Ms. Maddow: Ms. Misinformation: Spin it, Baby!

Posted: August 24, 2021 in Censorship, coronavirus, Covid-19, Health
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Guest Blogger: Dianysia

Posted by: Tubularsock

Once again Tubularsock is passing on to you another blog sent to Tubularsock by Dianysia that Tubularsock is in full agreement with and is happy to pass these thoughts along.

Ms. Maddow: Ms. Misinformation: Spin it, Baby!

Let me start by saying: I am not a “Trumper”

I am not a “Rightwinger”

I am not an “anti-vaxxer” (though I have not taken the shot).

I am not pushing Ivermectin

And this is not about “shot” or “no-shot”

What I AM—in this moment—is pretty amazed, shocked, and stunned by the spin and actual untruths that Rachel Maddow spoke on her show of 8/20/21.

The show of Saturday, August 20th, was mostly devoted to the story about a number of people in Mississippi who had gone to animal feed stores to purchase for their own use for-animal-use Ivermectin, a medicine used for among other things de-worming horses.

Ivermectin is also a drug used for humans as—among other things—an anti-parasitic. It has been in use as such for over 40 years, particularly in Africa, where it is also used in preventing River Blindness for thousands of African inhabitants.

Ivermectin is known for having generally few side effects and no lasting ones. It is also very inexpensive to produce and to purchase.

On the show Maddow reported with eye-brows-raised and head-shaking (Maddow’s facial expressions) that some people in Mississippi had followed Fox News hosts, (including Tucker Carlson), who, Maddow stated, “told them to get Ivermectin for Covid”.

The Fox news hosts, Maddow went on to say, “didn’t instruct the viewers to not get for-animal-use Ivermectin from feed stores.”

The first statement is incorrect.

The second statement is an imagination.

Listen to the Fox segment Maddow has on her show. (see link to the show below)

Fox News did NOT tell people to “go and get Ivermectin”.

Rather they reported on the successes with the drug in India, parts of South America, and other places in preventing and healing Covid.

They were bringing forward information about alternatives to the shot—information that has been suppressed, de-platformed, and not allowed into the mainstream because of Big Pharma’s hold on the system.

As for her comment that “they (Fox) didn’t instruct people to not go to feed stores for Ivermectin” . . .

How does Maddow suppose that this is Fox’s (or any news anchor’s) responsibility?

And Maddow went on: “Ivermectin curing Covid world-wide? No it’s not!” (Said with finality )

Well, actually, yes it IS, Ms. Maddow! . . . in India, Bangladesh, Argentina, Mexico to name a few countries.
Yes it IS, Ms. Misinformation!

To the point at which Japan has just “green lighted “ Ivermectin to combat the growing out-of-control spread of Covid in that island nation.

Much like what was successfully accomplished in India, parts of Bangladesh, and places like Argentina and Mexico,Chairman Ozaki calls for the immediate use of ivermectin as cases surge in Japan.

Dr. Ozaki declared, “that ivermectin has demonstrated significant benefits in reducing infections and deaths where the regimen is prophylactically administered for another indication”.
(cf. (For full article see

Many people are leery of a shot that has in many peoples’ and many scientists’ view been inadequately tested.

Many people can not for medical reasons take the shot.

Many people are not willing to put into their body something that has so many
questions around it.

People are hearing bits and pieces that are slipping through Big Pharma’s gatekeepers about alternatives to the shot—both for preventing and for healing Covid.

Ivermectin is one of them.

But the possibility of doing what is necessary to allow Ivermectin to be prescribed or purchased legally has been shut down in this country—shut out by Big Pharma.

So people went to feed stores. An ill-informed choice: absolutely!

Very possibly a desperate choice—yes!

People going to feed stores to purchase Ivermectin reminds me of the “coat hanger” days of abortion: when a woman could not get a legal abortion and so risked her life, having to go to questionable and often dangerous “doctors” to honor a choice that seemed the best for her and all concerned.

When we shut out people’s “right to choose” what is best for their individual bodies
and lives, when we dictate a one-size-fits-all medical protocol, we are blinding
ourselves to an inalienable right of the human being.

And so—like the coat-hanger abortions, we will see desperate people doing desperate things.

Then Maddow went on: “There’s only been one study and it was withdrawn for faked data”.

Well, Ms. Maddow, The Japanese government begs to differ with you:

“With the encouraging medical data from ivermectin clinical trials’ reports worldwide, especially the one from FLCCC of US and BIRD of UK, the head of the Metropolitan Medical Association declared that while clinical trials were important, it was time to greenlight doctors to prescribe ivermectin in association with giving the patient informed consent.”

And from the Front Line Covid Critical Care (FLCCC) website:

“For questions about the safety of this medicine, you can read the expert review of over 350 articles on the medical safety profile of ivermectin that was conducted by a toxicologist for Medincell, which reported that “No safety concern was anticipated that would prevent health authorities from assessing the use of Ivermectin against COVID-19.” The review is available at

A more recent paper, Meta-analysis of Randomized Trials of Ivermectin to treat SARS-CoV-2 Infection was accepted for publication July 6, 2021, by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Infectious Diseases Society of America. This study was done by Dr. Andrew Hill and the team that researched ivermectin’s efficacy in COVID-19 treatment for the WHO. The data is overwhelmingly positive and was discussed in detail by Dr. Pierre Kory on the FLCCC’s July 7, 2021, Weekly Update.

more information available on the FLCCC’s website:

And finally Maddow moved into her closing statements sayng “Fox News told people ‘Don’t take the vaccine but do take this horse-deworming medication. Trust us—it’s proven.”

Where did she get THAT? IT’S NOT THERE!

(The reader can listen to the segment Maddow quotes from (

In closing, I am not making a pitch here for Ivermectin, nor against the shot.

What I am pointing out is the misinformation, the actual lies, and the spin that Maddow
indulged in on her show.

And this is the “mainstream press” that a HUGE segment of the population listens to as gospel!
Spin it, Ms, Maddow! Spin it!

P.S. If we are going to point to incompletely-informed choices (Ivermectin from feed stores),
shouldn’t we look at the majority population, told on blind faith, to take a “vaccine” which isn’t a vaccine (it’s a shot of something) made by pharmaceutical companies, at least two of which (Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson) have had billion-dollar lawsuits won against them for misinformation and false-advertising, and all of which have no liability or accountability for their “vaccines” , shots which were rushed through incomplete trials and “sold” to the public by Dr. Anthony Fauci who sneaked around the American prohibition against working with China on gain-of-function research at a lab (Wuhan) which very likely produced the “virus” that has brought the world to its knees?

And the population has rushed to the Pharmaceutical Feed Store
to take the shot!

Hmmmmmmmm . . .

Lots to look at here!

P.S.P.S. May we all find our own way to perfect health—whatever our choice!

  1. swo8 says:

    Does it ever end?

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  2. Lara/Trace says:

    Parasites – now that is something to look at… What the hell is infecting people?

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  3. Charles Schwartz says:

    The leading study on ivermectin in treating or preventing Covid (by a researcher named Elgazzar) has been withdrawn from a preprint server because of obvious plagiarism from websites promoting ivermectin and because the data that doesn’t match the description of participants in the study. See The Guardian, “Huge study supporting ivermectin as Covid treatment withdrawn over ethical concerns.” According to one researcher who investigated discrepancies in the Elgazzar study, it appears that 20% of the patient records in the study were manipulated, i.e., they were “cloned” from other patient data with minor changes to conceal the cloning. Other discrepancies in the data are discussed in the Guardian article, above.

    The Elgazzar study—now withdrawn—has been viewed over 150,000 times and cited more than 30 times in other studies, including in reputable journals like the American Journal of Therapeutics, where it was included in a meta-analysis on the effectiveness of ivermectin. That meta-analysis is in turn highly cited. Despite the fact that the Elgazzar study has been withdrawn because of serious doubts about its legitimacy, the meta-analysis in the American Journal of Therapeutics continues to rely on the Elgazzar study without noting that it has been withdrawn.

    That is the way pseudo-science works. Poorly done or fraudulent studies proliferate and then are cited frequently enough that no one bothers to question their validity. The journal Nature has addressed this problem with respect to studies surrounding ivermectin. See Nature, “Flawed ivermectin preprint highlights challenges of COVID drug studies.” As noted in Nature, studies of ivermectin have been ‘dogged by scandal’ and “many rely on small sample sizes or were not randomized or well controlled.” Other ivermectin studies have also been withdrawn due to suspicions over their legitimacy.

    The FDA and NIH say there is no scientifically reliable proof that ivermectin is effective in treating or preventing Covid. That view may change based on future studies, but the fact that existing studies have relied on poor science or questionable ethics to support their conclusions is a red flag. Until there is a high-quality, double-blinded, randomized trial that says ivermectin is effective in treating Covid, get a vaccine and wear a mask. And don’t self-administer a livestock version of ivermectin purchased at a local feed store. As the FDA said, “You are not a horse. You are not a cow.”
    One of the problems with pseudo-science it that its proponents try to overwhelm the system with dozens of shifting claims designed to exhaust people who are interested in learning the true facts.

    The proliferation of poor (or fraudulent) studies is designed to create a sheen of respectability to squelch inquiry. This problem is compounded by the fact that discredited ivermectin studies have spread like wildfire on social media. (Facebook has flagged some posts about ivermectin as misinformation.)

    You don’t need to read dozens of studies about ivermectin to spot a hoax. Instead, you can ask a simple question: If ivermectin is 90% effective in reducing deaths from Covid (as claimed by the Elgazzar study) why is one of the major manufacturers of ivermectin, Merck Pharmaceuticals, warning people that the studies to date show “no scientific basis for a potential therapeutic effect against COVID-19” and that most of the studies suffer from a “concerning lack of safety data.”

    Merck is in business to make money. If a drug manufactured by Merck is a miraculous cure for Covid, why would Merck advise people against using ivermectin to treat Covid? Ivermectin promoters have a an easy (but nonsensical) answer to that question: Merck is part of a worldwide conspiracy to prevent people from using a cheap, accessible drug to cure Covid. That explanation makes perfect sense because . . . well, it makes no sense at all. But that hasn’t stopped Fox news personalities from promoting ivermectin as a miracle cure that is being suppressed by a worldwide conspiracy.

    Pseudo-science is a danger to democracy because it encourages people to ignore the facts and concoct conspiracy theories whenever the facts don’t agree with their political views. Science matters. Education matters, Dedication to truth matters. It may be exhausting (or boring) to rebut the endless fabrications of pseudo-science, but it must be done. If you don’t have the energy or time to do so yourself, you can (at the very least) refrain from forwarding dubious articles that claim miraculous cures are being suppressed by a worldwide conspiracy. If it seems too good to be true, check it out before sharing it with others.

    Just sayin’


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    • tubularsock says:

      Charles, Tubularsock thanks you for such an eloquent bit of writing in your attempt to shore up the main stream mis-information campaign about THE EXPERIMENTAL SHOT which is NOT A VACCINE but a rushed poorly tested money making boondoggle that the “inventors” can’t be held liable for on its results on trusting humans.

      Tubularsock is really quite surprised with your nobel legal background that you have missed the corporate lie over human health and corporate profit with NO LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY! Be interested to discuss this over coffee sometime soon. With masks, of course.

      Oh my, where to begin ………

      Well lets take on this business about Merck to start with and see what the facts happen to be. You ask, “Merck is in business to make money. If a drug manufactured by Merck is a miraculous cure for Covid, why would Merck advise people against using ivermectin to treat Covid?

      Merck was asked by the Japanese Government to do a new study on this product to see if it would help with Covid. The Japanese Government was going to help fund the study. Merck declined.

      WHY? Merck’s patent for their ivermectin product had run out so now anyone can produce it and there is little money to be made from ivermectin anyway.

      Instead Merck teamed up with Johnson and Johnson working on a “vaccine”. THAT IS WHERE THE MONEY HAPPENS TO BE.

      Remember ivermectin is usually worked into a medical regimen and there have been over forty studies on ivermectin’s effectiveness with mixed results. It is not a save all it is only a tool in the medical tool box that appears to work and is far safer than the “shot” and appears more effective.

      Ivermectin has worked extremely well in preventing and easing Covid in India and Latin America as well as Eastern Europe. And now Japan has joined into using it in their present outbreak. (and note the Japanese are not a trusting group when it comes to “foreign” ideas. They may steal them and produce them better but they are careful.)

      Ivermectin does have side effects but unlike “the experimental shot” DEATH isn’t one of them!

      Now you have got to be kidding with your statement, “The proliferation of poor (or fraudulent) studies is designed to create a sheen of respectability to squelch inquiry.”

      Tubularsock would say that that statement MUST be directed at the slipshod “studies” in the rushed, poorly produced “shot”.

      If you just look into the CDC manipulation of the numbers and the redefinitions of basic policy in the last year one would have to conclude that they had hired Houdini to work out their deceptive numbers and new views.

      Do you realize that to date no one has isolated a SARS-CoV-2 virus. There is no scientific evidence that there is one.

      The “vaccine” was constructed from a petri dish NOT an actual “unadulterated sample taken from a diseased patient”?

      It does create the question in Tubularsock’s mind, “now why is that”. Especially if we are practicing science here!

      But science isn’t what it once was and this is why we are having this conversation.

      Today there is Science and then there is PAID SCIENCE.

      And what we have here is PAID SCIENCE.

      And then you add to all this the inbreeding of the corporate shills taking positions at the CDC and the NIH and the huge amounts of money Big Parma hands out to the government to shield them from ANY responsibility and you end up with the Frankenstein of PAID SCIENCE!

      Tubularsock doesn’t care what decisions people make to protect themselves but there should be a free flow of information NOT a censorship of one approach over another.

      We are seeing now that people with the “shot” are more dangerous in passing Covid to others than those who are without the shot.

      And those with natural immunity DON’T get Covid again where people with the “shot” do.

      What Tubularsock can’t figure out is that after the opioid crisis where Big Pharma CREATED the entire travesty and KNEW the dangerous results of their actions BUT CONTINUED the push because of huge profits. They ARE NOW doing the same thing with this “shot” and people BELIEVE them again.

      Die and learn, Tubularsock guesses.

      Thanks Charles until ……………


  4. Tube, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Third World will survive this manufactured plandemic far better than the industrialized world owing to their inability to access Covid gene therapy shots. Have you ever seen a better case of poetic justice?

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    • tubularsock says:

      DrB, Ahhh yes, poetic justice that’s the ticket! Looks like Israel is witnessing the same thing.

      The Israelis did their best to limit the shot to the Palestinians out of loving kindness Tubularsock supposes but the result is that those in Israel with the SHOT are having a huge health crisis but the Palestinians are not.

      If this keeps up maybe Palestinians will get its land back without a fight.

      God works in mysterious ways.


  5. selizabryangmailcom says:

    We just saw Contagion again for the first time since 2011. It was incredible how much they got RIGHT ON and that we’re actually living through right now. I’d say the only differences are stores haven’t been looted, the trash isn’t piling up in the street, and certain countries aren’t kidnapping people for the vaccine.
    But everything else–wow. Even Jude Law’s role, questioning big pharma (but also pushing a useless option on desperate people) was in it.
    Shame on Maddow if she really did twist the truth that badly. I think the Fox people are crazy– especially Tucker Carlson, who seems downright malevolent, like he doesn’t care how many people he’s actually causing harm, as long as he gets his ratings–so having NOT Fox people acting like Fox people in their own way would be very depressing and only add to the division that’s grown between the “camps” in this country.

    Liked by 1 person

    • tubularsock says:

      Well SB, Tubularsock will miss Contagion thank you. Living through it is bad enough and Tubularsock didn’t even buy this ticket!

      Most all MSM is just crap anyway but Tubularsock remembers when Maddow was new and hadn’t sold out to outraged performance crap ……. got to say Russian-Gate was so funny to watch her take NOTHING and blab on and on in that haughty bull shit voice.

      She almost convinced Tubularsock to join the Russians!

      As for FOX it is no better or worse than MSNBC ……. crap in crap out!

      Tucker once in a blue moon has a story that he gets right but like Maddow it’s all show and ratings and little true content.

      But it seems that that is what AMERICANS ordered up. Burnt toast no butter!

      Thanks for the comment always fun to hear from you.

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      • selizabryangmailcom says:

        Yeah, it makes no earthly sense why we sat down and watched Contagion. Gluttons for punishment? Worshipers of Redundancy?! Misery loves company???!!! No idea! Kinda crazy, lol !!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • tubularsock says:

        SB, Tubularsock often does things that are difficult to explain as well. In fact more often as not.

        Tubularsock doesn’t watch many films anymore but once in awhile something comes along that surprises Tubularsock.

        A film Tubularsock watched last night on Vimeo (first film Tubularsock has watched in four months) was a German film (English subtitles) called “Willkommen bei den Hartmanns | Welcome to Germany”.

        Fully packed with EVERYTHING and funny on top of that.
        Tubularsock was pleasantly surprised.

        And when the craziness is over some major food for thought.


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  6. Lara/Trace says:

    So get this, in Hawaii, every Native person does a parasite cleanse every year. They have always known this. Plant medicine works. So parasites need to be looked at more seriously as a health issue (there are doctors with lectures about this but not in the US.) Big Pharma needs sick people. They are getting their wish.

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    • tubularsock says:

      LT, thanks for the comment.

      Yes to plant medicine. The natural path is always the best direction when it comes to health Tubularsock has found.

      The entire point of Big Pharma is to make people sick and dependent. And they have done a hell of a good job at it.

      And it is amazing how few see it. Lost in the fog, maybe it’s the med’s.

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  7. MORE media driven conspiracies to keep covid going, but of course. where is pileon with more bias confirming research showing how horse meds work on covid? maybe watching Fixed Noise gives you worms. facedbook as source for anything is questionable. get over the conspiracy crap, folks. back to shooting up bleach to cure covid dr. trump said it worked.

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  8. I have, long term, more than appreciated Tubular’s outlooks and issue perspectives even if I don’t agree. expressing point of view is everything. not sure which SAVE ALL shot you mean. if I do 8months times 20, I will probably be dead anyway. Where was all the outrage about news organizations being turned into profit centers, turning news into infotainment, when it mattered?

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    • tubularsock says:

      Somehow Tubularsock missed this comment. May need new glasses perhaps or better still, BETTER drugs!

      Well, RCS you may be a long liver …….. then what?

      Now really, sit down and really reflect back ……… did Walter Cronkite EVER tell you the truth?


  9. No, of course. I clearly remember Cronkite lying when he said JFK was dead, and men had lanwded on the moon/ JFK is alive and hiding with Elvis, Jimmy Hoffa and Judge Crater. the moon landing, as we ALL know was by Stanley Kubrick.


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