over from the weight.
And the taste! . . . OMG!
I had not tasted vegetables like that since being in Europe ten years before (where
everything we ate had TASTE!).
My husband plants a vegetable garden every year.
He has a “green thumb”.
We always have tomatoes and squash and potatoes.
But NEVER even approaching what happened last year.

Last year the world was stopped by Covid.
Last year the world was shut down by Covid.
Last year the world stopped.
There were no early morning freeway sounds.
No traffic sounds.
There was QUIET.
We heard the birds again.
Lots of people heard the birds again.
The birds sang so loud it almost hurt my ears.

This year our garden is different.
The tomatoes are scraggly. The potatoes are going—just—, the spinach gasped out and the squash is hit and miss.
I barely hear the birds.
The freeways are jammed again.
This year the world “has returned”, is “returning to ’normal’ ”.

“Returning to normal” was part of the big promise of a “vaccine”.
Of course it was to save our lives first and foremost, but getting our world “back to
normal” pushed the push.

And now we have a “vaccine” —several.
We get to go to brunch again.
The kids may get to go back to the classroom.
“We can hug again.”
We can go to the movies again.

Meanwhile Syria has been bombed by the U.S.
Meanwhile 60 percent of our budget continues to go to the military.
Meanwhile the healthcare system fails to serve millions of Americans.
Meanwhile President Biden has lifted the eviction moratorium for millions of Americans
who have not been able to keep up with their rent due to Covid.
Meanwhile the worldwide ecological disasters are not being addressed with the urgency that they are.
Meanwhile the homeless are EVERYWHERE—in tent cities, on bus benches, in cars, on corners . . .
But, “Thank God we can BRUNCH again!”

And now the variants of Covid are appearing . . .
And they’re said to be more intense, more infectious . . .
The “vaccines” may not protect against them.
And now we’re told that the shots aren’t working as well as promised, that there are “breakthrough” cases, and the vaccinated can pass Covid to other vaccinated persons the same as the unvaccinated.
We may all have to mask again.

And so I contemplate the possibility: We have perhaps not “gotten the message”?
We don’t get to hang up the phone . . .?

There are many levels to look at with the whole Covid “thing”.
Many more than I can even begin to think about.
There’s the medical and scientific level (to vaccinate or not to vaccinate; what IS the virus?; alternative cures and preventatives).
There’s the political (health freedom vs.mandated health; government and Big Pharma)
There’s the ethical (the threat posed by bioweapon labs; mandated “vaccines” vs.
freedom to choose).
How to approach the question of protecting people from getting sick.
All—and many more— valid questions, needing attention.

But I see the possibility of a much bigger issue here at play.
If we look at the virus as an “outside enemy”—as “Western” medicine tends to do—as an “outside” problem that needs a “solution” so that we can “move on”, then to “vaccinate” , to mask, or as well to find other medical means to protect us from the virus and to eradicate it form the core of the discussion.

And all of this absolutely needs attention—we do not want people needlessly dying—of course.

But if we look at the appearance of Covid in the way that “Chinese” or “holistic medicine” look at disease, we must turn to a different question, a different focus.

We have to look to the WHOLE ORGANISM.

We have to look to what is out of balance, dis-eased, confused, out-of-alignment, “sick” in and about the WHOLE.
We look at the disease as an out picturing, a “messenger”, a SYMPTOM. . .

Of what?

What is it trying to draw our attention to?
What is it trying to show us?

I am thinking here of the “WHOLE ORGANISM” as Humanity’s current state of consciousness.

In “The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events” (a Seth book by Jane Roberts)
, EPIDEMICS are said to appear (not disregarding an immediate “cause”, but looking to a deeper cause) when mass consciousness is out of balance:

when injustices are not being addressed;

when nature is being mistreated;

when we are disconnected (from ourselves and others);

when people have lost direction and hope . . .

When I contemplate this (and I don’t need the book to think this—it seems obvious to me) examples that come to mind are:

The gross poverty that still is the truth for many people in the world
as well as increasingly in our own country—“the wealthiest country on the planet” . . .

The incredible corruption in governments and institutions (definitely here in the U.S.) . .

The raping of the earth (a few examples being the poisoning by Texaco/Chevron
of the Amazon, or the insane use of chemicals to make our lives “easier”, or the clear-cutting of forests) . . .

The polluting of the airs (one example being our unwillingness to give up our big gas-burning, polluting vehicles as just one source of the problem) . . .

The pollution of the waters—the seas and the rivers . . .

Animals grossly and inhumanely “grown” for our consumption . . .

Animals used in medical research . . .

We have lost the vision of this planet and everything in it as a gift, a Garden of Eden, a WHOLE UNIFIED ECOSYSTEM that is truly sacred, that needs our respect, our honoring, understanding, protection, and recognition as ALIVE, as LIVING Being.

We have lost the vision that we are all in this together, that every human being is of equal value and importance, and deserves equality in the most basic things.

We have lost the vision that war is quite simply OBSOLETE.

We have lost the vision that we don’t need a lot of stuff, and endless amusements,
entertainments, “toys”, and big houses to be happy.

We have lost our vision.

My sense is that Covid may be a “messenger” of and for an organism (Humanity) that is dis-eased, is sick, has lost its connection to the sources/Source of life.

Covid ATTACKS us—just as we attack each other, and attack Nature—and attack ourselves.
And it seems to be a kind of chameleon-like, illusive, uncapturable, difficult-to-define-or-isolate, unconquerable,

invisible . . .

ENEMY? . . .

or ultimately . . .

an “ALLY”? . . . an out-picturing, attempting to call us to change our ways, to TRANSFORM our consciousness as a species?

As we argue and politicize and DIVIDE over “Republican” or “Democrat”, “right-wing” or “left-wing”, Black or White, and most recently vaccinated or unvaccinated, do we stay focussed on what seems to SEPARATE us, as we miss the bigger picture of what is really going on?

At one point in one of the Seth books, it is said: NATURE will ultimately survive, will come back, will not be ultimately destroyed.

My question is will HUMANITY survive?

It’s up to US. . .

As two news items from the last 24 hours came across my desk:
first that Biden has just granted 2500 new oil drilling permits on federal lands;
and second that Biden has not extended the eviction moratorium for millions of
Americans, as Congress (which could have done something about this) has
left town on six weeks of vacation (and I must acknowledge here Cory Bush’s
all night vigil in front of the Congressional building in protest), I can only be
amazed at the utter dissociative insanity that we the people continue to tolerate.

A one-time teacher of mine said once: “‘Responsibility’ is actually the ability to respond appropriately to a situation”.

We are not responding appropriately to outrageous actions, to outrageous situations.

Nisargadatta Maharaj, an Indian sage and “awakened” being, was asked by a visitor:
“Why is the world such a terrible place of suffering?”
Nisargadatta answered: “The world was made by love and in love. It’s your consciousness that needs righting, not the world.”

  1. swo8 says:

    You’ve no doubt heard the saying “never let a good disaster go to waste”. Well they are taking full advantage of this one. As for the vaccines- biggest con job I’ve ever seen.
    Have you heard about the massive uprisings in France, Germany, Italy and maybe even Australia ? There’s some people who take their civil rights seriously.

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  2. Tube,
    Funny you should mention “The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events,” which I have on my shelves, along with several other books in Jane Roberts’ Seth series. I’ve found much wisdom in the Seth books, with ideas that continue to inspire years after I put the books down. “The point of power is in the present,” Seth said, a notion that corroborates the “Be here now” advice of Eastern mystics. “Everything has consciousness,” Seth also said, and this idea has been substantiated by studies in quantum physics, which show high degrees of randomness (Seth called it “spontaneity”) in even sub-atomic particles. Quantum physicists speak in terms of “probabilities”. That irritated Einstein, who didn’t like the directions the so-called “Copenhagen group” of physicists were taking his theories. “God doesn’t play dice with the universe,” Einstein claimed.

    I think we all need philosophical systems for organizing our perceptions of reality. Some rely on religion, others on authoritarian structure. Some people like to imagine science has the answers to everything, or will. This Covid thing has introduced a new paradigm into world-wide beliefs and attitudes. It has up-ended the status quo. So far it has caused more division than cooperation, but it has given people world-wide a common enemy to organize around. In that sense, it could serve to inspire a revolution in consciousness.

    One of my many philosophical systems is the symbolic language of astrology. and I think about the emerging “Age of Aquarius,” and the implications of the Roman gods Saturn and Uranus, which of course are now names of planets in our solar system. Together the gods symbolize the tussle between order and chaos, structure (and stricture) versus randomness and freedom.

    My point is the confusion we see now in world events is part of a natural cycle that is unique in its character but related to the geological history of the planet. The tectonic plates have been shifting for eons, and there have been ice ages and thaws, volcanoes erupting, mountains rising and eroding, but we didn’t have world wide television to tell us when Vesuvius erupted or Atlantis sank.

    Sorry for the long response, but this post of yours sounds like you’re getting discouraged. I know from past posts that you don’t like the way the US is behaving on the world stage, and neither do I. But I also believe that people are waking up from their complacency, if only because they are afraid of running out of toilet paper.
    We could surprise ourselves yet.

    In his books, Seth repeatedly says that the great4est causes of human suffering are unexamined beliefs. In group therapy training I learned that it’s important to check out one’s assumptions.

    We do need to look at the whole organism, I believe, and to respect that the planet does not belong to humanity. We should watch our step, just in case Mother Earth decides we’re not worth saving from ourselves.

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  3. selizabryangmailcom says:

    “Why is the world such a terrible place of suffering?”
    Nisargadatta answered: “The world was made by love and in love. It’s your consciousness that needs righting, not the world.”

    Liked by 2 people

    • tubularsock says:

      KO, Tubularsock thanks you for your comment. There is no question that a “revolution in consciousness” has got to take place and it may be happening sooner than it appears.

      We may have a better chance with monkeys than with our fellow people only because monkeys don’t have political parties and tend to be intelligent.

      It is all such a slow process and much that Tubularsock saw that should happen still hasn’t come into fruition.

      And yes, “unexamined beliefs” are the major stumbling block to all change because we create our own reality and then believe our creation. Change you beliefs, change the world YOU live in. That is just the starting of the consciousness shift.

      The simplest lack of respect of the earth alone is enough to give one grief and coming up with another committee to TALK about what has to be done by 2095 is the ultimate dodge, EVER!

      And yes, Mother Nature bats last!

      Thanks again and stay safe.


    • tubularsock says:

      SB, you got that right! So simple yet complex because one has to “wake from the dream”.


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  4. Here in New Zealand, we had only one month of lockdown with no cars and no one going to work. We played cricket in the street. It was bliss.

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  5. muunyayo says:

    Reblogged this on Muunyayo .


  6. muunyayo says:

    This was a great read….your blog is gold!!!!


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