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By now if you haven’t noticed the Kyle Rittenhouse trial has raised every “liberal” and “conservative” pundit to great moral soothsaying and even though they seem to have missed the mark they just can’t seem to put their distorted OPINIONS aside and shut the fuck up.

You can learn something new everyday!

Now while this was all unfolding Tubularsock lacked interest in the subject but as the trial reached its crescendo it just became too loud to ignore.

And so Tubularsock started his research.

Now Tubularsock is not going to regurgitate all his steps and yes Tubularsock did wear his hip boots and hazmat suit that is a very trendy pastel but the information is shocking and more shocking is the lock-stop-mind-fuck that is being spewed as accurate.

Let Tubularsock clear this up for you in a simple, clear, honest format.

Kyle Rittenhouse stated his actions were based ON SELF DEFENSE. PERIOD!

All the direct action is ON VIDEO. Look at the video.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are Black, White, or fucking Chartreuse. Look at the video!

From that point it is clear: Four STUPID WHITE GUYS go male hormone crazy attempting to recreate a B rated action movie script but in REAL LIFE!

This had NOTHING to do with Black Lives Matter or race or White Supremacy. And this so called “vigilante” trope is all hype and bullshit.

What you do have was four stupid white boys lost and disengaged from sound thinking.
As happens when you are running around in the street after dark with crowd energy reacting without clear thought.

You have two white guys that brought guns to a riot, a guy with a possible lethal skateboard and a guy who was wacko with mental issues.

And they all meet and collide with different agendas with the end result of two dead, one wounded and one running to the police lines for protection and to turn himself in.

You can watch it on the video and see for yourself.

It doesn’t take “A Philadelphia Lawyer” as the saying goes to look at this video and determine SELF DEFENSE”. That is clear.

You have three guys with different motives engaging Kyle Rittenhouse.

Rittenhouse has a AR-15-type rifle and was protecting an auto business from looters, or so the story goes.

Joseph Rosenbaum, who was on antidepressants and had just been discharged from the hospital after a suicide attempt started to follow Rittenhouse after a crowd clashed with Rittenhouse and Rosenbaum started to chase him and got himself shot.

Anthony Huber went after Rittenhouse and attempted to grab the rifle and hit Rittenhouse in the neck with his skateboard and got himself shot.

Gaige Grosskreutz approached Rittenhouse who was on the ground. Grosskreutz approached with his hands held up with a pistol in his hand. As he lowered his gun toward Rittenhouse Rittenhouse fired and hit Grosskretz.

At this point Rittenhouse got to his feet and ran toward the police lines for safety and attempted to turn himself into the the cops. They told him to go home.

Rittenhouse then attempted to go to the police station but could not get in due to barricades keeping people away from the police station.

Rittenhouse then proceeded home and turned himself in to his hometown police.

THE VIDEO shows all this clearly.

These are the facts as proven by his defense.

No Black people were involved but those close had the good sense to duck and cover. Something one learns living in a Black neighborhood from a very early age. Tubularsock has direct experience having lived in such a neighborhood for a number of years.

The White guys were not all that bright. Tubularsock has learned early that one does NOT rush a person with a gun. Unless you are James Bond and trust Tubularsock on this, YOU’RE NOT!

Each of these guys were carrying their own agenda and the outcome was played out in a predictable horrid way. No surprise there. Bringing a gun to a riot is not the best approach to the situation. No question about that!

However there is a much bigger and far more dangerous orchestration of this entire episode of stupidity.

And that is the bias news stories being exposed in front of your eyes. Tubularsock figures the MSN organization just stay in their own echo chamber and spout total “woke” bull shit. It is enough to make Tubularsock want to grab his AK-47 and blast Tubularsock to stardom!


And knock off this total misrepresentation of THIS incident!

  1. swo8 says:


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  2. Norman Pilon says:

    Exactly what happened. Excellent rant! Norman Pilon wants to know if he can copy-and-paste this to his blog, with all proper attributions to be made, of course.

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  3. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Very true, all of it. My one observation would be, however, that Kyle is one of the lucky ones who has the law (and the judge, who was EXTREMELY biased against the prosecution) and, ultimately, justice working for him. Others, simply due to their skin color, with seemingly clear-cut cases of innocence, have not enjoyed the fruits of justice as Kyle did. Good for Kyle. But let’s catch up with everyone else, too. Like prosecutors who decide “Aw, you didn’t do anything wrong,” and tell those three guys in Georgia killing Arbery was A-okay, nothin’ to worry their pretty little heads about, go about your business, you did good, boys!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Welcome SB. Tubularsock is happy that you have popped in with your clear observation.

      You are absolutely correct and we have a very long way to go is this country to really live up to what we tote we believe in about justice.

      Another solid injustice is the Steven Donziger, the environmental and human rights lawyer case. Total railroad with corrupt corporate judges displaying a corrupt judicial system.


      So it is not only racial, or money it is the fact that it is rotten to the core!

      It so telling all these mostly black convicted criminals that have been found NOT GUILTY of what they were convicted of doing and have spent 30 years in prison and finally get free and released WITHOUT COMPENSATION for the time.

      Each time Tubularsock reads of their plight Tubularsock rants for days which crowds out Tubularsock’s regular rants. It is best not to be around Tubularsock’s Underground Bunker overlooking Washington, DC from Oakland, CA on such days!

      Thanks SB.

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  4. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Sorry for popping. I hope it wasn’t too loud a pop, lol. Hubby watches these trials intently, so I, wandering in and out of the room, end up seeing much of them by happenstance, and learn far more than I ever wanted to know. Yeah, whenever someone mentions the “justice system” I think about Gandhi’s response to someone who asked him, “What do you think of western civilization?”
    He was like, “It would be a good idea.”

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  5. Batt Guano says:

    Once more the Battster chimes in with a poem…

    Good old Kyle…
    Had a lot of guile…
    To go to a riot..
    With a big gun…
    Just to see,,,
    If he could have some fun…
    He did indeed…
    He had a blast…
    Part of the blast coming…
    From the barrel of his gun…
    A lesson could be drawn…
    From this whole affair…
    Don’t do anything on the strength off a dare..
    And if ever one hears of a riot..
    Stay at home where there’s peace and quiet…
    It’s dangerous enough just going out at night…
    One doesn’t have to point himself..
    In the direction of a fight…
    And so Kyle took part in a night of blood and gore..
    As America continues its new civil war..

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  6. ah, kyle shitinthehouse,,,mommy drove him to a riot far away so kyle could be cool with his AR15. funny tube, I see that video a little different. he kneeled aimed and shot. of course SAS trained kyle knew the pressure of combat. uh…no, but they got finally little prick. I ‘ll miss youtube feeds of him being passed from inmate to inmate. talk about tears! no condoms used in the raping of this prisoner. lol

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    • tubularsock says:

      RCS, thank you for your input. Tubularsock went back and reviewed the videos in question and all Tubularsock can say is one of us needs new glasses.

      In the first altercation the view is blocked with parked cars and all that is seen is the two guys running and the sounds of firing. Tubularsock sees no visible stance taken before the firing.

      In the second and third altercation you see Rittenhouse on his butt firing because he had fallen down. No firing stance there.

      As for the prison shots, sorry. You’ll just have to go back to the Epstein tapes.


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