No, even knowing Killery “stood by her man” while he was fucking every female he could get a second with in a closet or under a desk; only shows why Chelsea may not have been HIS. (according to vicious rumors Tubularsock enjoys).

We had to put up with over four years of pointless investigation and cost not to mention pure intellectual bull shit to find out that Killery WAS THE ONE in collusion with “Being Under The Russian’s Bed”! (according to vicious rumors Tubularsock is aware of from past intel reports done by (xxxxxxxx-redacted for your mental safety). No, Hillary was the one IN BED WITH THE RUSSIANS!

Now of course Tubularsock has indisputable proof.


Now fortunately Tubularsock has the hidden transcript of the above conversation.
Trust Tubularsock on this!

«Да, Хиллари. У меня есть электронные письма, которые вы мне прислали, рядом с моим «нижним» сердцем».

“I knew you had Vlad!”

“«Встретимся ли мы сегодня вечером, вы можете быть на вершине!»

“Oh Vlad, I just can’t wait. I’ll tell Bill it’s a foreign exploration activity.”

“Хорошо…….. действительно прекрасно. Я люблю твою территорию, Хилл».

“Until then, Vlad.”

Please note: The Russian translation into English can be obtained from Tubularsock Language Technology. Drop off a brown lunch bag labeled TLT filled with Franklins’ under the bus stop bench at Third and Market. Tubularsock thanks you. And then watch your email sever.

Besides being in bed with the Russians, Hillary has been seen with an unknown double agent, who has to date, has not been identified. If anyone knows the identity of this agent immediately contact your local FBI Field Office.

Some believe that this unidentified agent may be Cuban. Call the FBI Field Office at

“I REPORT SPY” ext. 666.

Understandably receiving all of these FACTS may make you doubt the information as presented. However “rest absurd” all this information is as factual as Hillary’s counter argument.

Which attempts to make you believe that Hillary’s nightie isn’t soiled.

The entire Russiagate scare was launched by the Clintonites and it really sounded good because how could anyone not believe a story that had a Steele Dossier as a foundation. Could it get any better than that?

But the fact that it proves that Killery’s posturing was full of shit and it does show without a shadow of a doubt NOW (if you had been brain dead before) that Hillary lost the 2016 Presidential Election to Dump NOT BECAUSE OF ANY RUSSIANS but rather because of a very DEEP REPUGNANCY toward her.

A REPUGNANCY greater than the fear of Dump! AND THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING!

And then Dump proved himself as a greater fear than electing a DEAD MAN for the office as happened in 2020!

Boy-O-Boy! Those Americans sure knows how to pick a “leader”. NOT!

But the great part for Tubularsock is that ALL the MSM who have been pushing this outlandish lie takes no responsibility for not doing journalism as they should have over all this subterfuge.

They should have INVESTIGATED it rather than just become stenographers for the Clinton Campaign.

And to date NOT ONE NEWS OUTLET has said, “Oh gosh. We got it WRONG!”

  1. where’s the vax for “Hilary Hysteria?” sorry you’ve contracted the disease, Tube. Hilary and Bill are irrelevant. I’m sure this will get your trumpist followers frothing. get well soon. this article was below you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • tubularsock says:

      RCS, well Tubularsock thanks you for building up Tubularsock’s stature in order to create a position “below”. Tubularsock didn’t really believe he could get any lower but here we go!

      Suppose Tubularsock couldn’t convince you that Hill & Bill & Dump are all cut from the same cloth ….. corruption & lies. And their time they each spent in Epstein’s company doesn’t tell you something’s up. Or is it down? Hmmm, the words escape Tubularsock.

      “Beat me, beat me, daddy!

      Tubularsock was just trying to discuss an upbeat topic rather than Covid. A little perversion goes a long way to shift away from a downbeat Covid to upbeat Corruption.

      Don’t you think RCS?

      Anyway, you have got to admit that having a President Of The Walking Dead is pretty depressing. Come to think of it, Cheney The Dick may even be able to be propped up on one elbow to run circles around BuyDone in the next pseudo election.

      ‘till then, keep your powder dry RCS, cheers.


  2. guess the only thing more depressing than more covid is more Hilary Hysteria, we’ve had YEARS of Hilary Hysteria. Maybe we need more Benghazi hearings to underscore Clinton Corruption. it doesn’t matter if the Clintons are cut from the same cloth as orange Il Duce, neither Bill or Hilary are going to be president. orangy prolly will be president again, and he can’t be arrested or tried for anything. politics in the US are completely broken. hand wringing over the Clinton is a lot like pointing skyward and saying, “oh look! Hailey’s comet…” nice distraction, but…uh. again the clintons are irrelevant.

    Liked by 1 person

    • tubularsock says:

      RCS, Tubularsock agrees that the Clintons are passè. However they still have a great amount of power behind the “democracy” screen. Unless we do what Tubularsock has envisioned for a long time and napalm the Clinton Foundation.

      The idea that the Dump may run again could be annihilated IF THE DEMOCRAPS WOULD USE THEIR POWER NOW AND DO SOMETHING FOR THE PEOPLE rather than continuing to increase the wealth of the Donner Class.

      If not, here comes your favorite orange boy!


  3. democrats have reduced themselves to a pack of crying, whiny jerkoffs incapable of anything save demanding perfection where none exists…so of course orange fuck will be back, not to leave again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • tubularsock says:

      RCS, Tubularsock agrees 100%.

      It seems they do this in a regular cycle, promise, win, do nothing, loose, and repeat Ad nauseum.

      Yet they all still get their paycheck. Great gig if you can get it! Don’t you think?


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