Welcome to a new edition of Tubularsock’s GUEST BLOG SERIES and once again Dianya is back. Tubularsock is responsible for the title because Tubularsock thought it best summarized the thrust of the article. Happy reading. Is there hope?

The Threat of the Fear of “Trump-Again, OMG”!

My good friend exclaimed yesterday. “The thought of Trump again as President sends my nervous system into shambles! Did you listen to Bill Maher?”

My friend went on to tell me about Maher’s recent prediction—that
Trump is scheming with a vengeance to retake the U.S. Presidency in 2024. Maher had explained in some detail how he thought Trump could pull this off.

I listened to Maher last evening (LINK) and his ideas do indeed point to a possible scenario. (Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cR4fXcsu9w)

One of the great fears I hear expressed around “Trump-again” is “the dire threat he would pose to our Democracy.”

Trump is unquestionably a madman—in or out of the Presidency.
Don’t get me wrong: I do not want him back!

BUT—WE ARE ALREADY LOSING or threatened with losing OUR DEMOCRACY!

In our terror over the Corona virus, the mass of the population has been giving up its long established rights held in our Declaration of Independence such as:

“The right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS” . . .

And those of the our Constitutional Amendments:
“The right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH”. . .
“The right to FREEDOM OF THE PRESS” . . .
Just for starters . . . I could go on and on . . .

Steven Donziger’s prosecution by Chevron’s Kangaroo Court has also shown us

This is, however, not my focus in this article—I just could not pass by mentioning it as another travesty of denial of Constitutional rights— completely ignored by the mainstream press. For more info see: https://www.freedonziger.com/) Note: this will lead you to a “Page Not Found” press “GO BACK HOME” on that page and the link will open. Don’t know why.

The MANDATING OF VACCINES as a condition of employment threatens our “RIGHT TO ‘LIFE’ “ (food and shelter and health-care) and to “THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS” (a fulfilling life).

The MANDATING of VACCINES means our giving up the LIBERTY
of our right to choose what we do with our bodies (cf. Roe vs. Wade).

The PRESSURE TO VACCINATE THE ENTIRE POPULATION—with Big Pharma’s vaccines allowed as THE ONLY WAY through the pandemic that has terrorized the population has brought about LOSS OF “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” (as one group of alternatively-thinking doctors and scientists after another is de-platformed and disallowed from U-tube, with articles and information grossly suppressed and disallowed.

(Even RAND PAUL, U.S. Senator, who is pro-vaccine, but also pro-choice has been de-platformed from U-tube!)

The PRESSURE TO VACCINATE THE WHOLE POPULATION with Big Pharma’s vaccines allowed as THE ONLY WAY through the pandemic has brought about the LOSS OF “FREEDOM OF THE PRESS” , as journalists and reporters are threatened with job-loss and funding-loss to, for instance (until recently), even SPEAK of Ivermectin (an anti-viral alternative to the injection).

I recall Krystal Ball of “Breaking Points” telling her audience several months ago how “courageous” she and her journalist partner had to be to even HAVE an investigative journalist on their show SPEAK about just the EXISTENCE of Ivermectin!

The PRESSURE TO VACCINATE THE ENTIRE POPULATION with Big Pharma’s vaccines allowed as THE ONLY WAY through the pandemic has let me personally experience a threat to “LIFE and LIBERTY” as I, like many, chose through intuition and research to not take the vaccine and instead got a doctor’s prescription for Ivermectin to use if needed.

The AMA-licensed medical doctor had to be “underground” (it was like dealing with Al Capone and the “Speakeasy” days of prohibition). And even with my doctor’s prescription, “Joe”, the pharmacist at a local pharmacy, self-righteously and pompously refused to fill the prescription, saying, “This looks like it’s for Covid. I won’t fill it. You can get the vaccine here.”


And we’re giving up our American SOUL, the strength and DECLARED INDEPENDENCE of which this country was founded on, as we see doctors and scientists and reporters held to the narrative they are told to follow, gagged and terrified for their jobs, and the population pitted in division into an intolerant “your side” and “my side”.

Becoming absorbed in the fear of a “Trump-Return”—as I see it— at this moment— would bring the danger of getting lost in “THE FEAR OF THE RETURN OF TRUMP” while not remaining awake to what is going on right now, right before our eyes—the threat to losing our “INALIENABLE” RIGHTS” —one by one.

If we allow ourselves to get lost in “THE FEAR OF THE RETURN OF TRUMP” and blind and deafen ourselves to the loss of our “INALIENABLE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS” that is unfolding and/or being threatened with unfolding right now, we WILL be losing what is left of our Democracy . . .
. . . and it won’t be TRUMP taking it away!!!!

“Trump will take away our Democracy” can become a gauze that will continue to veil the awareness of those not yet awake to our Democracy being challenged — right now— with erosion before our eyes— right now.
Terror of the virus and the need to “fight” the terror has already proven itself a gauze over the eyes of a population mesmerized by fear.
And absorption in “the threat of Trump-again-as-President” can add just one more layer of gauze, keeping our attention off what is transpiring NOW.

  1. swo8 says:

    I think we’re domed Tube. Get out the Wild Turkey.

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  2. Tube,
    I don’t know where to begin to congratulate you and to say “Rah! Rah!” for your courage in resisting this world-wide mindfuck by the larger-than-life conspiracy of misguided minds. But, we don’t have a democracy and never had a “democracy. Also, you tend to confuse the Declaration of Independence, which was largely written by Thomas Jefferson, and the Constitution, which was constructed in secret by delegates, including George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison, among others, who met behind closed doors eleven years later, in 1787, when both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were out of the country.

    The Constitution, which was ratified through specially appointed bodies–not the state legislatures–basically overturned the ideals of the Declaration of Independence, and created an economic slave state of taxpayers to the all-powerful federal government.

    The first ten amendments, called the “Bill of Rights” was amended as a compromise to southern states, in order to get them to go along with the newly created federal government, which replaced the Articles of Confederation, deemed too weak because it didn’t grant taxing authority to the Union.

    I could go on and on, but will end by saying the wave of government-over-the-people is reaching tidal wave proportions, with the idea of vaccine mandates the latest symptom.

    They will have to tie me down before I get the shot, and it may be a shot by bullet if I don’t learn someday to keep my big ideas to myself.

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    • tubularsock says:

      KO, thank you for the correction attention. Tubularsock had that slip right past his editorial tasks. Maybe a higher salary would help.

      Tubularsock went back and made clear the distinctions.

      Because this is a guest blog Tubularsock really can’t shift the authors focus nor is not willing to anyway. The article’s direction is set by the author, “Dianya”.
      Tubularsock supports her direction and focus which Tubularsock agrees with as well.

      However Tubularsock does agree with you, KO that we have never had a democracy and suspect we NEVER will.

      And maybe just as well. Much of our population seem to have just enough brains to allow their “own” government to kill them with a shot which must be good because
      Kind Daddy Buydone says we must. “For the good of all.”

      As for Jefferson and Adams being “out of the country” when the Constitution was finalized just shows how early our political set caught on just how cushy their “out to lunch” jobs happen to be.

      Hell! It’s our tradition! Congress today is on break more days than being in session!

      But they ALWAYS find the time to fuck things up!

      Thanks again for your clarifying the historical facts and don’t fear. If the government shows up just tell them that you know Tubularsock and Tubularsock can show you how to create YOUR OWN vaccine passport. Hey! Comes right out of China.

      Cheers and all power to the correct people! We are picky!

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      • Tube,
        I wonder if Buydone has mandated vaccines for Congress and the Supreme Court, as well as the executive branch and all their staff. Maybe we could reduce government by attrition of the willfully unvaccinated.


  3. Maybe the Democrats will stuff the votes again 😀

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  4. Maybe the trumplicans will all be rounded up, tied up and vacc;d so they all instantly die, and can never vote again.I like the ranks of trumpist cops refuseing vaccines to be fired, most of that class cop being trumpist pigs. the sun has set on Digital Empire, now the moon won’t up on it again, Big Lie perp.

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  5. Mary Anne says:

    Thanks for this! Just to add a simple thought … Trump is not Evil. Biden is! If we want to save our nation we must choose between good and evil. We should support Trump. All of us. Get rid of the devils or we die or watch our children perish. Pure godless evil sits in the White House. It’s down to those two choices.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Mary Anne, thank you for following Tubularsock, “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news.”

      And thank you for your comment.

      Tubularsock would offer a different scenario for you to consider, Mary Anne.

      Life is a projection of OUR group consciousness. WE are they.

      That is not to say that these two clowns aren’t “evil” but that the consciousness that produced them is where this “evil” originated.

      The job is to clear up our own personal “act” and then start from there.

      If we don’t we’ll be on this treadmill for as long as it takes …….

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